There is a real eye in the triangle grass opposite. Xiaozheng saw it just now when he inserted it, but he didn’t dare to exclude it because Bloom and the plane were in that row. It might be dangerous.
"That eye, when I’m lined up with you, you should go back to the line grass and wait for the opposite side to collect this wave, and the two of us will give them a wave." I said to Xiaozheng
Xiaozheng nodded at the river and listened to my words and went back to the grass line.
Sure enough, as I expected, the plane returned to the line after hitting the stone man with Bloom, and I was deliberately controlling the line wave. I had the idea of killing the opposite side
If the plane has a W, it’s hard to kill if the IQ is not low, and he still flashes.
Bloom’s words are meaty and E’s words are hard to kill, but he went to GANK before and didn’t flash.
I am full of analysis in my mind, and this Blondie skill seems to be able to kill.
"Xiaozheng, just stay in that grass and don’t move. You will hook Bloom E as soon as I cheat him out. Is there a problem?" I asked Yuan Zheng
Xiaozheng nodded and said, "No problem, Brother Tong, I’ll find a chance to hook up."
After that, I was relieved. I was a little stronger and consumed the opposite plane
There is no strong consumption in this kind of line, because if I want to consume it, he will be consumed by the plane, and I will resist the line. If I have to go to the plane by force, the blood volume of both of them will be reduced almost.
But when Bloom is present, it is different. If you want to consume Bloom directly with a W and E, you can resist all the output of Bloom.
So my purpose is to cheat Bloomwe here.
When I ordered the plane AQA, the opposite Bloom was carrying a huge shield, and one step was in front of the plane. When I saw it, I immediately retreated two steps and said to Xiaozheng, "Bloom has no W and E, so I’ll lean against him in the grass. I’m sure I’ll come and put my eyes in later."
There must be more things to think about in order to complete the 2V2 killing on the double road than in the middle road and the road. Like this time, the plan is to kill Bloomwe and then try to lure him to the grass to insert his eyes.
Sure enough, this assistant is also a trap. My position must be followed by a squat hammer stone bloom, and he knows it well, but it involves the accuracy of Bloom’s walking and the hammer stone hook. If he is confident in his walking, he will definitely come to insert this eye.
Bloom had already taken the hammer stone hook when he was still a certain distance away from the hole.
But this bloom is very cunning. He knows that the hammer stone immediately leans to the side in an attempt to avoid the hook.
"Haha, I’m still hiding from you!" Xiaozheng Han Han smiled and he hooked the pre-judgment position just at the edge.
Bloom was hooked in the second stage of the hammer stone. Q In the past, E-big me started the crazy output of W and Q skills. Bloom released a big move before he died, and my E-skills perfectly resisted and successfully closed Bloom’s head.
The plane escaped with a W skill after Bloom’s death, and I and Hammer Stone also took it. He couldn’t finish this wave of soldiers and returned to the city. I was the first to be equipped with the greedy blade, and this wave was enough to buy the storm sword.
Assist to mend the eye. The grass emperor on the right side of the road leaned over and inserted the opposite side here to remove the real eye. At the same time, he inserted a real eye in this grass. It is difficult to draw out his hand to remove this eye in the middle of the road without wild help, and he dare not come. Who knows if there is a big emperor hidden in the grass?
Now the emperor went to the blue BUFF and just played the blue BUFF, and the blind monk came over to isolate the grass in the middle of the river. As a result, a direct Q hit the hammer stone, and at the same time, there was a demon girl and a demon girl who directly traveled all over Qian Shan to make the hammer stone. When the QE went directly to the hammer stone, the demon girl had gone back and even recruited her hands. Soon, the hammer stone was beaten to a residual blood by the blind monk and the demon girl. The blind monk may hang up with another foot, and when he moved, he rushed to give the hammer stone a big move to ensure the life of the hammer stone.
"Casadin!" Xiaozheng shouted in panic.
I don’t know which eye position Casadin sent to the other side. A direct REWQ hit the emperor’s body. The emperor had previously hit the blue BUFF without punishment, and the blood volume was beaten into half blood by the blue BUFF. Now it is directly beaten into an idiot by Casadin. There are dozens of points left in the blood volume.
However, Casadin seems to have little blue on the other side. It seems that the life of the second R emperor can be saved without blue.
But in fact, we worry too much that the blind monk across the street directly flashed Q, and Lulu came right in the middle of the queen’s court next to the emperor. It is reasonable to help the emperor block this Q. Unfortunately, Ai Shi was calling Zhuang Kai and sent it over at that time, and there was no response, which led to the emperor being taken away directly by the blind monk flashing Q.
I haven’t finished taking the emperor across the street, but I’m still eyeing our blue BUFF. I have an idea to hammer the stone back to the city, but I said to Xiaozheng, "I’m coming. Don’t go back to this blue BUFF to see if I can protect it."
Nall sent the blue BUFF, and the grass came behind him. Hammer stone and I added Lulu. Four people came to them from three mouths. They finally planned to walk towards the surface. They removed the demon Ji from the purple side, the three wolves and the blue BUFF. First, they took the lead in W, and then the blind monk W, the demon Ji Bloom, and the blind monk W had a tacit understanding.
But I made a big move and accelerated, and I ran over them with Nell and the hammer stone.
Bloom saw that the speed of movement was a little slow, so he let E go voluntarily and let the blind monk and the demon Ji run first.
I won’t hesitate to take Bloom away again under the dual control of Hammer Stone and Nall.
