Yin Yan said to Xie Hengyan, "You don’t understand what kind of feelings this is. Even if you try to get married with others in the future, you really want to keep your descendants-what do you think you will get in the end with this state?"
Xie Heng Yan Gen didn’t listen to Yin Zhu’s last sentence. Instead, he asked Yin Zhu, "Why should I marry someone else?"
Print pour "… the problem is not here"
Xie Hengyan "so I what want to marry someone else, can’t marry you? I can follow you after you say it. Isn’t that that we are all together? Even if you can’t have children, I won’t marry others. "
"You still don’t understand what I’m saying"
Xie Hengyan frowned and said, "After all, you think I don’t know what love is-then you seem to know it. Do you know what love is?"
Yinzhu affirmed that "I don’t like people, and I don’t think about who I will marry in the past and the future. I have never thought about these things and have no expectations."
Xie Hengyan’s so-called street vendor "Isn’t that right? We gather together a piece of bai "
I said that I haven’t met someone I like for the time being-but that doesn’t mean that I will be so careless and casual in dealing with feelings. Although the printed face is indifferent, the tone is heavy. That’s why I will say that if you don’t have enough emotional foundation, don’t say that you like it easily-if everything you like is the same to you, that root can’t be called like.
Xie Heng Yan Gang heard here but got up directly from the fire. He couldn’t help but ask Yin to pour "What do you mean’ all the same’? In my heart, you rank second and my dad ranks first … Isn’t this emotional foundation deep enough for you? "
Without saying anything, Yinzhu coldly threw out a sentence, "What’s the difference between me and your father?"
Xie Hengyan didn’t speak, but his dark eyes were slightly red in the firelight.
Puppet’s memory of a past fragment can always reach the level of never missing anything.
Similar problems have appeared in two sentences before and after printing and pouring here.
-Although Yin Zhu has been carefully trying to avoid puppets who don’t touch the wound, he still stepped out without exception and stepped into the field that Xie Hengyan was most unwilling to face directly.
Because a man who has the same question has run counter to him mercilessly.
When Yinzhu tried to ask this question for the second time, it was no longer the extreme fear brought by the initial separation, but a paranoid anger that almost burned all reason.
And Xie Hengyan’s way of expressing anger is very simple. He took off the printed robe and threw it to the ground and stared at his eyes. "Why don’t you just say you don’t like me?" I feel hard for you to wake me up so hard! "
Print "…?"
Isn’t he discussing the problem seriously?
"I really don’t understand that you just pulled me back with a face of affection … the original is to have a good chat with me." Xie Hengyan gritted his teeth and said, "Is that what you want to say for a long time? What do you like? What are you talking about when you are married? "
Print "? ? ?” Didn’t he just have a good chat?
Xie Hengyan felt inexplicably wronged when he said this. He was trying to reason with Xie Hengyan. If it sounds to this stupid dog, it is purely a quarrel with him.
"I don’t understand either," Yinzhu said. "I think I’m talking to a piece of wood."
Xie Hengyan squinted at him. "Is there a problem with the wood when I come?"
Chapter 11 untouchable brother
-Anyway, since last night’s night in blood shed, Xie Hengyan has unilaterally launched a long and fierce tug-of-war with India.
Don’t sleep in the haystack or second
What’s more, when I got up early the next day, Xie Hengyan got dressed and swaggered out of the tent, hoping that while he was away, I could just steal the haystack to catch up on my sleep-what about the fruit? Not only did this man leave by himself, but even the pile of straw that he slept in disappeared, and he didn’t even leave a blade of grass.
Yin pour heart said, very good enough malicious.
Then he can also resist drowsiness, get up and leave the tent, which will be broken all night. It is more miserable and bitter to lift the curtain and limp out of the tent.
Today, the wind is changing, the drizzle is broken, and it is not suitable to sail. Most fishermen choose to stay at home for a while or help women look after the fields together.
After Yinzhu moved out of the tent with difficulty, he wandered around the village twice. As a result, he grabbed the villagers carrying water by the roadside and asked, "Have you seen that monster?"
The villager replied, "I saw him holding a pile of straw early. I don’t know where he went. Maybe it’s too cold. I’m going to burn grass to keep warm …"
"… is he crazy?"
After that, I turned around again and went to the field outside the tent circle for a while. This time, unfortunately, I met a little boy who refused to work in the grass.
When Wu Qian saw Yin Zhu, he immediately shouted, "Ah, isn’t this … untouchable brother?"
Stop and ask him with a black face, "Who allowed you to call me that?"
Wu Qian pulled a face and said, "I don’t know. Anyway, I just can’t touch my brother."
India poured cold way "you don’t say I’ll call una"
Wu Qian suddenly changed his face and was busy surrendering. "Don’t! Just don’t tell me! "
Yin Yigen needs to ask more questions and then goes straight to the topic, "… where is he hiding?"
"Yan Yan just looked at the edge of the ridge." Wu Qian carefully said, "I don’t know where I am now. I may try to find something to eat."
India poured sneer at "he still has a mind to see"
"Yan Yan is looking at it, I know-he also said that children can’t look at it." Wu Qian said mysteriously, "There are all kinds of pictures on the surface … and he has his own comments!"