After all kinds of changes, Xin Ying gradually changed her mind and began to move in the direction of an overlord.
He was not an emperor in power. In fact, when Lanhe was executed by Ling Chi, the Yuan God was imprisoned outside the palace, and he was tortured by several true practitioners day and night, Xin Ying had already ascended the throne and proclaimed himself emperor. The so-called overlord emperor, that is the way to act in his position, decisive and merciless, and the overall situation is to put interests first.
Those who support Lanhe kill!
On the day when Lan He, the minister of treason, was arrested, tens of thousands of troops belonging to him were killed by the imperial court guards for treason in the next month, including their relatives, even though they turned back on their feet and were not investigated.
As Chen Han said, people are the most important thing in this world. There are billions of people on the land of Dade Empire.
Murder is caused by rumors!
As a former royal orthodoxy, Xin Ying is the only direct blood left by the old emperor. However, after all, she is a daughter. How can a woman be an emperor through the ages?
When Xin Ying announced his accession to the throne and proclaimed himself emperor, I don’t know how many people stood up against it, or spread rumors, despised imperial power, cursed and ridiculed. So, it was another baptism of blood, and there was no need to be accused at all. Chen Han personally set up an organization armed to the teeth, which was named’ Royal Guards’, and killed all the practitioners and civilians involved.
Those who disobey orders and don’t obey are killed!
Although the Dade Empire was the supremacy of imperial power, it also conferred some princes with outstanding achievements in real power, and these princes were divided into two groups, one listening to the tune and the other not listening to the announcement.
Chen Han personally took off the head of a prince, and the Royal Guards killed the whole family of the prince. At this point, the Dade Empire was truly turned into imperial centralism. The power of the whole empire is entirely in the hands of the emperor, and that is the real supreme life and death.
There are three empires on this planet, and the Great German Empire is in civil strife. How can the other two countries not be happy?
However, when all kinds of stories about Chen Han spread, the two empires were frightened.
A man who can stand alone against nearly 30% of the top masters of the Dade Empire, if he sends troops to the two countries, who else in the world can resist?
Time passed day by day, and it was more than half a year in a blink of an eye. They spent their time in fear, but they didn’t receive any warning signs that Dade Empire was sending troops. On the contrary, Dade Empire claimed that two powerful methods were stolen and lost by the spy, while Imperial Court Tiewei and Royal Guards searched wildly but found nothing. What is even more strange is that these two methods were inexplicably acquired by the other two empires respectively.
Somewhere in the secret room of the Imperial Palace of Dade, Chen Han has been here all the time, except occasionally going out several times to act as Jin Gangzuan to help Xin Ying solve some difficult problems.
Duh! Duh!
The door of the Chamber of Secrets suddenly rang, and Chen Han didn’t open it, so he removed the ban from the fairy arrangement. Xin Ying, who was dressed in casual clothes, came in and stood respectfully by.
Chen Hanpan sat on the hand-woven pure wool carpet and asked in a low voice, "How’s it going? Have you sent out both methods? "
"Master, everything has been done according to your command." Xin Ying hurriedly replied.
At this moment, the powerful queen turned into a submissive girl, secretly aiming at the master with admiration and a trace of doubt.
Then he nodded, and Chen Han laughed and said, "That’s fine. Aren’t you curious why I spread the sorcery?"
"The master must have a reason to do this. If the master is willing to tell Xin Ying, he will naturally say it. If the master doesn’t want to say Xin Ying, it’s no use asking."
"There are some things, also should tell you. Hey, do you know that the magic formula I gave you is just a part of the human world? "
"Master, you mean …"
"That’s right! The strongest is the nine-product sorcerer, which is equivalent to the Mahayana period. There are also eight products on it that can reach the realm of sorcerers. It is easy to annihilate a star field with the ultimate punch. "
Chen Han then told many secrets carefully. For example, Mahayana is a fairy land. For example, this universe is not a planet, but consists of hundreds of millions of planets. For example, there is more than one universe like this, and every universe will go through a process from prosperity to decline again and again. This process is called reincarnation.
It won’t be long before he will soar to the celestial world, where there are more vast worlds and more powerful immortals, and he will also climb higher there.
Obviously, Huan Tian’s body in the whole world is a rare and peerless physique for any power, and Chen Han has made no secret of his thoughts.
But he also told Xin Ying that he had only 100,000 years, and he had to surpass the immortal statue within 100,000 years. If the universe is allowed to develop and grope through countless mistakes, it will take at least millions of years to reach its peak and become a world like the fairyland.
Therefore, when he has a certain strength in the celestial world, before the 100,000-year period, if he wants to get Xin Ying’s help, he must speed up the development of this universe.
The only way is the witchcraft method!
This is a much faster way of practicing than cultivating the true mind. Although there are restrictions from Shou Yuan, the problem of fellow practitioners of witchcraft and Taoism will be solved.
It is not enough that the Great German Empire is strong. If we want to develop according to the rules of heaven, we must think of creating a powerful enemy.
Therefore, he deliberately spread out two methods of witchcraft, which are all methods that directly reach the realm of witchcraft, but the quality is not even average, and the speed of cultivation and the combat power of the same order are two times worse than that of Xin Ying’s pioneering strategy.
Fairy world!
Xian Zun!
Witch god!
One word at a time shocked Xin Ying. She couldn’t imagine that there was such a powerful force in the world that she could crush the whole starry sky with one punch.
However, she quickly woke up from her surprise and bowed down and asked, "What does Master want his disciples to do?"
Looking approvingly at Xin Ying, Chen Han chuckled: "The rules of heaven are there, so you must create powerful opposing forces for the teacher. Only you know this secret, do you understand? No matter how close you are, you can’t say it, but you are practicing the top sorcery tactic. No matter how fast you improve your speed or your combat power, you will surpass your opponent in all aspects and stay ahead of others forever. From today on, what you have to do is to cultivate and improve, so that your own strength will always be at the peak of this world and build the most powerful force. "
"Disciples take orders!"
"Also, we should learn to hide our strength and let the other two empires mistake it for equal strength, otherwise I’m afraid they will take the initiative to defect without making moves."
"Wait until the cycle of development to the peak, connecting the celestial and fix true world channel will open, the universe will gradually decline. At that time, what you have to do is to hold the connection channel for the first time, not allowing anyone to enter, forcibly subduing all the forces for your own use, and completely exterminating those who don’t follow, so as to ensure that the sorcery and Taoism are only in your hands. Then, go to the celestial world to meet the teacher, and then it will be the moment when my cloud will soar! "
"I will obey the master’s orders, revitalize the Jingyun Club, and honor the master. My disciples will die!"
"Who told you to die?"