Zhou Ru’s birthday, the weather is quite dry and cool. It rained last night. Today, most of them are blown dry by the wind. Occasionally, a few roads have not been wet and dry. The winter wind is swaying branches and blowing in the ear.
Zhou Ru was drunk last night by several girlfriends who came from other cities to celebrate. Today, she slept all day and invited us to dinner.
Zhong Yi and I both dressed well this day. A pear blossom beats a begonia, and a well-proportioned tree wins Pan An. What a perfect couple.
And Yu Mu also came to the door of the hotel early to wear, which is also a new dress I have never seen. It is quite literary and artistic. It should be quite handsome at ordinary times. At this time, when I see Yu Mu with a nervous face at the door of the hotel, I always have a sense of being a bartender.
"Brother, why are you thirsty in this door? Isn’t it cold in winter?" I walked beside Yu Mu and smiled at him.
Yu Mu stamped her hand to her mouth and sighed with laughter. "Zhou Rujie wants me to wait for someone outside. I can’t help it."
I said contemptuously, "Then you should behave yourself. Look at your cowardly face."
I am embarrassed and coughed, and the smiling face slowly straightened my body.
I patted him on the shoulder and smiled. "Right, that’s right. Okay, let’s go in first."
Yu Mu’s expression is very tangled and his face is full of nai. At the same time, there are people who look like Yu Mu and are full of difficulties. Looking at the door of the hotel, Yu Mu has a complicated face.
Chapter 14 Newcomers
Zhou Ruding is the best hotel here. The high-end hotels in our school are usually places where teachers or leaders eat. Zhou Ruding has reserved a box.
Zhong Yi and I knocked on the door and went in. For the time being, there was Zhou Ru alone, because the two of us came early. Zhou Ru hung his head and played with his mobile phone. It was estimated that he was in contact.
There are two tables in the box, and it is estimated that more than 20 people can sit in it. So sit at the table on the right.
"hey! Birthday girl! Happy birthday! " Zhong Yi nifty gather together face in the past to a face of focus Zhou Ru said
Zhou Ru is wearing a black coat, black pleated skirt, black silk and black-rimmed glasses today, and she looks lazy and slightly light makeup, which is very durable.
However, the temperature in the box was very high, and the coat was faded by her to reveal a pure black sweater that reflected her figure.
I ordered 32 praises in my heart, after all, 36D.
Zhou Ru saw Zhong Yi and I came and hugged Zhong Yi at once. "Did Happy Happy bring me a birthday present?"
Zhong Yi smiled sweetly, "Yes!"
After that, I handed a gift box to Zhou Ruzhou. I was very happy to put the gift in a seat next to me. My eyes turned to me again. "What about you, Wang Tong!"
I said in surprise with my hands behind my back, "A gift? What gift should I bring when I come to eat here? "
Zhou Ru supported Ba lightly and said, "Come on, I don’t know why you took it out with your hands behind your back!" "
I shook my head with a look of nai. "Gifts are robbed these days."
The wallet is not so big when it is wrapped in a gift box, but it is even more compact and exquisite. Zhou Ru took it and said with a curious face, "What is this? Why is it so small?"
I turned my mind and laughed. "Good thing. You can guess. Clever and witty Zhou Rujie will definitely guess!"
Sister Zhou Rujie saw that I had an abnormal look and a bad expression, and said, "I told you that if you send something as obscene as Yumu, you will never see Xiaoyiyi again!"
Huh? As obscene as Yumu, what did Yumu give you?
I said, "Well, it says that whether a novel is small or not is not a lonely woman’s necessity. When a woman is lonely, she will be crazy and make it stop, and then this thing will grow bigger by itself!"
Zhou Ru’s face turned black in an instant. When Zhong Yi saw it, he quickly waved at me and said, "It’s just a wallet. Why are you doing this?"
Zhou Ru’s face looks good after hearing this sentence. I said, "I’m not wrong either …"
Zhou Ru’s expression is still not very good, but with a hint of uncontrollable smile in her eyes, I don’t know if she thought of me just now, putting my gift and Zhong Yi’s gift together and holding a mobile phone.
I’m still upset about what Zhou Ru said just now. What wretched thing did Yu Mu send me?
I asked Zhou Ru, "Sister Zhou Rujie, you are alone in the building, blowing the heating and playing with your mobile phone. My poor and helpless brother is still blowing the cold wind. How can you be so cruel?"
Weeks such as previous canthus with a smile completely gone and snorted and said "he deserved it! Moreover, he went spontaneously to say that he would help me pick up my friends. I didn’t force him. "
Yu Mu said earlier that Zhou Rujie wanted him to meet guests in the face.
I didn’t say anything more about nodding my head. "Well, I’ll go with Yu Mu."
Zhong Yi sat next to Zhou Ru and looked at me with a smile on his face. The two of them estimated that I couldn’t interrupt the conversation, so I might as well ask Yu Mu what he sent.
Seeing Yu Mu at the door on the first floor, I rubbed my hands, stamped my feet and bowed my body. I didn’t good the spirit and gave him a kick in the ass.
Yu Mu touched his ass and stared back at me and said, "Why don’t you sit here?"
I laughed. "Come and see you."
Yu Mu nodded and said, "I know you can’t bear to watch your brother drink the northwest wind in the face and come to accompany me without saying anything!" "
Go ahead, Yu Mu, the youngest son, will stretch out his hand to hug me.