Silent feather bite a tooth and spit out these three words. Goose-egg-shaped rounded face has sharp lines and Cen is a stare blankly. Think carefully and detain the shock. Since the Jiao Ren nv moonlit world war I feathering launched a horcrux "thick soil" to send SiXie far away, I don’t know where to send people. At this time, I realized that SiXie actually fell into Lingfengtang’s hands, and it will not let this kind of talent go easily. But SiXie ng is proud and will never agree to join Lingfengtang’s feathering, and others are more and more sure to send out that kind of beast howling and roaring.
"I’m really not afraid of falling into trouble with my uncle?" Feather scratched his head.
Cen sneered, "I’m afraid Qianji doesn’t know the identity of this ugly child?"
Silent feather nodded quietly. "Little master ng Ge, although jumping, is extremely arrogant and won’t tell the name of uncle who fell."
Feather angrily a stamp "what can I do? Listen to that noise. How can it be human? Maybe it’s because of thousands of machines. "
Cen scolded, "You are worthless. If you didn’t know who you are, your brother would have given it to you."
"But I didn’t tell you who my master is."
Mayflies smiled steadily from the shock. "Do clay bodhisattvas care about others when crossing the river? Do it. "
Feather cried out in a hurry, "Are you embarrassed to deal with two ynv children like hua?" Are you ashamed to deal with an unarmed boy? Are you ashamed to deal with three growing Japanese stars? How dare you? "
"Shut up!" Mayflies gave a hard look at the past. I can’t believe that the young man was so wordy that he couldn’t help feeling a little naught. "You can’t afford to protect nv people. How dare you say such a thing? Kill them! "
This time, it was his turn to stare at him. "Why me again?"
Mayfly laughed. "My major is detection, not fighting."
Chen nu said, "I’m also a moon camp, and I’m also engaged in detection."
Mayfly also laughed, "But I have the best detection ability in Shuoyue camp."
Pheasant grumpily stepped forward and just stepped out of two steps, suddenly jumped up and pulled the ephemera out of Zhang Xuyuan. At the moment, a hot air rolled from the sky to the ground.
In a fire field, the ground of fried bluestone was torn apart and caught in two feet of heavy pressure, which not only intimidated the Mayflies and Pheasants, but also rocked the feathering, Cen and Mo Yu for a few feet, and finally stabilized their figure, but it was much more embarrassing to lie on the ground.
In the eye, it’s a harsh red haze. S, this piece of red is like burning a banner. The stalwart figure is more like a mountain, which constantly urges the burning momentum. Even people who have been through many battles like Mayflies and Pheasants are secretly shocked.
Mo Yu didn’t speak again, and her bright eyes were filled with the fiery figure of this man. The wild flying lun hair, twisted and ferocious expression, and constant growl hit her heart and caused pain. hu Chu propped up her body and trembled, but her feet were soft and her body was like a willow swaying in the wind, and she would fall down again. Then she leaned against a warm embrace and smelled the warm breath.
"Don’t go over there and now he’s not thinking evil!" < d Chapter sixty-nine Shameless and not bad
Text] Chapter sixty-nine Shameless and not bad-
There is no flame burning in the gas, but it is hot and dry. The whole Intermediate People’s Court is caught in a high temperature, just like from late autumn to midsummer. Sweat drips from everyone’s forehead. The eyes are full of red S, and the ears are full of it. It seems extremely exciting that the throat of a fierce beast is constantly growling.
The flaming teenager waved his head and shook his head. The flaming lun looked around. On his left were Mayflies and Pheasants. On his right were Feathers, Cen and Mo Yu. He was in a pit two feet deep, but he landed in front of the three teenagers with a step and looked at them with interest. No, he was looking at the purple hair and less NV-Mo Yu.
Silent feather half by feathering arms I don’t know where generate is, but he is strong and self-propped. He greets him without fear. The fiery red teenager is much taller than her, so he looks down at her and slowly moves his head to her face. His nose moves a few times like he smells something.
Feather was startled and quickly stopped silent feather in front of him, "thinking evil!"
The fiery red boy was obviously unhappy and waved his hand and knocked him aside and hit Cen. Together, the two men turned into rolling gourds, and the number of S in his face became so painful that Cen was even more painful and was badly hurt. He was also pushed by his hands when he was so angry that he fell out again.
"Do you want to take advantage of people’s danger?" Cen gasped.
Yu Hua shook his head with a wry smile. "Is it a’ powerful pill’ to give him this little strength?"
Mo Yu looked guiltily at Yu Hua and Cen, and couldn’t bear to stare at the fiery red teenager. "It’s me!"
"Drink" growl continued. Even the serial water dripped red. The teenager intuitively felt that he was less familiar with nv and was as familiar as his family. This made him feel strange. There was a strange gold S, and there was a suspicious hu light in his eyes. He was so scared of a feather and Cen that he was indifferent and recovered his former calm.
"It’s me!"
The fiery red teenager turned around the silent feather in his strange sight. Mayflies and pheasants forgot their own situation. wait for a while watched him feathering and Cen was even more worried. At this time, the silent feather had no fighting capacity. If the young man suddenly struck, he would take the life of silent feather ng.
Moment feather, cen, ephemera, pheasant dumbfounded at the same time four clay sculptures to see the red boy stopped silent feather front leaned out to force silent feather face suddenly stuck out his tongue like a cat with little nv delicate cheeks.
"Hey really dare to black hand! It’s outrageous that this little guy should do such a thing! What a shame! "
Cen looked at Yu Hua and beat the ground in wonder and asked, "What’s the matter with you?"? Why are you acting so bitter? Didn’t you see that the wood didn’t respond at all? "
Feather look in the past, and sure enough, silent feather didn’t move, so there was no evasion. Just like that, she quietly looked at the fiery young feather. I don’t know what she was thinking, but it’s a little envious to fantasize about whether she and the young man can change their identities like him, and immediately deny and wonder that silent feather must have not evaded because of the lack of physical strength, but after he heard the little nv words, he was suspicious of hu.
"It’s me!"
The word "shallow and light" played an unexpected role. The fiery boy lost his violent momentum. The temperature in the courtyard instantly cooled down. The autumn wind regained his head high. The young boy’s eyes returned from the golden S to the black S, but his face was still ugly, but he returned to the familiar state of Mo Yu.