Of course, the best place to treat stubborn people is the army! "If what my daughter says is true, I hope the emperor will be lenient and punish my foolish brother for joining the army for one year!" Shen Gongqing is spoiled and needs to be treated well!
Dezong smiled. It seems that this little girl is also vengeful. "You are not afraid of family members’ opposition when you join the army hard?"
"Then please ask the emperor to give my daughter a disposal method!" Yan frivolous kicked the ball to the emperor, the old man of the emperor, and objected to a P? Beheading is all a matter of words!
Dezong stroked his beard and said slowly, "I’ll chop off the hand that Shen Gongqing pushes Jingxuan!"
Yan frivolous a black line this emperor old man obviously much more malicious than her!
Yan frivolous secretly looked up and just looked at Dezong jokingly! What a cold joke this emperor old man has! 49 sent to the prison
"Chop hands or join the army, I think my foolish brother will make a choice!" Yan frivolous pie pie
"Ha ha ha ha ….." Dezong laughed out Zhu Yinqi and Ann’s father-in-law petrified on the spot.
The emperor is sad about the flood these days. Is there any basis for Shen Menglu to amuse him casually?
"Good too send someone to send miss shen go home! I will give Shenyang an explanation when I find out clearly! " Dezong looked at Yan frivolous gently.
This is an agreement! "My daughter thanks Lord Long En!" Yan yingying bowed down willingly this time.
I’m happy to have my life back! This is the first happy event she has ever encountered! What a bottle of champagne to celebrate!
Yan frivolous changed back to the clothes and went back to the dungeon in the western suburbs with joy. Yan frivolous was indifferent to the fact that she went from a local tyrant to a poor woman overnight. This did not affect her mood of celebrating at all!
Taizhu Yinqi was kept in the imperial house by Dezong.
"What do you think of this little girl?" Dezong asked Zhu Yinqi inscrutably
"Miss Shen is clever and witty!" Zhu Yinqi is not sure what Dezong asked.
"Fall in love with the country!" Dezong lamented
Zhu Yinqi was surprised. This father didn’t see Shen Menglu, did he?
"I remember that the famous filial piety queen in Taizong period was born in the common people, right?" Dezong has a leisurely mouth
Zhu Yinqi was shocked. "How did father think of this?"
Dezong glanced at Zhu Yinqi. "Shen Menglu, this little girl, is very interesting to me."
Zhu Yinqi is completely messy. "Father, Miss Shen is only sixteen but not seventeen." You are almost sixty, old man! !
Dezong but smiled and said nothing "Jingxuan fell into the water to check! Sun Xuan Lao Si Jing Xuan entered the palace! I’m too tired to go back to the hall of eternal life! "
"It’s my son, I’m ready to send my father!" Zhu Yinqi ordered Dezong to leave, and the emperor’s attitude towards Shen Menglu was not so good!
The next day, the Shen family was transferred to the prison as promised! In addition to Yan frivolous more than nine people each like frost beat eggplant depressed to shrink the carriage.
Although Zhu Yinzhen was angered by Yan’s frivolous attitude, he still gave enough face to the Shen family, and instead of escorting them with a prison car, he bought two ordinary carriages, and Shen Menglu’s five brothers and sisters were placed in a carriage.
All the way, I was so confident and frivolous that I swept away a few days ago and looked around the scenery with great interest.
It’s late at Qianjin Palace, and I didn’t see the way clearly at all. Only in this daytime did I find that the place I stayed last night was a long slope of grass.
Think of Zhu Yinqi Yan frivolous slightly absent Shenyang can be saved thanks to Zhu Yinqi’s help, but this great grandfather didn’t care too much about his body, Yan frivolous thoughts are myriad.