Chen Feng doesn’t know where his strength has reached, but compared with the first time he met Feng Yu, now he is confident that he can escape Feng Yu’s pursuit and not fight back.
Chen Feng smiled and said, I’m sorry. I’m not interested in being a hero and I don’t want to go into war. Of course, I won’t hinder your human war or help mankind. I want to stay out of it and lead a quiet life for my friends.
That’s too bad, but we can still be friends, and then we often come to Tsutenkaku to chat with the old man. The old man seems to have a good impression on Chen Feng, but Chen Feng thinks he won’t give up and wants to win over himself.
Chen Feng nodded and agreed, and then he left Tsutenkaku with Feng Yu. Chen Feng smiled behind Feng Yu and said, Miss Feng Yu, we are not enemies now. Don’t treat me so coldly.
Bah, you fucking pervert, don’t befriend me. Stay away from me. I really don’t know if an idiot will get wind feathers. Say it coldly, and it will launch a wind element attack on Chen Feng at any time.
Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, I’m far away. Chen Feng wry smile. When I was about to find a way to connect the topic, suddenly Feng Yu called out to my brother kindly.
This sweet remark aroused Chen Feng’s dissatisfaction, because Feng Yu was cold when he spoke to Chen Feng, but warm to her so-called brother, so Chen Feng looked up to see who Feng Yu’s brother was.
I was dumbfounded at first sight.
Chen Feng immediately ran over to Feng Yu’s brother and cried, "How can it be your sun? How can you be Feng Yu’s brother? You are also a super organizer."
In front of Chen Feng, a handsome man dressed in Chinese and English is sunny, and he is accompanied by a beautiful woman dressed in ethnic decorations. They are handsome and beautiful, which is a perfect match.
Hehe, of course I’m a super organizer, and I’m still an old man from Baidu, Yi Yangyan laughed
Chen Feng has completely understood what Baidu old man knew in advance that his party had got the Amadeus plan. It was all sunny when Chen Feng asked Yang Yan. I heard from Dr. Zheng that you came to the forest to see me because of her words.
On the one hand, I was ordered by my adoptive father to protect you, on the other hand, I listened to the doctor’s test and decided to take you away and let you protect your friend Yang Yan and lead Chen Feng, Tsutenkaku said on the road
Since you know that we will be in danger, that is to say, you know who each other is. Chen Feng’s tone is to tell Yang Yan who those people are.
But Yang Yan smiled and said it was a secret fate. You will know that when you say it, you will forcibly pull Chen Feng into the car, and then you will wave your hand at Chen Feng and the wind feather will laugh and leave.
When Chen Feng left the island city by car, he thought it was incredible that the island was built by manpower. Then he saw the happy expression on the face of the city’s power, and he couldn’t help but think that the old man’s practice of Baidu might be to make the power more than human beings and then occupy the main groups in the world, so that it would be really flat.
Chen Feng stretched himself and laughed and went back to sleep first.
Relax, Chen Feng suddenly thought of Zheng Yinling, who said that a month later the world would end and that fate had not changed, then Han Zhenyu would take away the Amadeus project, and the super organization would not be able to destroy Amadeus. Is it true that Amadeus is the culprit in destroying the world?
I’m not sure whether this test is true or not, but Chen Feng feels glad when she thinks of it. Because fate has changed, the Amadeus plan has reached the hands of the old man in Baidu, and Amadeus will be destroyed, which means the end of the world has also been broken.
After that, they can live a quiet life. Chen Feng looks at the blue sea outside, so that they can go back to Elo City, Fang Chen, Zhang Lie and Liuyue to live a life that belongs to their high school students.
But before that, he had to go back to Central America, because the ocean was still there, and he didn’t know whether the ocean was safe or not. The more Chen Feng thought so, the more anxious he became. He suddenly found that he regarded the ocean as a true friend. Chapter 41 Four Holy Beasts Qinglong
The stars in the vast expanse of alien beauty reveal layers of mystery.
Ocean woke up on the third night after the operation, but he could measure everything from the ward in front of him and recall the battle in his mind. He vaguely remembered Chen Feng’s debut, stepping on his feet and waving his hands at the strong enemy.
