When Wei Xinyan arrived at Yunxi Palace, Wei Chihong had unceremoniously sat at the main table for tea and saw Wei Xinyan come in. He said coldly without looking, "The answer will be notified from time to time!"
Weixinyan gave a wink to Yinqiao around her, indicating that she would send people away to stay without outsiders. This was the only way for Weixinyan to be wronged. "My father banned people from going out at will yesterday because of the sudden departure of the medical sage of Yan Men. My daughter failed to send someone to inform her father about this."
This kind of rhetoric is not enough for Wei Xinyan to take off herself.
"Are you from? Can’t you go out of the house? Can’t you go to Houfu in person for such an important matter? Are you so precious as a concubine? " Wei Chihong was furious and swept his face with another abuse. "Or do you feel that Zhang Taiyi’s resignation is urgent?"
Wei Xinyan was a little guilty by Wei Chihong’s angry eyes. "Of course, it is not the father and daughter who know that Zhang Taiyu resigned. It is Zhang Taiyu who retired early today. We will come even if we want to treat him on his way home."
"You are a pig brain! No wonder you have a side life! " After hearing what she said, Weichihong was so angry that he directly dropped the cup in his hand and pointed his trembling finger at Weixinyan’s nose and scolded "That chapter cured too much today!" You’re still waiting for the road to solve Zhang Taifu’s problem. I guess they’ve long since disappeared! Where are you going to find someone? If this chapter cure too much will you poison the world out … "WeiChiHong admitted bitterly stared at WeiXinYan.
Weixinyan was shocked to go back two steps when she heard this. The original ruddy face was as white as paper, and her eyes were glazed and she looked at Weichihong.
"Father father that how to do? What should I do? " If the sovereign knows that she poisoned Jingxuan, the sovereign will definitely tear her alive!
WeiChiHong see WeiXinYan pale appearance somewhat feel sorry, he put away the angry voice is not as bad as before, but still didn’t comfort his daughter but said, "you know it yourself! You put our words on your own, and don’t bring trouble to our brave house. "Say that finish, Weichihong will no longer look at Weixinyan and turn away.
Can’t blame him for being cruel to his daughter as a father! It is true that this matter involves a lot. After all, are they plotting against the world temple or the emperor and queen holding the palm of their hand?
The key is that they also secretly moved the princess of Beijing!
Poisoning Jing Xuan is a black-box operation of Wei Chihong’s women, and Wei Chihan and his wife have no knowledge of it.
The prospect of the first porch falling into the water involves Xiaoyu Weichihan, who has already scolded Weichihong for turning out the poison in case … Weichihong can’t even think about it. Without the Prime Minister’s mansion, it would be difficult for them to rely on their loyalty and courage to wait for the mansion to be so beautiful again …
Wei Xinyan sat down for a long time and couldn’t recover. She couldn’t believe that rude words would come from her biological father! It made sense for her not to eat tiger poison, but now she knows that anything is possible in this world!
Zhu Yinzhen stayed in the palace for most of the day, and he didn’t return to Muwangfu until the early lights. As soon as he got back to the house, a dark guard told him that a little novice monk had visited Shen Menglu and Wei Chihong had been to Muwangfu.
It’s not surprising that Wei Chihong will come to Muwangfu, Zhu Yinzhen. He hides Zhang Tai-fu and suddenly takes them by surprise. It’s strange that Wei Chihong will hold his breath! However, Zhu Yinzhen was surprised by the fact that there was a small novice monk in the temple to find Shen Menglu.
Zhu Yinzhen went back to the bedroom and changed his clothes, then walked to the Jingxuan Xuanyuan Hall.
As soon as I entered the door, I heard Shen Menglu’s smiling and soft voice as sweet as Wan Ru’s warbler’s crow.
Zhu Yinzhen’s eyes flashed. Shen Menglu never smiled like this before him. When she faced him, she often gave him a cold face.
Zhu Yinzhen stepped into the temple and saw Jingxuan Shen Menglu playing chess. Jingxuan’s face was full of excitement and Shen Menglu’s face was also smiling.
See two people happy appearance Zhu Yinzhen inexplicably flush a burst of acid in my heart.
"Jing Xuan was so happy but won?" Zhu Yinzhen’s slightly magnetic voice instantly dispelled a harmonious and warm atmosphere in a room.
