As soon as Tai Yi came in, he frowned difficultly. I sat still, neither saluting nor responding. He came over to me and decided, "I’m sorry about her …" I left my face to one side with a sour tip of my nose. He strolled to the middle of the room with his hands supporting the table and lowered his head deeply.
"I advised my father, but he wouldn’t listen to your father’s name … On the eve, I went to ask my mother to say a few words around my father, but my mother rebuffed me. The reason is that my father now listens to Xuefei’s words, and even if my mother says more, he won’t listen … I have never witnessed your father’s country’s hard life, but I have heard it told several times. Now I didn’t expect it to end up like this because of Lv Xintang’s traitor …
I listened to the tears and fell off. I sobbed and rushed to beat him on the back. "You bad guy! Your father made us bullied, my brother lost his official position, and you made me cry … You are as bad as him! You bad guy … "
Without saying a word, I waited for me to stop and turn around, then held my hand and took me into my arms. My ear whispered, "I’m the bad guy. She didn’t hit hard enough …" I pressed my face against his chest and my tears were like a floodwater.
After a long time, I stopped crying and gently pushed him to sit on the stool. I sat across from him and brushed my forehead with a gentle tunnel. "Don’t worry, Lv Xintang’s fellow won’t be proud for long. Even if I have a father to protect him, I will definitely rip him off for your official revenge in the future …" I pursed my lips and sighed gently. "I don’t know what it will be like then!" He smell speech was silent for a while and then took me and sighed, "If I have it, I will always protect the butler …"
After nursed back to health for more than ten days, many officials have been able to walk on crutches, and after our three brothers and sisters kept persuading him, he gradually accepted the fact that the government had fallen.
On this day, I accompanied him in the garden for fun. He looked at the early withered leaves in the garden and sighed, "Life is like a spring!" I looked at the sad sidewalk next to me. "Dad, even if the prime minister was taken, but the two brothers didn’t make mistakes, can’t they plead with the emperor to get their brothers reinstated?" Dad held Aoki with a heavy sigh. "Lu thief deliberately made it difficult for the official to climb to your father’s head. Now it’s easy for your brother to enter the court again!"
I turned my eyes and held his hands around in front of him and said, "There is someone who may have this thing!" " He glanced at me immobile. "You mean too?" "No-"I twisted my body to his ear. "Who do you think is the most popular with the emperor now?" "Who else? ! It’s just a thief named Lu Dog! " He glared at me and swore at me without hesitation. "Maybe he will kick your dad hard and then stretch out his hand and pull it up for me to eat?"
I gently stamped my foot. "Oh! Why do you have a surname Lu in your head now! I don’t want to think about who else besides him is the most favored person around the emperor? " I said, pointing to the distant flower bed.
He looked in my direction and suddenly realized, "You mean …"
"hmm!" I nodded with a smile \
Chapter 10 Weiyang Palace
Chapter 10
When Taitai came to see me for the second time, I asked him to go to the palace.
He said yes, but he was puzzled, "What to do?" I replied faintly, "Go for a stroll." Of course, he didn’t believe me because I was a typical thing. In the past, he wanted me to go to the palace for a stroll, and I didn’t necessarily want to go. Now he volunteered to ask for it. No wonder he didn’t understand.
So I thought about this reason. "I heard that there is a hundred herbs in Weiyang Palace that can cure depression. I’ll pick some." "Are you depressed?" He frowned and looked at me before and after, and then cherished the tunnel, "It’s really hard for you to have suffered these grievances since you were a child!" I hey hey a quick laugh and bowed my head guiltily.
"However," he said with a sudden change of tone, "There are hundreds of herbs and purple pavilions that don’t have to go to Weiyang Palace." I said with a sigh, "Purple pavilions are not as good as Weiyang Palace!" He looked back at me. "How do you know?" "I ….." I cheep freely hide "… I have seen it before! Purple English Pavilion hundred herbs spend too much to lose their medicinal properties, but Weiyang Palace is not a secluded place where flowers are not flourishing. "
Finally, he smiled and didn’t ask anything. He took me straight into the Weiyang Palace. He fondled my face lovingly from time to time and said, "Don’t stay too long, Xuefei … I’m worried that she will neglect you." "Uh-huh …" I was in a hurry to get in, so it’s no big deal to be perfunctory even if I neglect it. Anyway, I’m used to it when a woman climbs a high branch. Besides, I have something to ask her to pose lower today.
When I entered the Moon Gate, a maid-in-waiting came to ask, "Who are you? ….. "I waved and interrupted her to tell the truth." I am the daughter of Guan ‘an, and I came to visit your empress today. "The maid-in-waiting looked at me with wide eyes." You, you are Miss Guan … "I straightened my back." Yes! I am the official jade "maid-in-waiting back to god hesitated a or brought me in.
