Xia Rixing, who appeared in the original work, never killed her, not because of her bad taste, but because she wanted to give her a beautiful way to die.
There is no need to live without Xia Rixing in Xingren Village.
In this case, even if we remember the walk-on cross-country in an original plot, we are ready to give Xia Rixing a chance to fight in Xingren Village.
What’s it like for Xia Rixing to walk into Xingren Village?
It is despair!
It’s anger
More is shocking!
Just like the former red star, Xia Rixing also never thought that coming to Xingren Village alone in cross-country could really destroy Xingren Village. Now the fact is put in front of Xia Rixing, and she can’t believe it. Although it is the horror of Xingren Village, Xia Rixing’s eyes are full of shock.
But when I came to the cross-country, Xia Rixing was in that incredible appearance, where she murmured hysterically.
"You really did it! You really did it! "
"Xingren Village is gone … gone!"
"Yes, Xingren Village has lost its home without you."
Twist a head to look a little crazy. Xia Rixing made a shadow in front of the cross-country and said, "Since Xingren Village is gone, you should know that I have no reason to lie to you, right?" I didn’t kill the village chief of Xingren Village, but Red Star killed him and sent you to pursue me. It didn’t take long to secure the village chief’s position. On the one hand, I was responsible for the destruction of Xingren Village, and on the other hand, I was responsible for it. "
"The majesty of Konoha Village does not infringe on your star patience, and our mind will bear the price."
"Red Star escaped and there was no Xingren Village to be buried."
"What about Xia Rixing?"
"I’ll give you a choice. Are you going to die in Xingren Village? Or are you going to … go after Red Star? "
If this multiple-choice question is cross-country, then the cross-country choice must be the latter.
Because cross-country clearly faces the strong, it is often important to have a chance to survive.
If you can live, you can have the possibility of revenge
However, Xia Rixing is not off-road and can’t be chosen like off-road. That’s why Xia Rixing’s eyes suddenly filled with strong murder when the off-road voice just fell and Xia Rixing untied himself, and he sneaked into off-road by using his hands to print peacock tricks.
But it is still impossible for Xia Rixing to sneak attack successfully.
After killing so many stars, I’m afraid it’s all in the summer star to know about the stars.
The peacock tip of Xia Rixing has just been condensed into a sneak attack, and it didn’t even look at her peacock tip. She hit a collapse punch and then it was a "bang".
The wonderful method of Xia Rixing Peacock was smashed in cross-country with one punch!
Besides, Xia Rixing’s cross-country smashing her peacock trick is equivalent to smashing her hopes.
right after
By the time the cross-country attack came, Xia Rixing had already slowly closed his eyes. A drop of crystal tears in his eyes represented Xia Rixing’s unwillingness.
It takes a second for Xia Rixing to die.
Before killing Xia Rixing, cross-country was ready to make Xia Rixing die decently. Nowadays, it is naturally impossible to torture her excessively. Then, the cross-country preparation palm lightly crossed Xia Rixing’s throat and made her die in pain.
But in the cross-country whirlwind, the blade of the palm has already crossed the throat of Xia Rixing!
Even the cross-country did not expect that Xia Rixing suffered a heavy blow to his throat. Instead of dying directly, he suddenly widened his eyes and then showed a strange and violent light in his pupils!
That violent light, even if it’s quasi-shadow cross-country, can’t help shivering.
It is estimated that if the ordinary ninja looks at those violent pupils instantly, he will lose his ability to fight!
But the most amazing thing about cross-country is not the change of Xia Rixing’s eyes, but the scar on Xia Rixing’s throat!
Cross-country makes the wind blow across Xia Rixing’s throat. Who would have thought that when Xia Rixing’s eyes were full of violent colors, a ray of purple chakra was directly confused in her body. First, she repaired all her injuries, and then that ray of purple chakra was actually helping Xia Rixing to break through the barrier and instantly become a strong person in cross-country World War I!
"Nara cross-country …"
"I! Yes! You! Die! "
Chapter 418 ten tail!
"What’s the situation!"
"What the hell happened to Xia Rixing …?"
It’s hard to imagine that trying to kill cross-country is no different from stepping on an ant. Xia Rixing is going to die, but before she died, there was a sudden explosion and cross-country was somewhat unprepared.
Especially looking at the scar on Xia Rixing’s throat in the dark purple chakra, I feel faint that this may be the hidden danger of "Star". The cross-country eyes are instantly made by a condensate wind, and when I come to Xia Rixing’s side, I am ready to kill Xia Rixing in some cruel ways, so that she will never break out again.
Who wants to blink with a cross-country wind just finished?
One second!
The same is "sou" one!
The figure of Xia Rixing suddenly disappeared in front of the off-road and the speed was comparable to that of the off-road four generations of Huoying!
"It’s amazing!"
"Is that the hidden power of the star? Or is that the power of ten tail? "
"Wrapped by that strange violent chakra, the instantaneous strength of Xia Rixing can be compared with that of my quasi-shadow-level strong, plus that strange violent chakra terror repair ability and body enhancement ability …"
"Is the summer star in front of me … is it faintly comparable to the real movie-level strong in some ways?"
"Some trouble!"
If Xia Rixing only repaired his body injury in that dark purple chakra package and didn’t die, the cross-country would not be so nervous as it is now.
However, when the cross-country discovered that Xia Rixing was not only not dead at this time, but also the breath was enhanced to the level of the film-level strong. Even in terms of showing strength, he was faintly comparable to the real film-level strong. The flustered look passed in the cross-country eyes, and his eyes became firm. Cross-country knew that he should never underestimate Xia Rixing.
Besides, Xia Rixing
In fact, before she died, she never thought that she could have such a sudden change.
But when I was disheartened, Xia Rixing seemed to hear a voice calling me in my head.
Who can it be to call for the summer star sound?
That person must have a certain relationship with the "star" or the source of "star" power!
But at this time, Xia Rixing naturally doesn’t need to think much about what her strength is, so she just has an idea in her mind!
Is to kill off-road!
When Xia Rixing was wrapped in a deep purple chakra, he found himself comparable to the cross-country wind in speed with only one dodge. When he flashed, his mouth raised a ferocious smile. Xia Rixing was like a vengeful evil spirit returning from the nether world and directly jumped on the cross-country direction!
"Die! Nara cross-country! "
"I will die together in the wreckage of Xingren Village!"
A hurtling Xia Rixing obviously failed to grasp the strength and almost threw himself off the road.
Fortunately, I didn’t master the strength well, which didn’t affect Xia Rixing’s close-range cross-country attack at all. After that, I enhanced my physical fitness with an instant. I didn’t have any attainments in body art. Xia Rixing turned out to be a body art that resisted the sudden cross-country attack and came with three collapse punches!