Next, it’s Mr. Cang Muling, the absolute heavyweight killer of handsome men, and many taekwondo champions, sweet French love and laughter ~
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[If you want to wake up the year before, you will be in the third year ~]
In an apartment in France, there was a sudden howl like killing a pig.
"Endure Yu Shi, you bastard. How did you get in and don’t give me out? Do you want to be beaten? Just say so. Don’t beat around the bush like a turtle, asshole!"
Yes, this is Miss Cang Muling, the super soprano.
It’s a shame to be patient with Yu Shi. Please tell him what this is. Hello? !
Well, to understand this situation, we must go back to yesterday-
Cang Muling’s career in France is a model. After filming the latest issue of the magazine yesterday afternoon, she returned to her apartment. Knowing that she had finished her work, Yushi called Cang Muling.
"Is Xiaoling existing?" It’s very gentlemanly, and there’s a nasty smile that doesn’t match the tone
"Yes, what do you want from this western wolf?" Cangmuling naturally doesn’t know the mind of the patient Yushi.
"It is said that there is a top wine exhibition today. Why don’t we go and see it together?" Endure Yu Shilu’s first trick and succeed in laughing
"When? Where? " Cang Muling casually asked while sitting on the sofa painting nail polish.
"I’ll pick you up at 2: 30 this afternoon. Remember to dress well and don’t tell me that your model figure is for decoration ~!"
"Be patient with Yu Shi, you need to be beaten!" Cang Muling angrily, this guy always pulls her figure!
"Du-du …" Patience is very resistant to hang up.
But it’s enough to achieve the goal.
There is indeed a place to hold a wine show … there is indeed a place where they need to go together …
But this place …
Endure the Yushijia Hotel!
"Don’t tell me this is the so-called red wine exhibition!"
When Cang Muling saw the place where the so-called red wine exhibition was held, she looked at it with disdain and forbearance.
"Yes," nodded patiently. Here it is!
Cang Muling is right to think about it, so he will go to the wine exhibition first, and by the way, he will have a high aesthetic concept = =
Endure enough to snicker.
The so-called red wine exhibition is just a reception, similar to the dance. Cang Muling, a well-known brand model, is naturally a bright spot. Many people ask Cang Muling to dance and many people drink.
Cang Muling’s dancing skill is good, but her alcohol consumption is worse than those who deal with people in shopping malls all the year round. Although the model’s entertainment will not be less, it is still better than those who take turns.
Cang mu ling Wei zui
Well, this is the territory of the patient Yushi. He naturally wants Cang Mu Ling to rest when he sees that she is drunk. Otherwise, I don’t know how many foxes are waiting for Miss Cang Mu to deliver the door here.
"Ling, let’s go and have a rest." Patience Yu Shi suggested in her ear.
Shi Cang Mu Ling nodded in agreement when he was not drunk and knew that it was not a good thing to leave a wolf’s den.
When Fang Cang Mu Ling saw the bed, she climbed to the top, and then she fell asleep and forgot Comrade Wolf around her.
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