When Yunyong came in, the room was bright, and it was a hundred miles away from Yunqing’s eye closure.
He wanted to see if Yun Qing was awake. After all, after a night of tossing, he was afraid that something would happen to her, so it was not good for him to tell the emperor.
But looking at this scene in front of him, he hesitated in front of the door again as if he didn’t want to break the tranquility of the room
"General Yun, I’m all right. Come on in. Just as it happens, I also have some things to confess to you." From Yun Qing, a gentle smile waved at the door.
She is just too tired to sleep. After all, she can’t use her ability freely. She wants to get around in bed, but she is hugged by Bai Liyi and won’t let her start. Is it because she is afraid that she will faint and give people an impression that she is very fragile?
Just two people stalemate YunYong came from time to time from YunQing also instantly feel relieved.
Yun Yong smiled and provoked the robe angle across the railing and went in. "It’s good that the imperial concubine woke up. I’ve been worried all night."
Of course, he is more interested in what happened yesterday. Who is that fake elder sister? This really bothered him all night.
The person behind Yun Qing who is ready to get up has increased the strength of breaking up a few times. "Don’t move"
"General Yun also converges on this." He won’t look at the atmosphere from Yun Qing’s black line.
Yun Yong froze, his face turned red and his eyes turned white, and his heart jumped a few times at random. Is it really good for him here? Why don’t you come back later?
"I’m not afraid that you don’t know what to do. I’m also afraid that you are like yesterday." Baili Yi sighed softly that the palm of your hand gently caressed away from Yun Qing’s emaciated back and moved extremely gently.
The two of them haven’t seen each other for a long time. Why does this man wake up to discuss things and pay no attention to him? This really made him sulk a bit.
From Yun Qing’s discretion, he closed his lips and smiled. He squinted and saw that he simply leaned the whole body weight on the body of a hundred miles. This just moved his line of sight to a face of embarrassment. General Yun laughed.
"Ha! Temple heart imperial concubine rightly "YunYong frowned expression some unnatural after a few quick laugh to express their doubts" is imperial concubine yesterday what happened? I have a few questions about who is pretending to be my elder sister. Jin Shi also said that you were enchanted? "
Black magic? Is there really a demon in this world? I couldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen Yunyong kill myself with my own eyes, but I still have to believe it if I saw it with my own eyes.
From Yun Qing and Bai Liyi looked at each other, only to see Bai Liyi suddenly smiled and nodded at her, indicating that she was ok.
Bai Liyi is very able to understand Yun Yong’s feeling at this time. After all, he used to find it hard to believe that it was only after seeing the witch that he was convinced.
After all, it is complicated to explain, and it took a moment for Yun Qing to struggle lightly. "It’s not a demon, it’s a warlock. Chapter 658 Explain (4)
"warlock?" Yun Yong was horrified. "According to the imperial concubine, is there really a warlock who can make magic?"
"General cloud is not seen? I know that you accepted me for a while because you were afraid of explaining the trouble, but now that you have witnessed it, I can’t hide it. "From Yun Qing, I smiled and insisted on getting up. Seeing that this person’s temper was difficult, I took a coat and gave it to her."
Yun Yong’s meditation paid for a while and then asked, "So … who was the warlock who pretended to be my elder sister yesterday? I think she is bent on the imperial concubine … What is the imperial concubine hiding from us? "
"Well … well …" From Yun Qing, she weighed the wording, stretched out her hand and pulled her skirt. There were so many things that she kept from them that she couldn’t explain it for a while. When she smiled, she brought out a three-point chill and focused on the way, "It’s just that the heavy family fort sent someone to plot against me. But stealing chickens and costly beat rice back by me."
"Ah, the heavy family?" Yun Yong exclaimed and stared at Li Yunqing. "Does the imperial concubine mean that there is a warlock to help Chongjiabao?"
From Yun Qing nodded and smiled again. "General Yun was right at last! Imagine how the Flying Wolf Iron Army and the White Wolf Cavalry can’t beat the tens of thousands of soldiers of Lin Yuwei if they are brave, but they will be defeated again and again when you attack. "
Yun Yong heard his face instantly suppress red and his thin lips spit out the extremely low and extremely short words "scumbag"
He felt strange that Lin Yuwei was always hard to attack. It turned out that they were playing dirty tricks behind their backs.
"Ha, ha, ha ….." See Yunyong look away from Yun Qing and laugh instead. "This is not true. The heavy home fort is the warlock clan who came out to fight, but we are still too weak. Even if we lose, we can’t blame them, extreme measure."
Such a woman with solar terms can’t help but admire Yunyong in her heart.
With his back to Yun Qing’s face, he jumped in admiration. He was glad that this clever girl was his imperial concubine rather than his enemy.
"The imperial concubine was able to defeat the warlock yesterday. Is it also … extreme measure?" Yun Yong was surprised to stare his eyes wide again. Isn’t it true that the imperial concubine can also perform magic?
"General Yun, guess?" Turn away from Yunqing Bibo and laugh to the extreme enchanting trance and lose people’s minds.
"That temple has long known about the heavy family fort?" Yun Yong was looked away from Yun Qing’s transparent eyes, but he couldn’t help but be embarrassed and immediately changed the subject, and his eyes fell to thyme Yi.
Bai Liyi didn’t expect to be suddenly asked by Yun Yong and shook his head. "No, I didn’t know about these things until yesterday. Not only the general and I, Mo Chi, knew about them before us, but he also had some."
Smell speech from yun-ching suddenly caught a glimpse of thyme taken and muttered, "When did you get so narrow-minded? Besides, I can’t hide it from Mo Chi because he guessed it himself, can I?"
End-to-end pull to Mo Chi? From Yun Qing is to know that thyme Yi blames her for not telling him things earlier. Instead, the first person to know is Mo 659. Chapter 659 Explain (5)
"Are you still hiding something from me after that?" Bailiyi ink pupil sparkled at Li Yunqing.
"This ….." From Yun Qing’s eyes, she looked at Baili Yi for a moment and then moved her eyes slowly. "It’s no fun to think about it too early."
"I should take you so well." Bailiyi sighed a few times.
From Yun Qing’s long and narrow Cheng, the corners of his mouth were narrowed and he smiled a gentle smile.
Of course, you can’t see it when you sit behind her, but you can see it clearly in front of you
YunYong at that time some leng looking at the sun fell into the ink eyes from YunQing.
Like a blue lake reflecting the sun, it refracts a piece of brilliance.
Dark sigh in my heart is beautiful.
Thought of here and shook his head.
No, this is not the time.