At the door of the "Empress" maid-in-waiting, she gently called the person who was concentrating on painting in the room. "What is it?" Did the empress lily put her hand on the desk and didn’t lift it, so she blew the paper lazily and gave a light response to the ink stains.
"Miss Guan asks for an audience," the maid-in-waiting said and looked at me.
"Oh?" Lily-ah, it’s not the Snow Princess. I told you that if you want something, you have to be respectful! Snow princess empress looked at the door and I seemed to be surprised to blink lightly. "Ah, miss Guan!" Come in, please … "Said Snow Princess and helped the case up.
I raised my lips and smiled happily and said, "Empress Jin An!"
Xuefei skirt came to hold my hand and smiled. "Miss, today’s jade driving here really brightens my humble room!" I smiled politely. "Empress is too modest. If it is a humble place here, then the old Prime Minister’s office is simply not as good as a straw house!"
Snow Princess’s face darkened when she heard this. "I really didn’t expect the Prime Minister to leave the DPRK like this … If Lily hadn’t been redeemed by the Prime Minister that day, she would still be living in that ruined place … how could this room be full of wealth now!" As she spoke, she stuck to her handkerchief to print her eyes. It seemed as if she was sad with her official safety.
So I took advantage of the trend and said, "Does the Empress have sympathy for my father and put in a good word for our official family?" I took a glance at her look and followed it slowly. "My father’s official has always evaded the rules and regulations, and outsiders in one’s hand and government don’t know everyone. Now it is also guilty to accidentally collide with the emperor, but he has no credit and hard work! The emperor said that cutting officials means cutting officials. Isn’t he afraid of hurting the hearts of his ministers? According to this, I am afraid that all the ministers will know how to choose Zhe to preserve our health and will not give my loyalty to Da Zhouguo … "
Speaking of which, I specially paused to wait for her reaction, but she listened and kept silent. When I finished speaking, I looked up and called the maid-in-waiting behind me. "Why don’t you make a pot of tea?" -Don’t forget to make fresh tea ….. "Her" new "prefix made a little effort to me. She told the maid-in-waiting to entertain me well, but she went on to say," My real father didn’t mean to be reinstated, but wanted my two brothers to have a foothold in the DPRK … Did the empress hear that? "
Snow Princess sighed sympathetically, "According to the officer’s adult noble virtue, people with a little conscience now end up like this. I won’t move when I look at it. I’m grateful for your help. It’s natural for the benefactor to do something. I’ll feel better in my heart … Even if Miss Suo doesn’t come to the palace today, I’m prepared to fight for my life and go to the emperor to say it!"
I am very pleased to smell the speech, and the maid-in-waiting brought tea to worship her. "So thank you very much, Empress! If the butler can make a comeback in the future, he will never forget the benefits of the empress! " After I finished, I gave her a meaningful look, and she probably nodded with a smile. "Miss, this shows that lily should not dare to ask for something to do this." I smiled and bowed my head to drink tea.
"Well," I stood up with a small handless cup and said, "I should be leaving for the past half a day. Please ask the empress to help the butler today!"
Snow princess affectionately took my hand "you and I must be so polite? If you don’t abandon the future, why don’t you be sisters? How about I am one year older than you and you are relegated to the young? "
As soon as I heard the word "sister", I secretly poured out bitter water to be a sister with you, and you killed me. Do you still want to be a sister with me in this life? ….. Although desperately reluctant to see but also ask her for help, I still touched my nose and agreed to "be a good lily sister …"
Finally, "Sister Lily" sent me to the palace gate.
I was just about to leave the left front when the top sedan chair stopped. A sullen man looked at me and asked, "Who are you?" I blinked and thought this person was ridiculous. "I am a woman who has not grown up!" YinZhi male a listen to eyebrows pricked up "which come wild wench? ! How dare you be so presumptuous to me! " I looked at Lily’s busy steps strangely. "Lu’s adult, please calm down. This is the official prime minister’s daughter …" As soon as I heard the horse guess that Yinzhi man was Lv Xintang’s heart, but I was even more disgusted.
Lv Xintang listened to lily and looked at each other and grabbed my arm. "So you are the official old girl! You hurt my son that day, and I’m about to get even with you. It’s your bad luck that I caught you today! " He said, with a wave of his hand, "Somebody! Take this girl back to the house! "
I was so anxious that I shouted, "What are you doing? -How dare you arrest me? " Lu old thief hey hey sneer at a way: "In the past, you always protected you, but now you are always frustrated by the emperor. I see who dares to talk to me today!" Take away-"