Secondly, his spirit has reached an incredible level, because Gloria is different from ordinary people, and her spirit is many times higher than that of ordinary people. It is not something that ordinary people can do to make waves in her spiritual world.
For whatever reason, this matter is out of her control. The worst thing is that the other party seems to have identified Gloria, and once Gloria wakes up, she is doomed to face the result.
"No, I don’t want to go back to the darkness over there. No one can stop me. No one can …"
"Gloria" suddenly gave a heart-rending howl, and the whole world shook violently. The earth gave a dull roar, and the earth turned into a giant from the ground. Of course, Liu Yue changed out of the fiend, and they were like toy models, which made people feel a little "mini"
Liu Yue’s change fiend gave a dismissive look at the giants about fifteen feet tall, shook his head and gave a thunderous smile. "Do you want these toys to fight me? This is not too ridiculous."
"Gloria" gritted her teeth. "Don’t underestimate me, you bastard. Kill him."
Listening to her, the giants roared together, and I didn’t know where to take out a large number of pieces and quickly assembled them. Soon, a giant crossbow trebuchet appeared in front of Liu Yue.
"Damn it, are you going to attack the city?"
Liu Yue’s voice is still a dozen feet thicker than a man’s body. The giant arrow with a diameter of six feet has hit him like a rainstorm, and these stone balls will burst like a flower bomb. Inside, the hot magma is red, dyeing half the sky with blood.
In the face of this kind of attack, Liu Yue was too lazy to lift a finger. The giant arrow stone balls were blocked by a layer of barrier dozens of feet away before they got close to his body, and they could not hurt him.
This is Liu Yue’s first encounter with the cold weapon era war. Although these giants are illusory, the overwhelming posture is still shocking. Liu Yue suddenly came up with an idea: "This scene feels so familiar. It is exactly the same as those third-rate cartoons. Won’t even the salted egg superman stuff run out later?"
This time, he finally guessed wrong because it was not Superman but Transformers.
It’s about seeing those long-range attacks. Those giants are scrambling to integrate themselves with other giants like building blocks, and finally become a huge stone ball composed of giants.
The stone ball looks like a liquid composition, changing its shape rapidly. Soon a giant with a height of 100 feet appeared in front of Liu Yue, and several giants still repeated this scene behind it.
"Don’t you get bigger and you can beat me? It’s stupid. I’ll let you see it today …"
With a series of calls from Liu Yue, his body can’t skyrocket again for a moment, but it turns into an indomitable spirit as high as several thousands of feet fiends. Those stone giants who have just combined successfully look up at this terrible opponent in front of them. It seems incredible, and "Gloria" looks even more gray and his body is crumbling.
Liu Yue knows that it is not easy to maintain this level of offensive. Although these giants are illusory, once you are killed in this spiritual world, it is no different from being killed in the real world. Similarly, it takes great effort to draw up such a similar spiritual world.
Liu Yue bent over with a cold hum and picked up a stone ball that was trying to change its shape. He looked at it for a while and felt quite satisfied. He took a few steps forward as if bowling and rolled the stone ball towards the giants.
Huge stone balls rolled towards the giants with a "rumbling" noise. There were too many giants and some were too dense. The stone balls seemed to hit a wall, but the wall was obviously not strong enough. After a short pause, the stone balls almost smashed into the crowd.
Several giants were knocked out by stone balls like toys, while more giants roared and charged Liu Yue. Unfortunately, courage in the face of absolute strength can’t turn the tide. This is an unfair war.
When Liu Yue saw that these giants were still there, he couldn’t help but feel a little unhappy. He pointed his staff forward and wrote a huge word "wind".
As soon as the word "wind" was written, there was a fierce wind in heaven and earth. Within a moment, dozens of tornadoes surrounded the word, and Liu Yue pointed his staff forward again. Those whistling hurricanes swept away toward the giants as if they were spiritual.
Just as the giants struggled to resist the hurricane, Liu Yue wrote the staff again, but this time he wrote the word "thunder"
The sky is getting dark, and there are faint mines in the clouds, but ordinary thunder is different. Whenever the thunder rings, those giants can’t help but follow the earthquake. What’s more, some giant bodies have cracks in their stone shells, which looks miserable.
Liu Yue saw that she had been thinking about new tricks, and she was very powerful and proud. She immediately wrote the word "rain" and "",which was even more terrible. The pouring rain was accompanied by a series of plasma beams with temperatures as high as 10,000 degrees, which directly turned those stone giants into ashes and almost instantly sent most stone giants back to the embrace of the mother earth.
"That’s enough. I give up."
With the shout of "Gloria", the giants once again turned into stones and mud dissolved into the earth, and Liu Yue also accepted the method to change the appearance of * * again. The surrounding environment was restored. When I first arrived, it was full of vitality, and I couldn’t see that such a large-scale battle had happened before.
"What? I want to see what the real sky looks like. I want to smell the flowers and listen to the birds sing, but my humble wish can’t come true. Since I have created me, why should I be treated so cruelly?"
"Gloria" opened her hands to the sky in despair and gave out bursts of cries full of sorrow and pain.
Just then, a faint sigh suddenly sounded and several light spots emerged from the Woods and flew to the small lake to gather together. Slowly, another Gloria appeared in front of Liu Yue.
Chapter 32 Pledge loyalty
Liu Yue looked thoughtfully at the new Gloria and thought to herself, "It’s strange that this Gloria doesn’t feel real to me, but it’s quite different from the projection just now. It’s really weird. Does this young lady of Shadow Moon House have multiple personalities?"
When two Gloria met, it was difficult to tell the truth from the false, and the most interesting thing was that they obviously knew each other and knew how bad they were when they looked at each other.
"What are you doing here, hypocrite? Are you watching my jokes?"
"Hum, evil guy, you should have received justice a long time ago!"
"Even so, it’s not your turn to teach me a lesson."
"What did you say?"
"Can’t you hear me? Waste waste …"
Liu Yuejue’s brain was in a frenzy and shouted, "Shut up!"
The two men just stopped quarreling bitterly and glared at each other. It seems that even looking at each other is a kind of torture.