"By the way, my name is Ai Shan," said the man.
Aishan has such an imposing name. These people all follow the dean’s surname. Ai has very few surnames.
I chuckled, "It’s okay. It’s okay. I didn’t react just now. Aishi and I met in the training room of the competitive club. It’s a work acquaintance, and then we gradually developed into boyfriends and girlfriends."
Ai Shan smiled and nodded and said, "So that’s it. It seems that Wang Tong’s little brother must be very talented. Otherwise, how can we hook up our little sister who is difficult to communicate with?"
So I said modestly, "Where is shame?"
Ai Shi had always been silent with his head down and his face red. When I heard this sentence, I couldn’t help laughing brightly.
"Hey, hey, look at our little sister’s longing for love. It’s different if she has a boyfriend!" Ai Yuan’s sharp-eyed eyes made fun of Ai Shi’s appearance.
Ai Shan ha ha a smile and said, "Anyway, little sister is the fastest person in your generation to find an object. There is no other object to grasp! Bring it back to everyone at this time of the New Year. "
The field immediately burst into laughter and entered a noisy speaking atmosphere.
When I took it out at this time, I asked Aishi, "What the hell is that Ai Shan brother of yours? A pair of boss manner "
Ai Shi’s blush has faded, but there is a sense of shame in her eyes and eyebrows. She raised her head to meet my eyes and spoke softly. She said, "That’s our orphanage eldest brother and Ai Yuan’s sister, who are peers and the most promising people here. After graduating from high school junior college, she set up a company at the age of 25, and now she is getting bigger and bigger, and she is already a great person in their industry."
I was surprised and said, "There are quite a lot of talents in your orphanage. It seems that everyone has made a difference when they go out."
Ai Shi replied, "Where are our orphanages going out to make a living every year? There are at least 50 orphans. Most of them are not as good as ordinary people. They want culture, no culture, no background, and a few lucky points. It is better to be practical and willing to work. Now there are more than ten people sitting together for reunion. I am still the least …"
I blamed Ai Shi for taking a look and said, "People should not have no confidence in themselves. If they look down on themselves by earning money from others, how can you expect others to look up to you?"
Ai Shi looked up to meet my eyes thoughtfully and nodded gently.
"The food is cooked!" Zhang Shu took his hand and handed over the hot meals in turn.
There are enough dishes, and there are 16 people sitting on the floor. There are two dishes to eat, which must be endless. It seems that the dean has made enough preparations today every year.
"Grandma is so many dishes again!" Yiyuan Cu with Diane eyebrow said
"How many times have I told you that we can’t finish eating so much and there are waves left?" Yiyuan went on.
Grandma Ai smiled kindly and said, "It’s okay, you can’t finish it. I can still keep this kind of weather. The food won’t go bad. I can eat it alone for several days. You can’t just fool you with a few dishes. It looks cold."
"All right," Ehara Nai replied.
"All right, everybody eat!" Grandma Ai moved the first chopsticks before we moved them one after another.
I tasted a few dishes and said to Aishi, "Sister Shi, your uncle’s cooking taste is not so good. It can’t be compared with you."
Aishi took a mouthful of rice and looked up at me and said, "It’s okay. It’s good to have food. You’re still picky."
I shook my head and said, "No, I’m curious. You said you missed Uncle Zhang’s meal. I’m curious about how delicious he made it. I can’t help but be disappointed that you haven’t cooked it yet …"
Aishi giggled. "That was a polite thing to say. Uncle Zhang watched me grow up and hurt. When I was a child, I was hungry. If I wanted to find him, he could always make something for me to eat. I like him very much."
I nodded and smiled. "So that’s it."
With everyone drinking, drinking, chatting and chatting, the atmosphere gradually reached a climax.
At this time, a young man of the same age was sitting opposite Aishi, and his face turned a little red. He asked Aishi, "Aishi, what kind of competition do you say you and your boyfriend are? What is this?"
Ai Shi patiently said, "It is also a profession to make a living and make money."
The man said, "Even playing games can make money?"
Ai Shi nodded and said "Yes"
"How much is the monthly salary?" The man asked.
"Four or five thousand" Aishi is a little impatient.
The man went on to say, "Now I’m working in a shop for people, and my salary is only 3 o’clock every day from morning till night. When will you take me to play games?" If you play every day, you will have money. "
Chapter 195 Idiots are everywhere
Aishi looked at him with a smile on her lips, but her eyes were disdainful. "Ok, when you spend an hour in the game every day and your talent is better than that of 9% players, you can also play a dozen games and earn four or five thousand."
The man didn’t believe me and said, "What, is it so difficult?
Ai Shi went on to say, "If it’s that simple, wouldn’t it be enough for the uncle and aunt in that street to move bricks and paste cement and the Ministry of Migrant Workers to play games?" Easy and profitable, who still does hard work? "
I poked my hand at Ashley to signal her to stop talking. It was a bit aggressive.
At this time, a novel on the left hand side of the man said, "Sister Aishi, is it a League of Legends when you play competitive games?"
Aishi gave me a dissatisfied look and replied to the man, "Yes, why?"
The little boy replied, "I’ve been playing that game for months, and now I’m doing it on behalf of others. It’s very fast to get money. I help others to make accounts a day, and my monthly income is casually 6 words. Sister Ai, since you say that you are a career, how about we have a discussion after dinner?"
Aishi nodded and said, "OK, no problem, but do we have brains in our courtyard?"
At this time, a younger sister I couldn’t name said, "Sister Ai Shi, how careless you are! Last year, we introduced more than 30 computers sponsored by Brother Ai Shan, not to mention that the configuration is better than most Internet cafes."
Ai poem surprised way "? There’s this thing? Well, wait. I’ll go to play with you after dinner. There’s nothing to do in the afternoon. "
After lunch, Aishi and some previous table girls offered to help clear the table. I was smoking a cigarette and Ai Ge said to me, "Brother Wang Tong."
I looked back at Ai Ge and asked, "What’s the matter?"
Speaking of this Ai Ge, I have a good influence on him. He is young and handsome, and his personality is also very good. I used to return to this Aige Club as a figure like Li Xiaolong and Huang Bin. I didn’t expect that the two sides are not at the same level. It is said that a person with such a career at such a young age can be stupid. The world must be very understanding.
"How have Aishi been these years?" Ai Ge asked.
I frowned and thought for a moment and said, "Well, it’s hard for me to answer you. I’ve only known Aishi for two months."
Ai Ge face immediately appeared lost expression murmured "two months … two months …"
I couldn’t bear to see him like this, and then I said, "Generally speaking, it’s quite good. Aishi rented a house outside, kept cats and dogs in good order, and now he’s going to work as a professional to support himself. Generally speaking, it’s very good."