Resentment? Naturally, there is! Zhu Yinzhen naturally has a grudge. He has been cheated by his pillow man for so many years. His father knew but kept silent. How could he not complain when he watched him fall into a joke?
Zhu Yinzhen, the son of the dragon, has been blaming himself for sending poison for so many years, but it turned out that Dezong was a scam and even designed his own son. How can my father not let him complain?
When I thought that Shen Menglu knew that he had poisoned the dragon, I was so disappointed with him. Zhu Yinzhen’s heart was almost broken. All tragedies originated from his heart’s support for his good father, Zhu Yinzhen’s heart was broken.
"Not father education son to learn to be selfish? How can it be unreasonable to listen to my father? Is it because the father didn’t teach clearly enough or the son didn’t understand accurately enough? " Zhu Yinzhen hit back sarcastically.
"Old four, do you have to misinterpret what I mean? You … you … are you going to piss me off? " Dezong huffed a trembling finger and pointed to Zhu Yinzhen. He was so angry that he couldn’t get up his throat and his face was flushed with suppression.
When I heard that Dezong was furious and didn’t wait for Dezong’s call, my father-in-law Ann hurried over to see Dezong’s dyspnea. My father-in-law quickly took out a pill for Dezong when he was angry.
Being a slave shouldn’t interrupt the master’s business, but seeing that Zhu Yinzhen, who has always been sensible, is so angry, Ann’s father-in-law finally couldn’t help it. "You shouldn’t be so excited when your sovereign is in poor health …"
"AnDeGui shut up!" Dezong, who swallowed Dan medicine, gasped and drank Andegui’s unfinished words "Back!"
"Emperor …" Father-in-law An opened his mouth and hesitated. In the end, Dezong silently withdrew from the hall and continued to return to the door.
Zhu Yinzhen’s eyes are dark, and Dezong is in poor health. This is disturbing. My father-in-law woke up and Zhu Yinzhen also found it, but obviously Dezong didn’t want him to know.
Zhu Yinzhen looked at Dezong’s pale face and felt a little guilty. "Father, are you okay?"
"The fourth family and state affairs should be distinguished!" Breathe a sigh of relief instead of answering Zhu Yinzhen’s question, Dezong said earnestly, "There is nothing wrong with me asking you to think more about yourself, but it doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want. Your royal brother has more ways to shirk responsibility than being born superior."
"You’ve always been a responsible and touching person, and you’ve been working for Xiaobai yourself for so many years, and we’ve forgotten to eat and sleep, and sacrificed a lot of things that changed our position in the past. I know that you’ve been wronged, and I know that you’ve vowed not to take the throne, but I’m old and too old, and now I’m caught in the poison law, and someone has to inherit our big country."
Zhu Yinzhen pursed her lips and said nothing. Dezong said that he knew all this, but as Truly as Dezong said, he has paid too much for his great achievements over the years. Zhu Yinzhen is under too much pressure and people expect too much from him. He will also be tired. "The heir to the father’s throne is not a son."
Dezong took a deep look at Zhu Yinzhen. "I know there is still Jing Xuan, but Jing Xuan is young. Do you really have the heart to let him bear the burden of this country at an early age?"
Zhu Yinzhen tugged at the corner of her mouth and evoked a very nai smile. "Father, this is also Jing Xuan’s life, isn’t it?" This is the Royal Di Nai. "Even more, Jingxuan is not young. The horse will be twelve years old. It’s time to take on the responsibilities of the first emperor and grandson."
De Zong’s eyes are dim. "Your mind is white. If being an idle report is really your life yearning, then although I feel very disappointed, I will decide to respect your choice and go home!" I have worked hard for you these days! "
Dezong finished this sentence and closed his eyes wearily and stopped looking at Zhu Yinzhen.
"Father, son, excused himself." Dezong seemed to be an old teenager with gray temples, which made Zhu Yinzhen slightly sour. Zhu Yinzhen didn’t know what to say to comfort Dezong and finally left the imperial room with a good shout.
Dezong didn’t open his eyes until Zhu Yinzhen left, and disappointment spread all over him. Zhu Yinzhen’s resolute refusal to accept the throne made Dezong feel sad.
How sad! It’s sad that all the great rivers and mountains are willing to accept Dezong. I don’t know if I’m lucky or unlucky. The ancestors of the past dynasties fought for the throne. It’s sad that it’s his turn to accept the throne.
Dezong doubted whether it was wrong for him to educate Zhu Yinzhen to be humble and courteous since he was a child. He even taught Zhu Yinzhen to be a humble gentleman who can be polite to the throne. This will probably become the most failed case in history! It is a great failure in the history of imperial education!
In recent days, Shen Menglu was physically and mentally exhausted because he was busy with Zhu Yinzhen’s death. Considering that Shen Menglu, the fetus in the womb, went to bed early after supper.
When Zhu Yinzhen returned to Muwangfu, Shen Menglu was curled up and asleep, just like a fetus.
Zhu Yinzhen looked at her in her sleep, and her eyebrows were frowning. Shen Menglu felt very uncomfortable. Since Shen Menglu married him, her troubles seem to have never been far away from her. Recently, Shen Menglu seems to frown more and more because of Ji Wenhua.
Zhu Yinzhen missed his generous palm, Shen Menglu, and leveled her. She frowned and wanted to hold Shen Menglu in her arms to warm her left atrium.
I’m afraid to wake Shen Menglu. Zhu Yinzhen dare not reach out and touch Shen Menglu. His tender eyes gently caress Shen Menglu’s slightly emaciated cheeks and eyes are full of thick love.
"Mom, I’m sorry to have wronged you." Zhu Yinzhen knelt down and whispered while huang was sitting. "Will you please forgive my husband if he knows that he is wrong? Would you please not leave your husband? "
Zhu Yinzhen’s voice couldn’t help but tremble when she said the word "away". Shen Menglu actually wanted to leave herself. This is something Zhu Yinzhen never thought about and dared not think about. They would keep walking like this until their children and grandchildren were full of white hair.
However, he forced his mother and his beloved daughter to want to escape from Zhu Yinzhen. His heart was full of remorse. I didn’t know that when Ji Wenhua was dark, Zhu Yinzhen had secretly accused Shen Menglu of being too fussy and felt that Shen Menglu was always holding on to the dead Ji Wenhua.
But now Zhu Yinzhen has an overflowing apology for Shen Menglu. He himself once felt deeply guilty about Shen Menglu’s questioning. He was justified in defending Ji Wenhua, but Dezong told him the truth and made him dodge and hide it into a joke.
Zhu Yinzhen’s heart was entangled in pain. He didn’t know how to ask Shen Menglu for forgiveness, and he wasn’t sure whether Shen Menglu would understand his pain as Dezong believed, so he gave up the idea of leaving him.
Shen Menglu has long been awake. Shen Menglu has always been alert and alert, and Zhu Yinzhen’s sense of reality is too strong for people to ignore. When Zhu Yinzhen sighed for the first time, Shen Menglu woke up without opening her eyes. First, Shen Menglu still felt very tired. Second, she didn’t know how to face Zhu Yinzhen.