Seeing that Shen Menglu was coaxing and crying endlessly, Zhu Runyue Zhu Yinzhen took Zhu Runyue from Shen Menglu’s arms and coaxed the children skillfully.
It’s also wonderful that Shen Menglu coaxed Zhu Runyue for half a day, but it didn’t take long before she sobbed and fell asleep in Zhu Yinzhen’s arms.
Shen Menglu raised his eyebrows in surprise. "I thought you were bragging when I heard you say you could coax Run Yue to post posts. I didn’t expect it to be true."
Shen Menglu sighed and looked at Zhu Runyue’s pale face full of heartache. Zhu Runyue cried for more than half an hour, and her voice was hoarse. Shen Menglu tried all kinds of methods, regardless of Zhu Yin’s pleats. If she didn’t appear again, she wanted to knock Zhu Runyue out directly.
"I told you that she is my little girl and naturally listens to me." Zhu Yinzhen smiled. When she saw Zhu Runyue asleep, she called the frost to take Zhu Runyue to sleep, and she took Shen Menglu to sit down. "If you go back to Runyue again, just take her to find me. Don’t give yourself a hard time."
Shen Menglu leaned against Zhu Yinzhen with a warm heart. "You are already very busy, where can I have the heart to mess you up?"
"If I don’t even care what country my family is governing," Zhu Yinzhen issued a declaration domineering, "No matter how important the day is, it doesn’t matter what the mother and the children are. When you have a burden, your husband is your husband first, and the children’s father is the next king."
Shen Menglu chuckled, "If you listen to this paradox, I’m going to be a femme fatale."
"What paradox is the truth?" Zhu Yinzhen held Shen Menglu’s emaciated shoulder lovingly. "Mother-in-law can’t be your hero, but when your husband is in his arms, his mother is open. You can always rely on her to carry everything by yourself. You must believe that her husband will protect you and the children even if the sky falls."
Shen Menglu raised an eyebrow and looked at Zhu Yinzhen. "What’s the matter? Is there anything wrong? " It seems strange that Zhu Yinzhen suddenly said such a thing.
Zhu Yinzhen lowered his eyes to press Shen Menglu back into his arms. "It’s nothing … it’s an expression."
Just saying? Shen Menglu didn’t believe that she was sensitive to the fact that Zhu Yinzhen was holding his arm and trembled slightly, and then she thought of the affectionate and reluctant eyes when Zhu Yinzhen looked at Zhu Runyue before. Shen Menglu’s heart sank.
"Is Shiro Zhu Yin’s address false?" Shen Menglu asked the ghosts still didn’t find Natalya’s real body? "
Zhu Yinzhen’s body slightly froze and far-fetched evoked the corners of her mouth. "No, the address is true. Ghosts have also found Natalya’s real body."
"really?" Shen Menglu’s eyes lit up first and then she froze and smiled. "Is there something wrong with her?"
Zhu Yinzhen was silent for a moment before he nodded "Natalya has been corrupted". Don’t say that she has lost a decent piece of meat and has become a pile of bones.
According to Zhu Yin’s pleated address, the ghosts successfully found Natalya’s real body in a very secret stone room. When they saw the intact and damaged real body, the ghosts were so excited that they wanted to transport the real body back to Beijing for the first time, but who knew that the real body had just left the stone room and soon became a pool of blood and a pile of bones.
"So she’s gone?" Shen Menglu was shocked and stupefied and asked all of them, is this a draw water with a bamboo basket? So is she a medicine that can be cured?
Zhu Yinzhen nodded hard. "I’m afraid so …"
"Run he? Then what should we do? " Seeing Zhu Yinzhen nod, Shen Menglu suddenly got a little excited. She can accept that Zhu Yinzhen’s address is false, but she can’t accept the fact that she has found something. Why would she be happy? Take good health. What will suddenly turn into blood and bones? What’s this?
"Niang Run Yue … Run Yue will be fine. We … we’ll think of another way." Zhu Yinzhen hugged Shen Menglu sadly in an attempt to calm her down.
Calm down? She has always been very calm. She is so calm that she will be led by Zhu Yinpleat and Natalie again and again. She will be teased again and again by Shen Menglu’s beautiful eyes and suddenly push Zhu Yinzhen to the back room and take a whip. She will go out angrily and be deceived.
Zhu Yinzhen was shocked and hurriedly grabbed Shen Menglu. "Mom, what are you going to do?"
"I’m going to kill Natalia and Zhu Yinzhe!" Shen Menglu jumped out of his teeth angrily and then dumped Zhu Yinzhen’s hand.
Kill Natalia and Zhu Yinzhe. That’s what he wants to do! Zhu Yinzhen took a sip of her lips and strode with Shen Menglu.
Shen Menglu went straight to the Natalya dungeon.
"Shen Menglu, you are here. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time." Natalya was greeted with some excitement when she saw Shen Menglu’s fundus anger and whip in her hand, but Natalya couldn’t help going back two steps.
"Sorry to keep you waiting!" Shen Menglu coldly replied, and after the prison door was hit, he did not hesitate to greet Natalya with a whip.
Natalya exclaimed that she was beaten a little. "Shen … Shen Menglu, are you … are you crazy?" Natalya looked at what she was looking at in horror, like a hell messenger Shen Menglu.
"I am crazy and will always be merciful to you!" Shen Menglu’s face was frosty and his eyes were cold. The second whip fell on Natalya accurately and mistakenly.
"Ah …" Natalya sent out a heart-rending cry. Is this going to kill her? "Shen Menglu you … don’t you want to save your daughter? I … If I die, your daughter … Your daughter … "
Natalia Shen Menglu’s third whip fell heavily on her body before she finished her sentence, followed by another hard whip. Natalia was angry enough without Zhu Runyue Shen Menglu, and she was even more angry when she heard Zhu Runyue Shen Menglu.
Beaten raw Natalia shrank into the corner shivering and looked at Shen Menglu. In her eyes, she wondered, "Shen Menglu will die … and let me be a Honky, you … you what …" Shen Menglu got her before, and she was always polite to her. How did she suddenly change a person?
"What?" Shen Menglu cold hum a "don’t you know? Hello, lover, you have already told me your real body. "
Natalya was stunned and then burst out laughing. "Shen Menglu, you … you believe his story?"
Zhu Yin pleat didn’t know where she really was, otherwise he would have tried his best to help Ha Like solve the concentric method and directly find her really.
Nonsense? Shen Menglu zheng "what do you mean?"
"Is my meaning not clear?" Natalie sneered, "I guess he gave you the address of the stone room!" "
Shen Menglu sank his eyes. "Is it really you there?"
Natalya grinned painfully. "Shen Menglu’s Zhu Yin pleat hit me. Would I be so stupid as to tell Zhu Yin pleat my real address?"
So they were finally cheated by Zhu Yin’s pleats! It’s irritating news, but Shen Menglu is excited. "Tell me where you really are?" Shen Menglu crouched down and seized Natalya.
Natalya squinted at Shen Menglu and replied with strength, "Shen Menglu, I came to tell you, but I don’t want to say it now. You can kill me."
A few days ago, she was bent on seeing Shen Menglu just to make a deal with her. She really changed her body for Zhu Yinzhe and her freedom. But now Natalie understands that this deal is meaningless, so drag Zhu Runyue with her anyway!