Yanglingtian, you bastard!
Sun Ning smoke eyes with tears can’t help but want to curse.
But before the gentle and domineering young people, their bodies have already been unable to move.
Arrange some sunny days and finally turn your eyes gently. "Although I know you won’t believe what I say, please believe that I will be fine and I will only get hurt at most."
Self-confidence sound gently to the people’s mind a quiver trance unexpectedly gave birth to a condition should believe that this male thought before.
However, the idea is also a flash, and I dare say that I am completely sure.
And everyone knows that this young man is a complete madman, but he will take it as a one thousand one hundred chance to spell Chapter 13 Fang Yun.
Yanglingtian took a look at the gray Yunlong overhead and gently turned to rush Yangyushan and bowed deeply.
"Aunt will apologize to you after offending Ling Tian this time!"
Is it so important to increase everyone’s practice? Don’t you protect us? Yang Yushan wanted to shout loudly, but she couldn’t make a sound when she was banned.
"Alas ~ ~ ~ I was forced to" as if I saw Yang Yushan’s idea. Yanglingtian sighed gently and turned to Nangong Yan and Huyan Chenghe to see the past. "Others don’t know what the ancient demon race wants to come to Nangong Girl and Huyan Brother should know."
The nangongshan yan leng one.
When Kunwu Mountain was in the past, she was the first talented woman in the divine world. Naturally, she had the most contact with the King of Destiny, and people also had some knowledge of Dayan Holy Land.
It is clear in her heart that the so-called demon race in Dayan Holy Land is just a monster beast with a little ancient demon race blood, and its physical ability is not the same as that of the ancient demon race.
But the ancient demon race and ghosts and gods stand side by side, and now it’s good to have one or two land gods in the demon race of Dayan Holy Land.
However, to the surprise of Nangong Yan, I don’t know that Yanglingtian will suddenly remember this ancient demon race.
"The five alliance patriarchs call themselves ancient demon people!" Yanglingtian looks like water and can’t see the sadness and joy. "Although I don’t know if what he said is true or not, I want to come. Since he can say the term ancient demon race, I should also have some with them."
Then he took a deep breath and continued, "I don’t know if the ancient demon race really belongs to this world, but everyone is safe. I can’t bet on all the efforts to increase everyone’s strength as soon as possible. Nangong Girl and Brother Huyan almost re-entered the realm of San Wu. Just this time, there is such an opportunity that I will naturally not give up restoring you two to the realm of San Wu, so that even if I don’t use the law, you can resist the general enemy for a while."
The nangongshan Yan two people stupefied but don’t know this thing should also involve the ancient demon race.
Yanglingtian smiled, "Of course, in addition to the threat of ancient demon race, I still have reasons to start the method of devouring God." The clear eyes turned to Ximen Pole and Sun Ning’s smoke direction, which was deep and deep. "Miss Sun and Ximenxiong should remember my grandfather’s things."
Sun Ning smoke stayed for a long time, but after all, he blinked a little.
"You’re all wondering why Grandfather suddenly disappeared at that time," Yang Yang said at the corner of Yanglingtian’s mouth. "At first, we decided to leave Lingtianlou, but Grandfather was afraid of dragging us down. We insisted on not leaving me. We had to rearrange a Brahma dream to let Grandfather live in Zhongyuan. There is no problem, but you all know that Grandfather was injured in that year and had a life span of 20 years. Now it’s been nearly ten years. I have to find a way to increase his life span. Refining the devil and injecting their purest vitality into Grandfather’s body is the best choice."
Heaven and earth are suddenly quiet. In the eyes of Nangong Yan and others, the worry has disappeared. Instead, it is a kind of vacant measure. If Yanglingtian is to increase the number of people to repair, they naturally have reason to oppose it, but when it comes to Yang’s ancestors, they are absolutely ignorant of what to say. What’s worse, everyone is very clear in their hearts whether they agree or not. All this is reversed.
Yanglingtian waved and fluctuated strangely, as if something had broken and disappeared. Xu Jiuyang Zhuo dust suddenly appeared in front of everyone.
Like everyone else, the sun has not recovered, but the resisting force has wrapped him and dragged him to a specific position.
"Practice well. Although Nangong girl and Brother Hu Yan will absorb most of their strength, others will also benefit!" Yanglingtian smiled and gently raised his sleeves. Shao Hao suddenly appeared before Yunlong.
Gray Yunlong seems to be alive. The huge dragon mouth gently swallows Shao Hao.
In a flash, the original sunny day suddenly became dark, and seven beams of light went straight to the sky and lit up the corresponding seven stars.
The edge of Dayan Holy Land was sealed, and the night and Bai Ling came out of the void and looked up at the stars in amazement.
Another mysterious tower, a big fellow who was sitting cross-legged suddenly opened his eyes and walked out.
At the same time, the head of the ancient demon clan in the west of Dayan Holy Land and the head of the five families guarding the Tower of Babel rushed out from the training ground in amazement, stared at the dark sky for a long time, and at the same time radiated a sneer, then turned and walked into their latent abode of fairies and immortals.