Later, Ji Wenhua died and Yilan took the initiative to clean the Zhihua Palace. Since then, Zhu Yinzhen rarely stepped into Zhihua Palace and naturally became a good place for Zhu Yinzhe and Yilan to meet.
Zhu Yinzhen doesn’t know what to reflect. His sworn brother is having an affair with his concubine, which is enough to embarrass a man, but he is actually covering for them. Zhu Yinzhen thinks he really should dig a hole and bury himself in it.
Shen Menglu frowned, Zhu Yinzhen was hit by the law, but Shen Menglu caught several doubts from Yunli’s statement.
Where does the secret passage of Zhihua Palace lead? What’s the handle of her falling into Zhu Yinzhe’s hands? But is Zhu Yin’s pleat going back to Beijing quietly? According to Yunli’s statement, this Zhu Yin fold seems to sneak back to Beijing very frequently.
"Where is the entrance to the secret road of Yunli Zhihua Palace?" Shen Menglu calmly mouth
Cloud glass shook his head, "I don’t know about my concubine back to the empress." Yi Lan said that there is a secret entrance to Zhihua Palace, and where does it lead to? Yi Lan didn’t want to say it, or maybe she didn’t know it.
Shen Menglu’s eyes narrowed and she didn’t know about Yun Li’s secret passage. Then they went to Zhihua Palace to find Yun Li, and they couldn’t even answer this question. Obviously, she couldn’t answer his two questions.
"What is the matter of blood leeches in Yunli Jingxuan?" Shen Menglu changed a question, and Yilan didn’t answer this question. Shen Menglu has always been upset.
Shen Menglu problem to cloud glass some surprise "empress what do you mean? Although Yilan is dead, you can’t slander her like this. How can she treat the world with sincerity? Those blood leeches … "Cloud glass head suddenly covered her mouth and stare big eyes in astonishment.
"What?" Shen Menglu’s face suddenly sank with blood leeches, so it was Yi Lan! "Yunli, do you know about blood leeches?"
Blood leeches are something Yunli knows, but Yunli doesn’t know about blood leeches in Jingxuan’s body. Yunli is consciously escaping from Lan to argue, but it’s only in the middle of words that Yunli reacts. Shen Menglu says it’s blood leeches in Jingxuan!
Jing Xuan was infected with blood leeches? ! How did those things that have long been disposed of get to Jingxuan? Yunli turned pale.
"Empress, you … you mean … Shidian … was infected with blood leeches?" Cloud glass sound fragmented and trembling.
Shen Menglu frowned. "You don’t know this?" How did Yunli know about the blood leeches?
"Empress concubine really doesn’t know about the blood leeches in the temple." Yun Li shook her head with a bloody face and asked anxiously, "What’s going on here? Does he care about the temple? "
Yunli revealed that she was worried about Jingxuan, unlike the fake Shen Menglu. Shen Menglu simply told the story of going back to Jingxuan and falling into the water, and then sank her mouth. "Yunli, you’d better tell the palace that the blood leeches have everything, which may help the palace find out the real murderer who framed Jingxuan."
Knowing that Jingxuan was secretly relieved that Yunli bit her lip and was silent for a long time, her face slowly recovered a little color.
"Empress, my body thinks that the blood leeches in the temple are really Yilan." Yunli ticked a wry smile. "Empress, those blood leeches were brought into the palace by my body."
Blood leeches are not common. Those blood leeches are brought back from the outside by Yunli with all her heart. She wants to deal with Weixinyan because Weixinyan often bullies them. Yunli has long been looking for opportunities to get back at Weixinyan.
However, Yun Li’s idea was curbed by Yi Lan. Although Yi Lan also hated Wei Xinyan and knew that blood leeches were more secretive, she still didn’t approve of Yun Li’s rash move.
Cloud glass ao however escape orchid is good "and get rid of those blood leeches in front of escape orchid, but cloud glass never dreamed that those blood leeches would reappear in Muwangfu and appeared Jingxuan body.
"So Yilan has collected those blood leeches again?" Zhu Yinzhen can’t listen to this. Yilan betrayed himself. Zhu Yinpleat colluded with him. He can endure it. Yilan can even do things that hurt Jingxuan. Zhu Yinzhen suddenly has an impulse to dig up Yilan’s body and parade around!
"It’s the sovereign!" Cloud glass should be a guiltily escape LAN unexpectedly to Jingxuan blood leeches this cloud glass is also never expected.
"Yunli, how do you think Wang should punish Yilan’s family?" Zhu Yinzhen was completely angry. After the exposure of Yilan’s poison to Wei Xinyan, Yilan was afraid of committing suicide, Zhu Yinzhen also planned to pass so-so, but now Zhu Yinzhen feels that she has to investigate Yilan’s responsibility!
Yi Lan’s family is a palace cop. It’s easy for Zhu Yinzhen to dispose of them! But sin is not family!