Shen Menglu heard Zhu Yinzhen’s voice instantly converge, smiling, and a pair of cold eyes glanced at Zhu Yinzhen lightly.
Four eyes facing Zhu Yinzhen saw the change of Shen Menglu’s facial expression. A fiery heart suddenly cooled half, and then a famous fire burst into flames. Is this woman so unwilling to see him?
"Father, you are back!" Shen Menglu doesn’t welcome seeing Zhu Yinzhen Jingxuan with different attitudes. I’m still very happy that he took Zhu Yinzhen’s hand in the first two steps and dragged him to the chessboard. "Father, come and see if you can help my son to turn the tide. My son has been defeated."
Zhu Yinzhen glanced at the chessboard and glanced at Shen Menglu’s mouth and evoked a smile.
Zhu Yinzhen likes to play chess. The only close moment between father and son is that Jingxuan is influenced by him when playing chess. This chess skill is superb. I didn’t expect this Shen Menglu chess skill to be better than Jingxuan.
"Is there anything Jingxuan can do?" Zhu Yinzhen Jingxuan sat in the original position. "Why don’t you let your father finish this game?"
Jingxuan bit his lip slightly difficultly. "Father, Jingxuan has fallen off in this game, and it’s already very difficult to win." Jingxuan White has been surrounded by Shen Menglu’s dilemma, and the tie has already been broken.
It is Jingxuan who is unwilling to lose to Shen Menglu all the time. This just pesters him and refuses to fall, trying to find out Shen Menglu’s flaw to turn the tide.
"It’s common for military strategists to hinder victory or defeat." Zhu Yinzhen looked at Shen Menglu gently. "If Meng Er doesn’t mind, can Wang continue this chess game instead of Jing Xuan?"
Dreams? ! Shen Menglu picked her eyebrows involuntarily. If it weren’t for the Jingxuan field, she really wanted to jump up and point to Zhu Yinzhen and scold us for not knowing each other! Very unfamiliar!
"Go ahead, Lord Mu!" Don’t lose your temper in front of children! Shen Menglu comforted himself by taking a deep breath and pressing the fire in my heart to answer coldly.
Bai has fallen into a dead end. Shen Menglu doesn’t believe that this Zhu Yinzhen can produce any flowers!
"Then you’re welcome, Wang Meng!" Zhu Yinzhen twisted up a white hand and fell to his certain position.
Jingxuan stretched out his hand and stopped Zhu Yinzhen with a load. He looked anxious. "Father can’t go here."
Shen Menglu glanced at Zhu Yinzhen’s position and picked his eyebrows slightly.
The place where Zhu Yinzhen wants to fall is the black-and-white confrontation, the black siege, and the white suspicion here is a trap.
Is this Zhu Yinzhen asking for a dead end? Shen Menglu dare not take it lightly.
"Jing Xuan watches chess without words!" Zhu Yinzhen gently smiled and brushed Jingxuan’s hand and then gently dropped the white.
Jingxuan MengMeng’s little face is embarrassing. God knew his father was asking for a dead end. It is better to let him finish it himself! He was defeated by Sister Shen, but if my father became defeated by Sister Shen, it would be embarrassing to go out.
"It’s your turn to dream!" Zhu Yinzhen’s mouth is smiling, and a pair of deep eyes are full of tenderness.
Shen Menglu involuntarily hid from Zhu Yinzhen’s affectionate eyes. Are you kidding me? Didn’t you see it next to his son? Aren’t you afraid to teach bad children if you let them go openly?
Shen Menglu quietly stared at the black place on the chessboard. Obviously, she disappeared next to Zhu Yinzhen’s just falling white, and the black in her hand could take away most of the white without any effort.
But it happened that the outcome was too obvious for Shen Menglu to make up his mind. Everyone knows that Zhu Yinzhen’s just move was a trap, but he still …
Shen Menglu looked up at with an easy grace Zhu Yinzhen, and then looked at the outcome. Instead, he hesitated for this move, which was definitely not intentional! But she can’t see the secret. Shen Menglu bit her lip gently and hesitated.
Zhu Yinzhen didn’t worry or urge Shen Menglu, but stared at Shen Menglu’s perfect face calmly.