A group of people sat on the ground, their faces dusty.
Who would have thought that any one of them would be the overlord in the outside world?
But now they look at the man shivering in front of them.
Ye easily destroyed these people with the wind, and the law of ghosts and gods most relied on also defeated their psychological defense.
What can be so horrible in this world!
"I give you two choices."
Ye said with the wind, "First lead the way to your lair to offer the remains of ghosts and gods."
With that, Ye watched them react with the wind.
A moment later, the five princes from Sogo Empire asked, "What about the second?"
Next to the pine road flyover immediately poked his waist.
Lowered his voice and said, "Are you stupid? The second one is death, of course!"
Looking at two people move leaves a little want to laugh with the wind.
"Think about it," he said.
They looked at each other, then the soul virtual initiative said "the Lord Ye"
"Are you sure you want to do this? I admit that you are strong, but behind each of our forces, there may be something beyond your imagination. "
Others are silent.
Soul deficiency is a wake-up call and a warning.
But Ye naturally won’t worry about this with the wind.
"You need to make a choice. Don’t care."
He stood with a negative hand. "Well, don’t challenge my patience when I give you a cup of tea."
In fact, the leaves can kill them with the wind and then directly kill them in their lair by means.
But that would be too much trouble. There are at least a hundred such forces.
Besides, he is too lazy to kill people now.
It would be nice if everyone cooperated a little.
As time went by, someone finally responded.
The deacon of Wanbaoge got up. "Since Lord Ye insists, I’m willing to take you to the main pavilion as you wish."
The first man came out, and several others made choices one after another.
Since there is hope, who will persist in dying?
And they still have some hope for their own power.
In particular, the big deacons and the souls are weak, and their sacred objects are so powerful that they go against the sky.
Maybe it can compete with the wind means.
Ye nodded with the wind after their department finished choosing.
"Ok, then you wait."
"Ye Huang Ye Long, you all come with me."
Then Ye Feng called Ye Huang out of their department.
When I was six years old, all the five young people in my family who had been trained by myself had really grown up.
The strength has reached the top in the world.
And everyone has the ability to be independent.
"You’ve done a great job over the years."
Ye laughed with the wind. "And you Xiaoxiao, you are great."
Ye Xiaoxiao, who was praised by name, immediately smiled.
"We’re going to do something, um, noble," Ye said with the wind.
"I know, I know."
Ye Xiaoxiao said, "Uncle, we are going to plant trees everywhere to save the world, right?"
Leaf nodded with the wind.
"That’s right"
"The world is really in jeopardy."
"I need you to plant seedlings of enlightenment trees in every node of heaven in the world."
After that, Ye waved with the wind and a picture full of magnetic fields appeared in their minds.
The five of them suddenly learned about the node of heaven.
"I will allocate 1,500 seedlings to each of you, and each of you will choose a direction to plant them."
"By the way, eliminate all the remaining forces with ghosts and gods, which are the nutrients of the enlightenment tree."
Ye said with the wind
"Uncle, am I going this time?" Ye Xiaoxiao asked some don’t give up.
Over the years, she has long been used to being around Ye Feng.
Ye smiled and rubbed her head with the wind.
"You have grown up and should have your own life."