Cloud glass immediately panicked and cried out to "Wang … Wang Yeen! YiLan … YiLan she must have difficulties! Yi Lan waits for the world’s temple … How can Yi Lan kill the world’s temple? There must be something else in it … Maybe it’s Gong Wang who ordered Yi Lan! Please report it! "
Zhu Yinzhen’s deep eyes are dark and freezing cold. "It’s a boon that King Yunli didn’t dig Yilan out!"
Whether Zhu Yin pleats instigate it or not, it’s a sin for Yilan to hurt Jingxuan. Of course, Zhu Yin pleats account Zhu Yinzhen will count sooner or later!
"Your report …" Yunli never thought that Zhu Yinzhen would blame the Yilan family. "Your report Yilan is wrong, but her family is koo after all!"
Hey? ! Zhu Yinzhen sneered. Doesn’t he deserve it? "Yunli, you should be guilty of Bai Yilan’s crime, but even the nine families are not!"
When Shen Gongqing accidentally caused Jingxuan to fall into the water, the Shenyang family was almost hacked with a door. Now that Yilan deliberately gave Jingxuan blood leeches, the evidence is conclusive. Zhu Yinzhen naturally refused to tolerate worse things. Once exposed, even if Zhu Yinzhen did not dispose of Yilan’s family, De Zong and Empress Ji would not let them go.
Zhu Lian JIU zu! This charge is getting bigger and bigger. Yunli is utterly confused. If Yilan’s family is really implicated, then she has no face to see Yilan when she is dead. It is obviously not feasible to plead with Zhu Yinzhen. Yilan tangled her eyes and fell into meditation and remained silent.
"MuFei empress my body beg you to save Yilan family! They ….. They are koo! If they are … my body is eternal sinners! " Yun Li turned to Shen Menglu and started to knock at her. "Mu Fei Niangniang saved a life and made a seven-level pagoda. What’s worse, dozens of lives! Empress is kind-hearted, please be kind, please advise your report to save them! Your great kindness, my concubine, and Yilan’s generation make cows and horses to repay you! "
"Yunli!" Zhu Yinzhen angrily denounced that she was dissatisfied with Yunli Yilan’s pleading, and Shen Menglu was even more dissatisfied. "Yunli, no matter how loyal you are, don’t blame Wang for pleading for Yilan, even you and your family will be punished together!"
Zhu Yinzhen, is this to anger? ! "Your Majesty!" Cloud glass screamed and looked at the cold feelings in shock. Zhu Yinzhen then covered her face sadly and began to cry.
"YinZhen matter to matter! What’s the difference between you being so disregard for human life and Zhu Yin pleat? " Shen Menglu scolded her slightly. She didn’t plead with Yilan, which means that she really didn’t like Shen Menglu because she was full of family members.
"Niang you …" Zhu Yinzhen wanted to say something interrupted by Shen Menglu.
"Yin Zhen, you want to take revenge on Jing Xuan, so do I, but killing the koo is definitely not the most appropriate method." Shen Menglu looked at Zhu Yin Zhen gently. "Leave this matter to me. Will you go to the temple and have a rest first?"
One after another, Zhu Yinzhen is impregnable, and his face is already ugly to the extreme. Shen Menglu really feels distressed. She is Zhu Yinzhe nemesis!
A barrage of blows to Zhu Yinzhen’s impregnable heart has almost collapsed, and his face has been ugly to the extreme. Shen Menglu really feels distressed.
In addition, in the face of anger, Zhu Yinzhen’s Yunli has completely collapsed and it is difficult to hear anything from Yunli’s mouth.
Shen Menglu believes that Yunli knows more than that. Digging hard will inevitably lead to something. There are still many things about Yilan’s blood leeches on Jingxuan. Shen Menglu decided to talk to Yunli alone.
Zhu Yinzhen shook his head and refused to "mother has her own opinion on this matter!" It seems that Zhu Yinzhen should avoid Shen Menglu instead of him! After all, she
"Zhu Yinzhen told you to have a rest, so much nonsense! I said leave it to me. Do you not believe me or what? " Shen Menglu withdrew his palm with slight anger.
"Mother-in-law didn’t mean this …" Zhu Yinzhen was caught off guard by Shen Menglu’s sudden anger. How could he not believe Shen Menglu? He was … Alas … Zhu Yinzhen silently compromised at the thought that Shen Menglu might be suffering from a hidden illness. "Don’t be angry, just listen to her!"
Before turning around and leaving, Zhu Yinzhen did not forget to warn Yunli, "Yunli Wang Feiren is good at yourself!"
Cloud glass raised her frightened eyes and cast a glance at Shen Menglu hesitantly.
Shen Menglu naively gave Zhu Yinzhen a "hurry!" No wonder those women resent Zhu Yinzhen one by one. What will Zhu Yinzhen do when dealing with women except threaten?