Fire Succuba, Tu Shan, Yaya Medusa are sitting cross-legged. They have a strong breath, and their puppets can also get some gifts from Zhao. As their breath keeps rising, their Zhao Lian is also deepening at this moment.
Zhao figure appeared in their minds.
Zhao stood with a sword, and Megatron appeared in their minds. At the same time, their minds and bodies had already entered Zhao’s brand.
The imperial concubine called the announcer their identity with a majestic voice.
With this gift, they will also have a new identity, and they and Zhao will be closer, Zhao Di and his concubine.
"Is it Zhao?" Purple Ji Biji and Little Dragon Girl look at this situation naturally. What’s going on?
Something must be happening to Zhao, and this kind of change will be of great benefit to Zhao.
"I went to his dharma," Sharla Cheung said, turning into a purple-black light and shadow and rushing towards the sky instantly.
"Let’s go, too," Brigitte said. Looking into the distance, holding the little dragon girl and flying towards the horizon, they could feel Zhao’s position. If someone with short eyes disturbed Ryan Zhao, it would be in trouble.
At this time, Zhao didn’t know that the outside world had changed. He was still slowly feeling the emperor’s realm and feeling the thick emperor’s breath.
At this moment, it seems that he has become an emperor.
Every day, he is the only one.
The heavens and the earth serve his Lord.
And Yun Yun Xiumei, who is close to Zhao, wears a long skirt and sits beside Zhao, feeling that her body changes are stimulated by the breath of God, and she wakes up directly.
At this time, a figure flashed in her mind. It was Ye Zhao, her man. Although she and he had not said a word, Zhao’s figure had already been branded into her mind.
Her mind can still see Zhao taking off her dress, her bathing and sleeping with her … She doesn’t think there is anything because she is Zhao Fei, a woman of Zhao.
"Is this the Emperor?" Zhao said that his eyes were closed and his body was instantly opened, and then all the breath was converged into his body. At this moment, he had a feeling of returning to nature.
While Yun Yun also woke up from the science of uniting the gawk at Zhao.
"Rhyme, you’re awake." Zhao smiled and looked at Yun Yun Yun Yun’s unique, independent and noble dual temperament, which was simulated by everyone.
"Hmm" Yun Yun’s beautiful face has a blush. She knows her identity now.
"Let me hug" Zhao smiled and held Yun Yun in her arms, feeling the softness and fragrance of the girl in her arms.
Although he often holds Yun Yun in puppet form, it is not so real after all.
Yun Yun beautiful eyes looked at Zhao with a shame lying in Zhao’s arms and said nothing.
"Yuner, do you know Yaoyan?" Zhao Wendao, he doesn’t know if Yun Yun knows Xiao Yan now.
"Yaoyan?" Yun Yun’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. Zhao asked this man what he was doing, but she searched her memory, but she couldn’t find it out of the memory of Yaoyan. There was a man named Xiao Yan.
"I don’t know who is called Yaoyan. I know someone named Xiao Yan who is my apprentice’s fiance." Yun Yun said lying in Zhao’s arms.
"Oh, that’s good." Zhao smiled and couldn’t help hugging Yun Yun more tightly. Some palms couldn’t help but put them in Yun Yun and stood firm and felt the softness.
It would be nice if he and Xiao Yan didn’t know each other yet.
How clean Yun Yun is, not persecuted by Xiao Yan. It’s his woman after all
Yun Yun felt her hips touching her hands, her face flushed and her heart throbbed wildly. She quickly grabbed Zhao’s hand and said, "Don’t touch it."
"You are my girl, of course I can." Zhao smiled and took hold of Yun Yun’s fine waist and couldn’t help but turn over and put her in the body
Looking at this beautiful woman in front of her, Zhao can’t help but feel a twinge of affection for Yun Yun. What a good girl! Now she is his puppet and will become his wife.
Yu ZSZSZSZ is not to enjoy.
"Stop that now. I don’t want to …" Yun Yun looked at Zhao from embarrassment. She just woke up. Did Zhao want to do that to her?
If so, did she refuse or?
"Well, I just want to kiss you." Zhao smiled brightly, and he didn’t wake up until rhyme. He wouldn’t eat her directly, even if he couldn’t eat her, but he would enjoy it.
Now that he has obtained the realm of the emperor god, he wants to understand all these things. Is it necessary for the emperor to favor his princess?
Looking at Yun Yun’s beautiful face, Zhao kissed her heavily.
For a long time, the two talents embraced and separated. Looking at Zhao Qiao’s face with beautiful eyes in Yun Yun, there is a trace of complexity. "Is there a chance to return to the mainland after Zhao?"
Although staying with Zhao is also very happy, there are still many things she hasn’t done in the mainland. Now she is the patriarch of Yunlan, and if she is not in Yunlan, there may be a lot of chaos.
"Maybe you have a chance later. Give me some more when I become stronger." Zhao hugged Yun Yun and smiled.