That is, when most of P is pushed in the later four-one.
Five people across the single belt hold a group of 5V4, and most of the single belts with P are pure meat or half meat. In the main competition, the base is pure meat. At most, there is one export package, so you must not wait until the group has already started to fight.
Many people who can’t deliver the order are all in one mind, pushing the tower to see if the soldier line has been brought to the tower. They don’t want to give up watching the opposite person push the second tower or push the high ground, and then they don’t go to the opposite side of the dough for the first time. The output has already been polished when you deliver it. The final result is that the delivery is also destroyed.
So this wave, push the soldier line in the past, and directly P came over.
Since the other side wants to fight a big group, let’s fight them. Anyway, Xiaolong is not at risk of losing. Why not fight?
The roAD changed from being guarded by a single person across the street to being guarded by an ad and an assistant, and then a wild field was added, and then a single one came, so the other three of us also relied on a small single belt from me to develop into a five-person group that is about to be exhibited now.
But we are not empty at all.
I am not white at all.
Now the opposite side is inferior, and we are enemies this time. Why choose to play with us at this time? Although it’s a tower, I’ll follow the soldier’s line at a distance. Sooner or later, the Q-point tower will be able to point out the tower, and then I can seize the opportunity to fight the opposite wave.
What’s the point of guarding the opposite side like this?
There is a stalemate. Dao Mei is still eating experience and economy in the middle of the road. Others can’t get development. Why do you do this?
Maybe LGD has been beaten out of line by us.
It shouldn’t be. It’s only been a few minutes. It’s not like LGD has experienced a big scene. How can the team lose its fighting spirit so quickly?
There must be something fishy in this.
My body is equipped with attack shoes and yellow forks.
There was enough money ahead. I went back and gave out a wave of equipment, and there was an extra yellow fork.
Now I’m equipped with a base forming group to fight with Q, and I also have a good attack speed. I’m a base brain, Q and A.
I didn’t seem to want to defend myself while I was facing the front, so I switched to machine gun form. It was faster to increase the attack speed of A tower.
However, LGD has done the same thing again! After retreating a few steps, he killed a comeback. Dao Mei was wearing a clockwork ball in front of him and gave it to Dao Mei. Then we all made a W. He was covering Dao Mei’s retreat
After all, clockwork E skill gives the ball, and then W is to speed up a small drill for friendly forces. Everyone knows directly that we didn’t have the courage to give the ball to Dao Mei and then directly hit it back.
Dao Mei fuck is very delicate. Nall is in the front, although he is accumulating anger, but he doesn’t have random skills to change, but he should be as close as possible to the enemy at any time. E-skills, the second stage jumps over and turns into a counter-strike place. Nall is now in the front when he is in melee. Because Nall’s body is the strongest fortress in front, I am less than 400 yards behind Nall.
Across the street, Dao Mei took the ball, and then suddenly it was the turn of Mom’s broadsword sister to immediately reverse Q Naer. Before anyone else could react except me, Dao Mei immediately flashed in front of me. At the same time, the e-skill dizziness was about to hit me, and at the same time, the clockwork started a big move. If I was stunned by Dao Mei, I would be sewed up by the clockwork.
Country first
Whether the water is at the top level of the country or whether it can be played is a real strength.
I already reflected that Dao Mei Q pressed the flash before this move when he was in the middle.
At the same time, before I flashed, I released the E skill and took the W machine gun form to find the position to limit my position. A pointed at this Dao Mei in front of me
I understand that the opposite company is fighting with us because the economic points are all in my place. They have clockwork control, Udyr and Dao Mei point control, and the wind girl’s face is protected from outburst. They don’t necessarily lose if they want to fight in a team battle, so that I can’t type out the output first!
And just now, Dao Mei Q came over and flashed for E, including Yu Mu, and no one else responded, let alone Morgana, who will give me a shield at this time. Once Dao Mei is stunned, I will take a clockwork R trick, and then Udyr will give me a flash to stun them. Five of them have a big move to move faster, and a few will kill me. If I flash, I will be instantly killed. Maybe Lulu will give me a big move that will make me live for a few more seconds, but Lunma will also flash. How can he kill me? Even if he dies, it’s okay for him to change my life.
LGD is really a train of thought, and the team mom is really ill-intentioned. If I don’t react quickly, this wave of team battles will not be sure. After all, our output point is based on me alone. Udyr Dao Mei clockwork wheel mom has output points, and the consequences are unimaginable.
Wind-up is not as big as me, but it is big and medium-sized. Naer Emperor Morgana is in front of Morgana because he needs to charge at any time, not to mention that there is no other purpose to keep me in the team battle. I just output as much as I can. She is the last one and has not been wound up. This sudden big move is given to Dazhong.
You won’t know how horrible Lori is until you feel it for yourself.
It’s only a matter of a few seconds for me to take the form of a machine gun to Dao Mei. Although Emperor Nal Morgana was wound up and didn’t output it to Dao Mei, when I controlled it only by my frame, Lulu and I instantly beat Dao Mei badly and successfully took Dao Mei’s hand away with the last critical strike.
After Morgana was wound up, he was the primary target of fire. Udyr and the wind girl set the e-wheel mother as the primary target of fire. As soon as Morgana woke up from Udyr’s e-skill control, he was attacked by the wheel mother and directly took away the e-skill, q-skill and r-skill. None of these key skills were released, weak and not given to ADC.
Naer’s big move turned into a big change. As Emperor EQ Company II tried to cut into the enemy’s back row, they needed to give me an output environment as soon as Dao Mei died. This wave is about to explode.
But the situation is not good
Ply Feng Nv didn’t know that she had saved a Q skill at the right time. It was probably when the clockwork greatly improved Huang and Naer. He knew that Huang and Naer would come back in the same place after the control was released. The fact also proved that Yu Mu and Yida did so. He had saved a Q early, and both of them were blown away by Feng Nv’s Q skill at the same time, and it was quite long after all, they saved energy.
They ate clockwork tricks and QW skills in front of them. Although clockwork is now a holy grail and a big stick if the equipment doesn’t explode, Wei Shen didn’t die once, but the output didn’t leak much. It was very painful to play against them without magic, but he directly lost half of his blood and left only one-third of his blood after eating it.
However, Huang and Naer still did their duty, and they didn’t want to go back alive. Naer wanted to flash directly, but unfortunately, the wind-up mother and the wind girl all flashed, and all three of them flashed together …
Innall’s big move is an instant wind girl. It is impossible to wait for Nail to flash into the field to enlarge the move. He is not confident to hit Feinall’s forward shaking control skills with his hand speed big move! If it’s Zhong Yi or Zhong Xin’s play, it’s still possible.
As soon as this big move was cancelled, it exploded completely. The emperor quickly canceled the big move and released a flash. Naer didn’t flash. He was directly slowed down by Feng Nv and killed by clockwork and wheel mother.
Now we still have me alive, Lulu is full of blood, and Morgana and Nall are all dead.
On the other hand, a Dao Mei Udyr died, and Morgana flashed across the wall and left, and then wound up half-blood, half-blood, and the wind girl was full of blood.
There are four more across the street.
We have three, and one has lost blood and residual wood …
Chapter 325 Drama as Imp