The two Chinese characters inlaid in the heavy door were slightly cold in the hot sun.
Li Yun-ching glanced at the door and closed the door. He called to the spring breeze behind him, "When the spring breeze knocks on the door, just say that we are sent by the Four Emperors to visit."
Then he drew a gold medal from the cuff and a gold medal stolen from the bailiyi house yesterday.
The spring breeze took it and immediately ran the steps.
As soon as the door boy saw the fairy clothes fluttering in the cold wind, he knew that this person was not easy to inform the housekeeper immediately.
Mu Shaofu heard that the Four Emperors sent people to go out to meet him with a smile.
Seeing a slightly elderly man dressed in blue clothes and holding a long beard, he said, "Ha ha ha a smile. It’s really a long way to meet the old man."
He looked at the people in front of him carefully and asked, "I don’t know what the four emperors sent men to do?"
From Yun Qing pulled the corners of the mouth respectfully, "A smile is that Tianjue City people’s family has been doing business for generations. Because of the recent border wars, the city has also been greatly affected. So I thought about moving my business to the imperial city and suffering from references. I was afraid that I would be excluded from the temple. It was said that his old father-in-law Xu Adults knew many chamber of commerce people. This took the liberty of asking for a visit and forgetting that adults could help young players introduce one."
Mu Shaofu nodded and heard that the temple valued his heart coke so much, and quickly greeted him, "The temple is so highly of the old man. It is the old man’s blessing and the old man will definitely help the public get this done." It is also Lang Yixiao who made a request, "Come to our advanced house to discuss it slowly."
From yun-ching hook lip a smile should be a swagger and went in.
As soon as I got to the lobby and sat firmly away from Yun Qing, I went straight to the theme and said, "All the people in the world love adults, love their daughters and yearn for the moon, and look back and smile. It’s a great blessing for the younger generation to be lucky to meet an adult who really deserves his name the other day!"
Mu Shaofu laughed even more and was praised as flattered. "I’m flattered. The three daughters of the old lady have been strong since they were young, and they are not very good. Thanks to the temple, they can afford to marry the side princess!"
From say that clear eyes micro asked "oh? It turns out that Xu is an adult’s third daughter? "
"Yes!" Mu Shaofu suddenly sighed, "I have three daughters and three eldest daughters who have married the richest wife in the city. The second daughter, Fu Shao, died in the river two years ago!"
"Dare you ask Miss Er’s name?" From yun-ching’s eyes flashed a trace of difficulty
Mu Shaofu never doubted and continued, "My second daughter’s name is Jade and Jill, and it is not as good as her twin."
When Yun Qing heard it, she thought that Mu Yue had another sister, so did she have it with Liuli?
However, coloured glaze is the real desire for moon or coloured glaze is the desire for jade …! ?
And the one in the imperial palace is either really looking for the moon or the jade?
This is really a complicated mistake. I don’t feel headache when I think of it here. It seems that if I want to know the truth, I still have to ask Liuli.
See in front of people frowning slightly for less fu hurriedly said, "you look at the old incredibly pull up homely forgot to get down to business … 31 Chapter 31 So that’s it (1)
Li Yunqing reckon that "it’s a sin for young players to take the liberty of asking how many questions, but it reminds adults of sad memories."
"I see that the public is gentle and elegant, and there will be a big future! "Mu Shaofu nodded with satisfaction and smoothed her beard.
Two people is a pleasantries from yun Qing has something to do to visit another day and then left.
It’s nearly noon when people go out of the house and walk down the street.
The imperial capital is the richest and most prosperous place in the world, and the imperial city is located in Zhongtian.
Tianjiao towns and markets are not extravagant, but it is really a sacred place in the hearts of many people!
Spring breeze looked at the young lady behind her, puzzled, and asked, "Little … Where are we going now?"
From Yun Qing during the cold eyes light way "back to the office"
You can’t stay too long. If anyone finds out, it will be miserable, and you have to go back and ask Liuli.
I want to go back to the office, but I caught a glimpse of a woman who was pandering with someone not far away from Yun Qing’s sharp sight.
In my heart, I was surprised and looked a little wider. Isn’t that what the second imperial concubine said today?
As soon as her eyes turned, she dropped the three golden characters.
From Yun Qing’s instant feelings, this poem is to catch a rape.
Even I can’t stand the cold shoulder of Prissy day and night, and finally I can’t stand it myself.
However, this move is too hasty, but one or two imperial concubines came here to go out in the fireworks and Liuxiang, and the royal family was humiliated!
I don’t want to pay attention to turning around and leaving, but I think of a deep feeling outside the palace gate that day.
I always think something is wrong. What do you mean by those words?
Think twice. Leave Yun Qing and decide to have a look in person.
"Don’t mind your own business," said Chunfeng, and quickly spoke out to stop it.
From YunQing smiled and shook his head "I this is a road sees rough draw out a sword to save"
Words fall and goes forward.
"Go for a walk and say how many times this is not where you girls can come." The page looked disdainful and drove away and stared at the beautiful people in front of him with bedroom eyes.
"I’ll just go in for a while" is too angry to express my identity.
The servant girl behind her angrily pointed at the page and said, "You dog slave dare to talk to my lady like that. You don’t want to live!"