However, it is also said that the hero we want to make is not Obama, who is weak in the early stage and strong in the later stage, and will not be used as a SOLO object
That’s right, it’s a small gun that can spell ADCAD 100% in the second level with a dirty means.
If a player with poor skills is unfortunately asked to SOLOADC with others, then don’t hesitate to take a small gun. The higher the position opposite, the easier it will be for you to routine. Of course, there is a requirement for diamonds in this position.
First of all, it is very simple to enter the game. The red belt attacks the essence, the attack speed or the yellow belt armor. The blue belt method is strong and there is nothing wrong with the blue belt method.
Then enter the game point. Talent is 3.
This small cannon is very important to carry as many lines as the opposite side, so it is the strongest in the second class, and even Dreven can’t beat it by brushing W and picking up the axe.
However, there are still a lot of ADCs that can fight with such a small gun at the third level, and it is not appropriate for such a small gun to appear in actual combat. It is SOLO who wants to disgust others.
I imagine how disdainful it is for Devon to see my small gun. It is true that it is more difficult for Devon to fight a small gun from level 1 to level 11 until he is equipped with a little gun level.
Both sides enter the game to send troops.
I and the A soldiers from Dreven across the street grabbed my first-class E skill.
Small guns are quick to grab the second place because of e skills, especially when I have strong e skills. The injury of small soldiers is higher. Devon, who has no AOE ability to grab the second place, is very common. ADC is hard to grab me.
But I can’t rob the second. The secret of this small gun routine is to arrive at the second level at the right time, and try to be opposite at the same time. The second level must not be in a hurry, otherwise, if you go to the second opposite, you will be discouraged, and the probability of getting blood from the second level will be much less.
I took a good look at the two sides’ lines. A made the last knife, but Devon was one knife away from the second level. I could have made him two more A before.
My belt is the ignition, and the opposite Draven belt is the treatment.
I got a first, and then I got to Dreven two times later, and Dreven arrived at the second level smoothly. I brushed W directly and got an axe.
At this time, I and the opposite Draven carried to the battle line at the same time. I walked to the grass while walking. He also walked with the grass for a moment. This Draven would lose his vision or pause for a while.
Sure enough, this Draven inserted an eye and paused. I’m purple, and now I’m fighting Draven in the grass near the blue defense tower.
Draven and I both took little red medicine, and when our blood volume dropped to half, I decisively handed in E and ignited. To be precise, my blood volume was slightly less than that of Bidle. After all, the bonus of two axes and W attack was too high. At this moment, I went out and sat down on Draven’s blood volume, and this Draven belt was also ignited. However, he didn’t expect that my instantaneous explosion had such a high general attack and E’s burning effect per second. A was as painful in Draven as a small gun with an additional attack, and then W’s butt sitting down hurt well, but Dravengen couldn’t beat
But it must be in vain. I’ll take Devon away with a flash and an easy attack
“Firs blood!”
One blood was born! Hit GG opposite
Take the so-called strongest Draven blood or cannon in the second level. Presumably, the fan glasses behind Uncle Draven are falling off. I guess that uncle Draven can’t beat the cannon in the second level even if he breaks his head.
Not only Draven, but all ADCs can’t beat such a runic talent cannon at the second level. This cannon is beneficial to the other ADC at the second level. Before you know it, it will be too late for the other ADC to find out that it can’t fight.
And it doesn’t violate the rules. I don’t wear red and essence, or I am allowed to wear anything with strong blue. This is ADCSOLO, not AP cannon. Although the means are a little dirty, it does conform to the rules.
In this way, the small cannon can compete with the opposite SOLO method once. If you don’t know this routine, you will lose steadily, but the latter words will not be very good. If you know this kind of play in the second level, you don’t need to be obscene. Otherwise, if you compete with the small cannon and reach the fourth and fifth levels, this routine will be completely meaningless.
Chapter 149 My period?
"Where did you learn this play? It’s a little cheap." Aishi laughed at the side.
I looked at her discontentedly and muttered, "Have I learned the Tathagata’s palm and still have to tell you to listen?"
At this time, I saw Zhong Yi’s expression was a bit odd, frowning, clutching his chest, and his eyes kept staring at something as if he were in a daze.
"A little memory? What are you thinking? " I asked curiously.
Zhong Yi looked at my lips and opened them as if to say something, but in the end she didn’t say anything.
"What’s the matter?" I am even more anxious to see her like this.
After a while, Zhong Yi said slowly, "I feel a little uncomfortable. I want to go back to my dormitory and have a rest."
"ah? What’s wrong? It doesn’t matter, "I asked earnestly.
Zhong Yi turned a little pale and barely smiled at me and said, "It’s okay. It may be that one. You have a good game with others and I’ll go back to my dormitory to have a rest."
Ai Shi also looked at Zhong Yi with a serious face beside him and said nothing.
"It’s worse than a fart. Since you’re uncomfortable, I’ll take you home. Why don’t you go to the hospital?" I said to Zhong Yi in a hurry
Zhong Yichao shook his head at me and said, "I’m really fine. If I don’t go to the hospital, I’ll just go back to the dormitory."
Didn’t you just say you were having your period? Why do you say it’s an old problem now?
In my heart, I was even more puzzled. Zhong Yi reacted and said, "No, it’s not the same old problem, it’s … it’s … it’s a small matter anyway. I really want to go back to the dormitory first."
Zhong Yi moved the sofa seat in the Internet cafe to the back and got up to go.
Referee OB16, hello, please tell me quickly that you want BAN hero.
I quickly said, I’ll wait for a while, but if it doesn’t work, I’ll give up.
I also got up to hold Zhong Yi and said to Ai Shi, "Sister Shi, you play here first and I will send Zhong Yi."
Ai Shi gave us a worried look and nodded, "All right."
Zhong Yi moved my hand and forced out a smile and said, "I really have nothing to do. Don’t be so nervous."
"Men have a strong sixth sense and tell me there must be something wrong. Don’t bother me and I’ll see you off." I walked out of the Internet cafe with Zhong Yi, who was pale and ruddy, and explained it in every way. I finally believed that she really came to her period and called the Ministry to send Zhong Yi to the girls’ dormitory.
"Well, I’ll send it here myself." Zhong Yichao smiled at me.
"Well, I won’t send you there, and it won’t be good for your roommate to see me as a big boy entering their dormitory," I said.
Zhong Yi turned to prepare the building and suddenly stopped and turned to me and said
"You should smoke less and pay more attention to your health."
"Don’t stay up all night, but you can’t stand it."
"Drink less alcohol and carbonated drinks. Those things are not good for your health."
"By the way, remember never to be strong again. Your personality is sometimes a little blunt at me for fear that you will suffer."
"There are still three meals a day. Remember to eat on time to be careful of getting stomach trouble."
"Is there …"
"I love you"
Zhong Yi’s pale face became ruddy again.