"Oh, look at someone who doesn’t want to go. Do you want to stay and fight together? What a touching friendship! "Vladimir made an exaggerated admiration, shrugged his shoulders and laughed more and more impudent." It’s just a sure choice to save me from looking for you again … I don’t like sticky blood. "
"Come on! ! !” Gragas almost growled.
"Wow-"clothes and gas friction
Finally moved Chen Senran.
Gragas breathed a sigh of relief, but he froze before he could finish releasing it.
With one hand on his shoulder.
Chen senran’s hand
"You …" Chen Senran sighed in a low voice. "Do you think I am the kind of person who will abandon my friends?"
"I …" Chen Senran sighed again.
Long sigh
Until there was a moment of stagnation in the whole room
a moment
"Card rub-"there was a crackling sound of something.
"Small dense! ! !” Little Annie cried with tears, "No! ! !”
"How can you endure living on the blood of your friends?"
"clank-"the broken forbidden magic bracelet hit the ground heavily.
Once again, the dark erotic tattoo emerged from Chen Senran’s body and spread to his hand.
Yi ke yi ke
Black inflammation
Coming again to be continued.
Page three hundred and nine Black inflammation potential
Do one’s best
The two men in black still stared at the earth motionless, like two immortal black gods.
"I smell it" is a little more human. The black robe looks like he may have sniffed it in his nose, and then he concluded again that "it’s the same kind of smell, which really surprised me."
"Yes, it’s amazing that the same kind of taste is empty …" Another person with a black robe who is even more indifferent chanted and raised a finger. It was a little swimming, and the black virtual came out from the tip of his finger. He watched it for a long time and suddenly lowered his voice. For the first time, he said with emotion like gnashing his teeth, "It’s really disgusting."
"Do you think this is one of the reasons why he wants to kill him? They tried to say the warm word "the same kind". The black-eyed man ignored another black-clad man and asked another question that sounded more difficult than others.
"Maybe. I heard that he destroyed a city in the north by himself." Another black-robed man put away his emotions and once again said coldly with a strange smile, "If it is really them, then our pace of engulfing this humble world may be hindered."
"But if a man destroys a city, how can he be called the key to human destruction?" The black man who loves to ask questions once again throws a question. His eyes are firmly fixed on the earth, and the man who is emitting black inflammation.
"You can question his ideas, but don’t question my predictions." Another cold black man dismissed the question with a questioning attitude.
"I’m not questioning your prediction, but I’m afraid we’ll miss a companion." The refuted black man was not overwhelmed by another black man. He continued to look at the burning black inflammation on the earth and slowly expressed his thoughts
"We …" Indifferent black people also turned their attention to that black inflammation.
The man with a virtual body
Black inflammation has burned very vigorously.
He seems to be a cold hum.