Demon Ji was also directly beaten by Lulu and added with a ignition point. Demon Ji was taken away by Lulu when she released W, and demon Ji was also taken away.
This wave is too greedy on the other side, and we have beaten two dead, and the emperor has died on the other side, and the BUFF transfer solution has transferred the blue BUFF to the middle single.
I, Zhuang Kai and Ai Shi, pushed all the lines in the middle of the road. At the same time, the emperor was resurrected and rushed to Xiaolong’s place. Now it’s 12 minutes and 4 seconds, and Xiaolong just brushed it.
Opposite Casadin, the blind monk doesn’t know where the demon Ji and the assistant are still counting seconds in the spring. This second dragon seems to be all-in-one.
After taking the second little dragon, everyone else went home to make up for the situation, while Hammer Stone and I squatted in the first grass closest to the other side’s defense tower, planning to pollute the plane.
I have always advocated such tactics as waiting for a rabbit and being insidious and treacherous.
Chapter 15 strength hide r
Sure enough, the opposite side of the auxiliary center is always the middle road. This plane is really miserable. The line of grass has not been done. Now the line of soldiers is just near the river. The plane is just waiting for the soldiers, unaware that there are two idiots in the grass.
Xiao Zheng and I are squatting on the line. The grass plane closest to the other side’s defense tower is right in front of our eyes. My distance is within reach.
This plane is dead. Now, he is assisting Danhe Daye to dry Zhuang Kai in Luye District, and he almost killed him. Then Dancassadine’s online patching line is not available, and someone will come to support him.
"Xiaozheng, you hook the words first and save me a big move." I said to Xiaozheng.
"Good Tong Ge!" When Xiaozheng heard my order, he immediately released the hook and went straight to the backyard of the plane.
But it’s a pity that the plane is near three long-range soldiers. Is it too big and missed the hook?
When I saw this, there was nothing I could do. I quickly released the hammer stone to set a weakness for the plane, and then the plane released W and fled in the direction of their defense tower. Because of weakness and my ineffective big move, I chased the hammer stone with an anti-E, and I chased A and Q to successfully take the plane’s head.
"Xiaozheng, you go for a swim. I took a tower." I said to Xiaozheng. Now Xiaozheng’s assistance has become more and more mature, and I am well protected.
One minute and two seconds, the two sides are tied at Xiaolong’s place because the third Xiaolong is going to brush.
In this issue, we tried to push each other, and we also tried to catch people in their wild areas, but they didn’t push us out of the wild areas in the middle, and they didn’t catch anyone. Both sides played steadily and didn’t rush to the group without catching mistakes
Both sides are busy arranging eyes around Xiaolong, which is the most important thing for Xiaolong or Dalong Group to ensure the vision. Usually, things are easy to happen at this head, because both sides may be preempted by the group because of a vision mistake.
There is no eye in the isolated grass in the opposite half of the river. Bloom wants to come and insert it. However, we invaded the wall behind the red BUFF in the opposite wild area before, and the grass was inserted by us. It can be seen that Bloom is approaching here.
"The elder brother of the boat came with me, and the assistant wanted to fill the eyes." Xiaozheng looked at him and cried out very much. If the boat emperor squatted next to the wall on the right side of the isolated grass, they had no vision.
Sure enough, across the street, Bloom took the lead in the past with a small government, and Bloom was frightened and immediately backed off with E skills.
At the same time, the grass behind the other side’s red BUFF wall lit up. It was Zhuang Kaina’s wave that was a must.
But the opposite plane doesn’t seem to know this. W comes directly from the grass on the right side of the middle road and outputs behind Bloom.
When the emperor saw it, he could flash directly to the previous EQ company.
But it’s a pity that the plane flashed to hide this EQ, but the emperor still has a big move, and a big move is to cover the plane and Bloom in the bowl, and Nall also turned into a crazy output inside and smashed the plane and Bloom on the emperor’s wall.
At the same time, there are now three battlefields in the field, except that Naer Huang Hammer Stone is fighting on the right side of blue F4, and in the grass on the right side of the middle river, Ai Shilulu is fighting with the opposite witch, and both sides have eaten the opposite set of skills.
Both of them are the first ghosts with the same equipment base. In this cost-effective way, they can replace the Holy Grail and are cheaper than the Holy Grail. Six pieces of molding are quick and profitable.
Lulu’s big move is to give the emperor himself no self-protection and the demon Ji on the other side is bloody and the Q skill instantly beats the demon Ji’s two places at once.
The demon Ji may win the battle with Lulu after WCD and QCD, but Naibron’s plane collapsed too fast. At this time, it was taken away by the emperor and Naer, and a huge stone hit the demon Ji’s body, and then a Q was taken away.
The battlefield over there is finished, and on the other side, the battlefield is behind the wall behind Xiaolong. I came from the road to close the line and met the blind monk by chance.
This blind monk is so fierce that when he meets me, he will directly punish me, and then he will touch my eyes and quickly approach me, slap the floor, smash the tendons and bones, and make a double deceleration to output me comfortably.
In my heart, I immediately made a big move to pull the distance, and at the same time, I started to walk behind me. A and a skill set hit the blind monk half-tube blood, and the previous blind monk set also hit me half-tube blood.
Wheel mother passive is to attack the enemy will have a speed bonus, which is especially easy to go A. The blind monk is stuck at a distance by me, and he doesn’t dare to mess around, for fear of being hidden by me E.