Shen Menglu believes that it is not difficult for Yan Men to sneak into the palace to rescue Yan Qingluo and Yan Yan Shuyu, but if they really confront each other head-on, Jingxuan Yan Qingluo’s fate will even be really cut off. Shen Menglu believes that Jingxuan will not want to see such a result.
Queen Ji frowned at Shen Menglu’s words, which made her a little confused. "Mufei Palace promised that you would let the girl go. Since you don’t agree with the girl changing her mother, do you have to tell the palace her identity?" This is not unnecessary!
Shen Menglu smiled. "My mother’s concubines promised that she would tell her everything!" Shen Menglu, this is her honesty to win the trust of Queen Ji.
Queen Ji’s heart moved slightly and looked at Shen Menglu’s eyes softened a lot. "Mufei Palace knows that you are a measured person and wants you to get the mother’s method to help Jingxuan solve the mystery of life. You can let the palace do whatever you want."
Shen Menglu gratefully took Queen Ji’s arm "Mother, thank you! There is one more thing that I want to confess to my mother! "
Shen Menglu took a deep breath and told the story of Yan Hong Shu Yu to Queen Ji completely, including that she was the mistress of Yan Men and the mother of Yan Qingluo, and her identity was not concealed.
Queen Ji was amazed. She didn’t expect this Yan Hong Shu Yu to have such an identity. It’s no wonder that Shen Menglu was bent on saying that she released Yan Hong Shu Yu. It turned out that she was Mrs. Yan.
"The mother’s male and female servants want to ask the mother to release Miss Yan and Mrs. Yan. I believe that when the Lord of Yan Door sees our sincerity, he will be willing to take the initiative to help the mother to help Jingxuan." Shen Menglu eagerly looked at Queen Ji and sincerely moved Yan Qingtang.
Hearing this, the Queen Ji’s face is extremely difficult to look. "Mufei Palace may not be able to deliver Mrs. Yan …"
"What does mother mean by this …?" Shen Menglu couldn’t help but get nervous and couldn’t hand over Yan Hong Shu Yu. What does this mean? Is Yan Hong Shu Yu … Has she been disposed of by Queen Ji?
"Flower mammy, she’s … gone …" Queen Ji’s eyes floated with guilt.
Wan Yan Shu Yu is missing? ! Shen Menglu was shocked to open her beautiful eyes and her handkerchief fell to the ground. What happened?
"Mother … what happened to the queen?" Shen Menglu’s voice trembled unconsciously, and Yan Hong Shuyu disappeared. This is a big deal!
What happened? This has to start from the day when Yan Qingluo was caught.
In those days, due to the exposure of Jingxuan’s life experience, Dezong suddenly fell to the original heavily guarded palace and was once in a coma. In those two days, Queen Ji was always worried and didn’t pay much attention to Yan Yan Shu Yu.
It wasn’t until that day that the bodyguard guarding Yan Hong Shuyu reported that he had caught a sneaky little eunuch who was constantly wandering around the dark prison. This person was Yan Qingluo, the queen of Ji, who didn’t know who had sneaked into the dark prison, and worried that Yan Hong Shuyu’s identity would be exposed, she wanted to secretly transport Yan Hong Shuyu out of the palace.
But who knows that in the process of transfer, Yan Hong Shuyu was inexplicably replaced and successfully sent out of the palace to become an ordinary maid-in-waiting, but Yan Hong Shuyu disappeared …
Shen Menglu’s heart sank to the bottom. She has been Yan Hong Shu Yu. It is absolutely safe in the dark prison. I didn’t expect …
What should we do now? Should she explain to Yan Qingtang and Yan Yiyi? Shen Menglu wry smile not 387 dead girl.
Yan Hong Shu-yu’s disappearance has completely said one thing, that is, the palace is restless and Queen Ji’s dungeon is not safe enough. Naturally, Shen Menglu is afraid to let Yan Qingluo continue to stay in this hidden risk palace, even if she stays for one more minute, Shen Menglu is not at ease.
Shen Menglu asked Queen Ji to take Yan Qingluo away. Queen Ji didn’t refuse. She was worried about Shen Menglu’s eyes. Queen Ji’s disappearance will inevitably cause an uproar. Now Queen Ji can only pray that Shen Menglu can appease the master who holds the mother’s method of Yan’s door and successfully get the mother’s method of Jing Xuan’s name.
Yan Qingluo has been in a dark prison for several days. These days, she thoroughly tasted the words that she should not help this dark prison every day. She is arrogant and arrogant, and all her people have made her suffer a lot. In the past two days, Yan Qingluo has suffered a lot. Those evil-looking old mothers have done everything they can to teach Yan Qingluo manners and honour.
Pain can’t be called pain! Want to cry but can’t cry! This is the deepest experience of Yan Qingluo! These days, Yan Qingluo is really white. Shen Menglu said to himself that the real meaning of being a man should not be too arrogant.
Think of Shen Menglu Yan Qingluo full belly injustice Shen Menglu this Princess Mu is an ostentatious embroidered pillow. Her name is not good at all. She said that she is Princess Mu’s best friend. Those who didn’t see the guards or threw her into prison, and those old mammy who killed thousands of knives are more visible to her. They didn’t look at Shen Menglu this Princess Mu at all.
Yan Qingluo has long known that Zhu Yinzhen is not a good destination, so it is! She has been locked up for several days. Shen Menglu has nothing to do to save her, so forget it. Why don’t you even come to see her? Yan Qingluo is very sad to think of it.
When Yan Qingluo was imagining things, the dark prison door was hit by two strong mammy who had served Yan Qingluo before. Without saying anything, they set Yan Qingluo up.
"You … what do you do? Let me go quickly … "I … um … Before Yan Qingluo said anything, a mammy grabbed her handkerchief and stuffed it into Yan Qingluo’s mouth, blocking her mouth and picking up a cloth to cover her eyes.
"You’d better be honest if you don’t want to suffer any more!" Another mammy warned savagely, and threatened to twist her arm lightly. This little girl is very difficult!
Yan Qingluo snorted and cried silently. These two mammy are both good at fist and kung fu. Yan Qingluo has suffered a lot here. She knows that the more she resists, the worse it will be!
Being bound by the five flowers, Yan Qingluo was so good that two mammy walked out silently and shed tears in their hearts.
After throwing Yan Qingluo a carriage without mercy, the two mammy turned and left Yan Qingluo, not knowing where the bumpy carriage would take them and what they would face next, and their hearts were very uneasy.
No way! Never sit back and wait! Yan Qingluo tried to sit up and try to untie the rope. His hands had just been liberated, but the carriage stopped. Someone shouted to hit the carriage. Yan Qingluo’s heart almost jumped out of his mouth to speed up his understanding of the rope movement.
Yan Qingluo’s hands were liberated and he grabbed the blindfolded cloth. When he saw the picture in front of him, Yan Qingluo was stunned.