What, after Chen Feng disappeared for a day and a night, he had the elemental power? Can the elemental power inspire the ocean the day after tomorrow? After waking up, Chen Feng’s power will be transported in the ocean again, but now he has shown his strength more and more beyond the ocean.
I don’t know what ocean heart is very unwilling, and he is puzzled. What can Chen Feng leave him far behind in one day and one night?
Looking back at the ocean, I feel that I haven’t made any progress and changed strongly. He keeps challenging and defeating one power after another to seek a breakthrough in the battle, but does everything I do really make me stronger? The ocean asks.
After seeing Chen Feng’s strength, the ocean had a deep doubt about himself. He felt that everything he had done was in vain.
I want to make myself stronger before I can find the answer. My father left me, and I must make the ocean white. I clenched my fist hard. Meeting Chen Feng and others in Ilo made him happy, and at the same time, the comfortable life made him gradually lose his competitive spirit.
The night passed quietly, and the next day came.
Ocean Chen Fengxing built a ghost gate and shouted to the ward, but one person in the ward, the ocean bed, except being lifted, was dripping with medicine.
What about the sea people? Asked Chen Feng together. She smiled at them and probably went for a walk.
Do people go for a walk early in the morning just after surgery? Strange question.
That’s right. We looked everywhere for Chen Feng. Three people ran to the hospital garden, but they searched for a long time and didn’t find the ocean. Finally, they asked the nurse but couldn’t get an answer. It seems that the ocean just disappeared. Chen Feng’s eyebrows locked and his heart was slightly disliked. He hurried to the rejuvenation hall together.
As soon as they stepped into the rejuvenation hall, Zheng Meiling pointed at Chen Feng’s nose and shouted, "You don’t want to pay me a dollar a day by installment. Do you want to pay it off after 100 thousand days? We are beggars."
In order to save the ocean, after Dr. Chen Fengzheng signed up for 100,000 medical services, he paid one yuan a day as installment money. Chen Feng walked over and said that Zheng Xiaomei women should not be so fierce, so they can’t get married. Do you know that the ocean is a multimillionaire? When he is well, we will go directly to the bank to give you 200,000 back.
Waiting for the ocean, I’m afraid my 100 thousand dollars will go down the drain
Chen Feng listened to the dialect as if the other party already knew that the ocean was missing. Chen Feng grabbed her and quickly asked if you knew where the ocean was. Tell me quickly, how can he run around without recovery?
Zheng Meiling was also joking when she saw Chen Feng’s anxiety. She said that I don’t know much about it, but my sister let him go when she knew that Chen Feng was finished, and then rushed into the hall to find Zheng Yinling.
Zheng Yinling took a cosmetic box to make up Chen Feng. Now she is used to looking like her mother Zheng Yinling. Although she will still feel intimate, he dare not yell and ask questions about the ocean, so he asked Dr. Zheng as gently as he saw his elders
What’s the matter Zheng Yinling didn’t Chen Feng still take the mirror to make up Chen Feng sat down on the stool and wanted to say something, but she was awkward. Zheng Yinling let go of the mirror and asked if she was thinking about what the ocean was missing.
Chen Feng quickly nodded.
Zheng Yinling looked at Chen Feng. Her eyes looked like a kind mother looking at her anxious child. She smiled. Do you remember when you asked me what the sun was burning to take you to practice instead of taking the ocean?
I remember when you stopped in the middle of your speech, Chen Feng nodded, and suddenly he had an inspiration and asked, Did you not expect the ocean to disappear when you refused to continue talking?
Hehe, it’s good. To be exact, he didn’t disappear, but left me on his own initiative. Let Yang Yan teach you the elemental power. Just let the ocean see that you are stronger, and then you will feel inferior to the ocean. He will decide to leave here when he feels that he has been left behind by you. In fact, he is trying to escape and become stronger. Zheng Yinling laughs.
After hearing Chen Feng shout loudly, you knew it would come like this. All this was carefully arranged by you. You knew that the ocean would leave because of me. Then what did you let the sun take me away? What didn’t take the ocean away? The ocean was competitive and always hoped to become stronger. But what was it?
You seem to know the ocean quite well. You have only known him for a few months. Have you become good friends? Zheng Yinling asked Chen Feng, who was speechless. He really regarded the ocean as his most important friend.