"Yes, it’s another example …" Tianyuan said, "If you prevent me from venting my depression, I’ll take it out on you. Come on, I feel that my body is full of explosive power." Tianyuan offered the black sword, but it has already enveloped Yu Long.
"Xiang Xiang takes them away first-!" Yu Long said, "I’ll calm Tianyuan."
At the moment, Long Yu has been firmly locked by Tianyuan, and his intuition is shrouded in anger.
The power of anger is really serious.
Tianyuan soon waved the black sword toward Yu Long, and his paws suddenly blasted out at the moment. Yu Long’s attack was also like a whirlwind, which shook Tianyuan hard.
In an instant, the two people’s attacks were already connected, and the two depressing explosions suddenly sounded Tianyuan’s body retreated a few steps in the powerful explosion.
And repelling Tianyuan Yu Long at this time is also not easy. It can be seen that Tianyuan’s strength has increased a lot because of anger.
[The new January is coming. The bare look is really out there. Brothers, give some rewards and monthly tickets.]
Chapter 6 Chapter 13 The solution has come out, but it is difficult.
Then I feel that my physical strength is constantly increasing! "Although there is no wind now, Tianyuan momentum is getting stronger and stronger.
Tianyuan attacked Yu Long without delay. Tianyuan knew that this was an excellent opportunity to improve his strength. He also knew that although he could not beat Yu Long by himself, he could also get an exercise opportunity.
Will Yu Longyu kill him?
The question is simple. Yu Long won’t.
I can see that Yu Long was really invited by someone to help him this time.
He shouldn’t be right: he killed himself easily.
With this idea, Tianyuan is much more free and easy when he comes out.
A little scruple in his heart is a desperate posture.
Clear and loud firm but gentle sound broke out, and the black sword in Tianyuan’s hand was shot at the spine behind Longyu with amazing ferocity. At the same time, Tianyuan rose again and rushed to Ten Longyu with lightning speed. The strength was ready for two strokes in a row, and it was not in Yu Long at all. Therefore, the strength will rise a lot after the scruples in my heart.
Firm but gentle thunder, sword as suddenly Yu Long has been shrouded in Tianyuan firm but gentle.
Just then, the dragon suddenly fell from the middle school and then turned around like a flash, and the five dragons were released almost at the same time.
Tianyuan failed to strike after a burst of dragons.
At this time, Yu Long has developed a counterattack against the dark golden chaos and the Force, and the meteor shower is coming towards Tianyuan.
Tianyuan said in the heart can not help but be surprised and quickly retreat.
At the same time, he cut out a few swords again, hoping to block Long Yu’s attack.
"Bang-bang!" A violent gas strength grinding stir sounded yuan firm but gentle seems to touch a wall thicker than a giant wall firm but gentle immediately to distraction.
Yu Long suddenly turned to attack and targeted Tianyuan, and the black sword Tianshi Fa Jian severely hit the past two people’s swords. At the moment when they touched each other, the noise suddenly sounded strong and the two men scuffled together.
Tianyuan was shocked by a surge of qi and blood, but the fighting spirit in his heart didn’t weaken at all. Just now, the black sword in his hand was steadily slashed toward Yu Long’s neck.
Yu Long seems to have already noticed Tianyuan’s move, bowing his head and moving his right foot to the right, and slightly avoiding Tianyuan’s black sword attack. At the same time, when his body turned to the right, Tianshi’s sword swept across Tianyuan’s abdomen and changed quickly, which greatly surprised Tianyuan’s expectation, and the strong shock wave was enough to break gold and stone.
Danger is approaching, even though Tianyuan is afraid at the moment, Tianyuan doesn’t even want to think about the lower abdomen and quickly retracts backwards.
The stacks of explosions sounded on the spot, and Tianyuan’s abdomen was cut off by Yu Long’s firm but gentle shock wave, and Tianyuan’s abdomen also left a snow mark.
Obviously Yu didn’t contribute.
Otherwise, this sword will pierce his abdomen and make him a basket case again.
If Tianyuan is punctured again, the abdomen will be hopeless. You know, the chaotic stock solution is precious, and it’s not what you want.
Except for those left over from Yu Long, the chaotic stock solution has almost disappeared now, and it will take tens of thousands of years to collect it again.