Speaking of this, Yan’s frivolous expression has changed. "Mu Wang Ye’s love must be thick. It’s really a pity that his mother and sister are fair!"
Things have been clearly understood by Dezong, but Yan’s frivolous words point the finger at Zhu Yinzhen and leave Dezong clean.
The remark that Dezong touched Hu Yan’s frivolity implied that Prince Mu was killing people indiscriminately. If he didn’t check again, he would be suspected of harboring the emperor. This little girl can’t be underestimated! "Silent teasing the prince is a big sin!"
"It’s a terrible disease for the royal father to listen to the slanderers’ ignorance and know the women’s parents!" Yan frivolous looked up again and was in tears.
"The family is married from the father. My father ordered my daughter, my mother, to be opposed but dare not resist … Yes …" Yan was frivolous and choked.
"My daughter knows that her position is too low to climb Mu Wangfu, and my father wants to offer her to Prince Mu as a servant. My daughter is ashamed and resentful, and she wants to commit suicide." Yan frivolous looked up to show her forehead scar.
The perfect flaw in the face and forehead was shocking, and Zhu Yinqi quickly frowned.
"My daughter was born in a merchant’s family, but at least she is the head of Shenfu. It’s not my daughter’s wish!" Yan frivolous said bitterness.
"The imperial concubine wronged you?" Dezong cold hum! What happened to Shenyang? Shenyang is amazing? I still can’t see this Muwangfu!
"My daughter dare not covet the royal family!" Yan frivolous said firmly, "I wish to have a heart and a white head!" My daughter asks me to meet a compassionate person one day and live a life of ordinary people at sunrise and sunset! "
"Shenyang’s family is a great undertaking, and your wish must be difficult to realize." Dezong or the official Jia family is full of wives and concubines. Miss Shenyang can’t deserve an ordinary family! Living the life of ordinary people is the root of discussion!
"All the women dared to ask Huang Cheng!" Yan frivolous bent his forehead and nodded.
"What do you mean?" Marriage between commoners and daughters is not an imperial scope. Dezong doesn’t understand
"My father tried to cling to the emperor because of Shenyang’s rich family. It’s really stupid! If the Shenyang family is an ordinary family, it will break my father’s delusion and my daughter will have a chance to fulfill her wish! What’s more, women still have sisters, and three women have suffered greatly from my father. I don’t want my sisters to suffer the same disaster in the future! " Yan frivolous said the Dezong proffering flaming slowly.
"The disaster in Jiangbei is serious, and the reconstruction after the disaster in the future will certainly cost a lot of money. My daughter implores the emperor to donate all her possessions for disaster relief, and also implores the emperor to see that my father has the heart to repent and give my father a chance to turn over a new leaf! Huang Rende loves the people and will be amazed by heaven and man! " Letting go of silence means letting go of Shenyang others.
After a long ride, I finally returned to Jiangbei for the flood.
Zhu Yinqi secretly relieved that Yan was frivolous. If she pleaded with Shenyang, she was afraid of offending her father. He was groping for an opportunity to suggest that Yan was frivolous and couldn’t think of her own seamless return. The 48-year-old emperor’s joke was really cold.
Benevolence and love for the people first say that killing the Shenyang family is suspected of indiscriminate killing, and then he is benevolent and love for the people. If he still goes his own way, he will be cruel and heartless
Dezong deeply looked at Yan frivolous this little girl is not simple! No, she didn’t take credit for saving the world. Instead, she condescended to intercede and refused to give him a way out.
Which is more important, killing people and saving lives? The answer is obvious. It is obviously a no-loss deal for Dezong to save the victims and win the reputation of a virtuous monarch if you let go of the Shen family for ten times.
"You may make decisions for your father by donating all your possessions?" But you can’t let go so easily! Dezong also wants to hear what Shen Menglu has to say.
"Women can!" Yan frivolous firmly answer jokes, life is gone, what is the need for money?
Money left behind is not afraid of having no money to earn. "There is no reason why my father can’t promise if he can exchange money for ten lives in Shenyang!"
Just money? Really treat money like dirt! It’s not easy to be an emperor when Dezong is complete! Managing everything needs money! Shen Jia’s wealth has filled the national treasury year after year!
However, this little girl kept silent and pleaded for mercy, but she didn’t say anything about Shen Gongqing. Others in Shenyang were tied up by silence, but this Shen Gongqing persecuted the emperor but the evidence was conclusive!
"Silent save eager confused I can understand! But this Shen Gongqing caused the world to drown but unforgivable! " This Shen Menglu watched more and more about Dezong’s eyes. Dezong relieved a sigh of relief.
Zhu Yinqi Zheng father promised to let Shenyang go? I didn’t know that neither he nor Jingxuan’s father had done things, but Shen Menglu actually did.
Seeing that Dezong let go, Yan was frivolous and relieved. She quietly loosened her fist and her hands were full of sweat. It was easier to negotiate with the emperor than to fight with a gun!
Anyway, you finally won, dad. You didn’t learn from your daughter for nothing. I didn’t embarrass you!
"The emperor’s foolish brother let the women in the world fall into the water, but the world’s falling into the water is not the main cause of the world’s critical illness. There is something hidden in this. I know clearly that the foolish brother should be punished for his stubbornness, but I still hope to see the emperor!" Yan frivolous clever answer.
Blood leeches in the world poisoning are the family affairs of Muwangfu, and she can’t say more.
"Really?" Dezong’s eyes are dark. Is there something hidden in Jingxuan’s falling into the water? But the two fathers didn’t get up