At 5: 00 on February 16th, a flight from Houston International Airport to a country with a population of 1.3 billion took off with all the rocket players and hundreds of millions of China fans looking forward to flying to the Oriental Pearl-the sea …
Chapter one hundred and sixty-four Returning home
"Ladies and gentlemen, the passenger plane is about to arrive at the destination, so please take your seat belt and have an accident; Dear passenger plane … "
Miss Zhong’s kind advice on the radio made the members of the sleeping Rockets wake up one after another and put on their seat belts at my sister’s request, waiting for the coming landing shock.
At this time, all the Rockets people are more or less nervous. After all, many of them are coming to China for the first time!
Zeng Feiyang looked out of the window at the layers of white clouds, expecting and nervous. Even his hands were shaking slightly. He didn’t know why he was so nervous when he returned to his motherland. Maybe it’s because Zeng Feiyang missed his hometown too much!
Suddenly, Zeng Feiyang felt that his right hand was tender and warm, and he turned to look at his right hand reflexively. What he saw was Xia Na’s kind smile and her tiny left hand on the back of his right hand.
I’ll stay with you if I’m not nervous …
Xia Na didn’t speak, but her charming and gentle eyes expressed their meaning to Zeng Feiyang.
Being appeased by Xia Na, Zeng Feiyang couldn’t help but be one leng and immediately restored calm. She also went to a lot of tension and at the same time gave Xia Na a relaxed smile, which indicated that she was all right.
China, I’m back …
Zeng Feiyang once again moved his eyes to the window and quietly waited for the moment when the passenger plane arrived at the destination …
At the airport, a number of rocket fans are expecting and anxiously waiting for the arrival of the Rockets. Some of them are holding up a welcome card to welcome the Rockets to China, while others are holding a cloth to welcome Yao and Zeng Feiyang back to China. More fans are preparing paper and pens to get autographs from the rocket players!
Counting the fans represents the hardships of the security guards-on this day, the Basketball Association sent a large number of security guards to the airport to ensure that Rocket member Ann faced those crazy fans who didn’t know what would happen! But even a large number of security guards have finished suppressing those fans! Because there are too many rockets fans at the scene …
Beijing time on February 16th at 1 pm, the passenger plane flying from Houston to Shanghai landed on the runway of Shanghai International Airport!
Landing succeeded. Doors hit
From the general manager to the players, the Rockets and a group of three people left the passenger plane one after another and officially landed in China, a big eastern country! And they were greeted by chinese basketball association Chairman Liu Hongjian, more than a dozen basketball association officials and dozens of security guards!
"Welcome to the China Rockets. You have worked hard!" Liu Hongjian, president of the Basketball Association, spoke this sentence fluently in English and eagerly walked to the front of the general manager of the Rockets, Desson, and shook his right hand in a friendly way!
"Hello, Mr. Liu!" Dawson also showed his mood at the moment with his kind answer and excited smile.
"Chairman Liu!" Zeng Feiyang walked to the front of Liu Hongjian with Yao.
Liu Hongjian nodded with a smile, looked at Yao and Zeng Feiyang carefully, and smiled, "Ah, you are strong again, Feiyang, so are you, and you seem to be much more mature than before."
"yes! Thank you for your heart. "
Liu Hongjian smiled and chatted with the rest of the Rockets one by one, then took everyone to the airport exit.
"Wow ~ ~ ~" When the Rockets players walked to the exit, the fans who had been waiting for a long time were boiling. They cheered and shouted with excitement because their joy had reached its peak now!
"Zeng Feiyang ~ ~" "Yao ~ ~" "McGrady ~ ~ ~"
The fans shouted that they liked the star players and crowded forward crazily-they all wanted to have a close contact with their favorite players.
"Wow, that’s terrible. It’s even crazier than Houston fans …" Rookie Hyde looked at the China fans who were like wolves and tigers and couldn’t help but be a little scared-would those fans eat them?
McGrady smiled gently with Ba in his right hand. "Oh, it’s even bigger than a disturbance in China. It seems that we are really popular now!"
Yao smiled laughed "ok! It’s the first time for me to meet so many crazy fans. "Speaking of this, Yao looked in all directions and asked in wonder," What’s the matter? What are you looking at? "
"ah! ?” Zeng Feiyang quickly replied "No, it’s nothing."
Yao didn’t care much after listening to it, and went to the fans who were close to him to sign autographs.
Zeng Feiyang looked at the other teammates in the busy call and scanned the fans. "Light snow, you still didn’t come?" Forget it, if you want to avoid me when you come, how can you come to see me easily? " Nai Zeng Feiyang abandoned the search for Lin Xue and looked forward to working with other Rockets teammates to deal with those eager fans …
On this afternoon, when the rocket members settled down in the booked hotel, Dawson immediately gave the rocket members a short lunch break. When they got this short free activity, everyone was very happy to arrange their own trips for this afternoon. Driven by curiosity, everyone except Yao Zeng went to visit the sea city together. Of course, Yao and Zeng Feiyang also had their own things to do-Yao went to the Sea Sharks to meet their friends, while Zeng Feiyang went to meet friends with Xia Na and Meng Tianxue, and missed some friends across the bank-Chengke University!
Wear a gray leather jacket, jeans and a red baseball cap.
Zeng Feiyang looked at the mirror and said with a wry smile, "Oh, I didn’t expect my camouflage skills to rise so much? Is this good or bad? Forget it, let’s take it one step at a time! " After that, Zeng Feiyang turned and walked out of the room. The two women who had been waiting for a long time, Xia Na Mengtianxue, smiled and said, "Well, let’s go!"
"yeah!" The two women smiled and left here with Zeng Feiyang, but Mengtianxue still held’ Little Feiyang’ in her arms … (Mengtianxue must bring it)
Four boys and girls sat silently in a kiosk in Haiqianling Park as if waiting for someone to arrive, and these people were Cheng Shifei of Chengke University, Wu Hanyang, Tian Li Mengxue.
"Oh, my God, did you inform Feiyang of them?" Li Mengxue got a little impatient and confirmed it to Yang Tian again.