"Hum, don’t dare you go to hell." After that, the man suddenly descended on the wind, but several chains were driven by him to ring a clank.
"Yellow slaughter has seed in your hand. If you kill me, I’ll see how you get out. Even if you are a seventh-order fighter, why not? Hands-on "is a moment when the wind blows, and it is heavy in Huang’s hands, but the wind blows and he is not afraid to drink. At this time, he is more like a warrior who fears life and death."
"Have a good personality, you are worthy of being a monarch with courage." Huang Zaizhong suddenly went back and even said three good words with a laugh.
"I have long wanted to release my predecessors, but the strength of my predecessors really scares me. I have been afraid to release my predecessors. Please forgive me." When he returned, he suddenly said with a contrite tone.
"It’s funny to let me go. After ten years, you said you wanted to let me go. What do you want to ask me for? It’s not enough to give you a set of imperial skills and a set of shadow hiding skills. Will you and I really give you my own Juexue?" Yellow slaughter heavy looking at the wind even disdain cold way
"The elder said that it was true, and I regretted it after I locked the elder, but I was afraid that the elder would be imprisoned to this day because of his strength."
"Ha, ha, ha, jokes are really jokes. Are you just here to tell me jokes today or do you want me to let me go from the waste gas? I tell you that no one can imprison me today. I’m here because I’m waiting for someone to show up. It seems that I’m waiting for that person to show up when you come here today." Suddenly Huang Zai laughed wildly. It seems that he is not a prisoner now but a VIP.
"I dare not ask my predecessors not to bother me after the waste gas swears to my predecessors. I will let you go immediately if you don’t bother me with the bonfire empire." Feng Liantian said with a smile.
"Oh, it’s good to swear. I want to see how you want me to swear." Looking at the wind and the sky, I said jokingly.
"This is very simple …" If Gao Chen feels that he will be familiar with this oath, isn’t this what he wants to make?
"It’s windy. You dare to ask me to make such a poisonous oath. Don’t you really dare to kill you?" After hearing the oath from the wind, Huang Zai’s eyes looked at the wind. Although this sentence seemed to be said just now, at this time, the wind felt that Huang Zai’s heavy machine instantly locked himself and seemed to have the possibility of death at any time.
"No, I’m not thinking about myself. Please forgive my predecessors. If my predecessors can help me with one thing and then promise not to trouble my country, I’ll immediately let my predecessors go." Feng Liantian was busy and explained that after saying this sentence, he would be very murderous. At this time, Feng Liantian found that his face was dripping with cold sweat.
"Do something for you. That’s why you came to me. Say I want to see what you can ask me to do for you." Huang Zha looked at the wind and sneered.
"Nothing, I want my predecessors to help me destroy a family." Feng Liantian gnashed her teeth.
"Helping you destroy a family is not your bonfire family?" Yellow slaughter heavy mouth asked.
"It’s my bonfire empire family that is the Gaos thought. I want my predecessors to help me destroy the Gaos thought. I want my predecessors to promise me to untie the shackles immediately." Feng Liantian said seriously!
Chapter 14 Against Seven-Order SHEN WOO Soldiers
"gaos thought funny funny gaos thought is the pillar of your empire. Now you want to deal with gaos thought. It seems that you are the end of the emperor." Yellow slaughter replay laughed wildly.
"Don’t worry about this senior. Ask him to promise not to look for me. My country will trouble me. I’ll let him go." Even the wind is not very good. If he tries to destroy Gaos thought, the strength of his bonfire empire will be reduced by half.
"Hum, it doesn’t hurt to promise you, but can you really lock me up with these stupid chains?" Speaking of which, Huang Slaughter’s heavy body suddenly broke out, and the wind repeatedly retreated in fear. Those few things could lock him in the chain, and Huang Slaughter’s gravity collapsed a little and then broke into several sections.
"How is this, this, this possible?" See yellow slaughter heavy incredibly really have the strength to this arm thick chain collapse even the sky face finally didn’t calm a face of panic, some voice incoherent mouth way
"Hum, you and I are an ant in my eyes. If I didn’t want to, wouldn’t you still be true? I was trapped here by you." Huang Zha waved the wind to one side with a wave of his hand.
"Now you can tell me why you want to kill the Gaos thought." The eagle catches the chicken and catches the wind and looks at the cold wind and asks.
"The elder forgives me, and I’ll ask the elder to let me go." Huang Zha’s eyes are full of murderous look, and the wind has completely lost the momentum of a monarch, and then he is busy telling everything in Gao Chen.
"Gao Chen is very interesting. I want to see what kind of person this little guy is. He killed you and got my hands dirty, but he didn’t give you any punishment. Wouldn’t it be too cheap for you?" Then he threw the wind like a straw and rushed out.
After being thrown into the air, he once felt that he was dead, but then he was lucky to find that he was not dead, but his horse found out that Huang Zaizhong said what the punishment was, that is, he was angry and lost his cultivation spirit in the past ten years. Although he hated it in his heart, he couldn’t do anything about people like Huang Zaizhong.
Huang Zaizhong rushed out of the palace and Gao Chen appeared in the palace. Ma found that both sides saw Huang Zaizhong wearing a long white dress, but Hu was longer than his hair, but there was no mess. When he saw him, Gao Chen knew that he was definitely a master! Busy is a reconnaissance. Going to Gaochen was shocked by the information.
The name is yellow and heavy
Grade 79
Professional SHEN WOO warrior
The skills of Yan Yan are imprisoned, and the skills of the moon emperor are hidden in the shadows.
Life value 1
Weakness …
It’s another 79-level strong man. Why do you always meet such a strong man recently, and the other side is a SHEN WOO soldier? According to Gao Chen’s understanding of the mainland, this SHEN WOO soldier is a kind of magic warrior, but the difference is that SHEN WOO soldiers attack more sharply, which is equivalent to changing jobs
As soon as Huang Zaizhong came out, he saw a strange outfit. Although Gao Chen’s physical strength was not strong, Huang Zaizhong felt a little threat from Gao Chen, then looked at Gao Chen and smiled and said, "You should be Gao Chen. I didn’t expect you to come quite fast."