The old man sneered, "Is it a gain or a loss that the blood of the EMI Army is inexhaustible but it can’t be exchanged for peace in old age?"
It took yn a moment to say, "Even so, does the country always have to protect itself from wealth and seek benefits?"
The old man patted him on the shoulder. "It’s a good kid. I can’t believe that everyone can have this layer of clouds and wild cranes. Some people are born with responsibilities. Ye’s is like this." The old man got up and took the broom and just visible into the house. "Well, kid, I have to be busy and won’t accompany you."
"You always walk slowly." Feather waved goodbye because he didn’t notice that there was a respectful message flowing in the eyes of N guards looking at the old man.
Walking around the streets of dng from Yefu, vendors everywhere smell the approaching of winter. People are busy collecting all kinds of objects. What interests him most is the group of people who sell dry firewood. It’s especially cold in winter and it’s cheaper to store dry firewood early than when winter comes. Of course, it’s not necessary to do this business when I’m in my hometown.
Stop! I showed up with a huge sum of money. How can I do such a low-level business when I have earned 3.2 thousand silver from the hard work of Yee Hong Yuan to Lingfengtang? Feathering proudly, his arms were in a good mood at once. ing strutted straight and walked all the way to the left. A shop in front flashed a red S figure. He smiled and leaned over quietly.
Silver-haired little nv carefully looked at the object in her hand, which was about Zhang Xu Wujin S metal chain with one end connected to a sharp steel hook shaped like an eagle claw. She felt very satisfied with the weight and put it into the waist deerskin bag.
"The guest officer has a good eye for this" mountain climbing "but the hunter climbs the mountain and crosses the stream." A guy with a height of four feet came forward with a thin body and a disproportionately large head. His eyes were black as ink, but jing Guang Shuo Shuo made the feather appear funny. It was very awkward for this middle-aged short limb to be unusually thick and longer than the limb.
Less silver-haired nv smiled and looked at this one wrapped in a black robe. "How much is it?"
"Higashi girl? It’s not easy to come to Donglu, even if you have a hundred taels of silver. "
Silver hair less nv quickly changed s "hundred? Bullying outsiders? "
Dwarf proudly explained, "This is what I personally made. Even in the army, I can’t find a few pieces of such high quality. How much does it cost to leave aside the craftsmanship?" Little girl, don’t say uncle lied to you. They left home to find me personally, and I don’t have to work hard to build it again. "
With less silver hair, nv frowned and nng looked pitiful. "I am so beautiful, can’t I get a discount?"
"Then how much are you going to pay?"
"A silver baht!"
"ah? That’s only four taels of silver! Are you bargaining or killing people? " Short jump, high jump, two hands lun shake
Silver hair less nv suddenly low way "or so? Do you have any enemies? I can help you kill one! "
Feather entranced frightened like a gust of wind rushed over short become speechless, pointing to little nv stamp their feet and sigh "can’t you let our province snacks? You are a demon jing change! "
Cen looked at him unjustly and said weakly, "I don’t have money. Besides, I really like this thing. Look, it’s hard to buy when the river network is being built."
"Can’t you buy some huahua and put on your hair?" Feather was so angry that she reached out and turned over her deerskin bag. Cen held the bag in her arms, and I showed a sad expression. Feather burst into bitterness and took out a silver ticket from her arms to "buy it for you, buy it for you, you are a prodigal family."
Cen Huan happily took it and patted the short head to "give it back"
Feathering is another bitterness. The silver ticket is 1,200 yuan.
Out of n to cen opposing playing with a long hook in his hand, "it’s really good. There are few such things in the west land. That river network skill is really good."
"No wonder it turned out to be a river network shorter than me." Feather was a little depressed and asked curiously, "But what did you buy this for?"
Cen smiled like a fox again. "Hey, hey, silent feather, isn’t that wood flying? I’ll catch her as soon as she flies in the next fight! "
After a long time, Yu Hua asked, "Where is Mo Yu?"
"Oh, just over there. She said she was going to find something."
Feather down the direction she pointed to. An elegant little nv was quietly looking at something in a weapons shop. When they walked over, they saw a man holding out three arrows to look good. Feather suddenly came up with uneasy thoughts.
Mo Yu casually looked at the arrow shelf. "I don’t want this soft thing to be painted with silver. It’s beautiful, but it’s not powerful."