"I have lived for more than 400 years. How do I know about the ancient situation?"
"You have no evil."
"You are so realistic."
Just a few months ago, there was a charming spirit nv and a young devil discussing the history of horcruxes, but at that time, the charming spirit nv didn’t know that the young devil could really wake up the sleeping horcruxes.
Tower talos suddenly felt it was very difficult to breathe. He didn’t know what the boy would howl like a wolf, but as the wind around the howl suddenly condensed, it seemed that the boy was absorbed by the B-moving boy around the teenager’s crazy lun, and he couldn’t see his face clearly in the middle of the gale.
The leaves in the nearby forest seem to be happy, and the sound of swish is endless, as if he is helping out.
Teenagers’ long hair is rising against the sky in the gale
At the same time, a purple S silk scarf quietly fell on his hand and was gripped by him.
"Are you really a god? Do you really control your life? I’ll tell you a word now. Everyone who is a God will be trampled on! Tower talos, are you really the devil who can’t help you? "
The boy’s clear voice roared in the wind and exploded violently in the gale.
The pale face finally deformed the tower talos, just like facing the avalanche, the hurricane couldn’t stand on its feet. Luns retreated and blew the gale, overturning the billowing smoke and covering the sky. The tower talos was shocked by the gale, tearing his robe like a blade, and the smoke and dust seemed to block his breath. He started the secret method of the white star wind in fear and then left the place covered by the gale and smoke after several flicker.
Soul surgeon, after all, is a secret expert, and he doesn’t have strong * * power. If he stays a little longer, even his body will be damaged. But talos did not relax. He urged the puppet to move on. To his surprise, Xiaoxuan didn’t resist his consciousness, but he didn’t attack the Terran teenager, talos, who was suspicious of hu. He rolled his eyes and sank yn and remained silent. He was no longer puffed up before.
Green S light and dazzling gold S light, lng blew away the smoke tower in the thick smoke and gale. talos was surprised to see that the two beams were straight. The sky was as bright as a bridge across the sky and the wind valley showed a miracle. At the moment, the aurora beam suddenly went out without any excessive signs. When the two beams flashed through the sky, they seemed to have two more stars, one green and one yellow, falling rapidly to draw yn beautiful tracks.
Jing Shen Lian suddenly cut off Tower talos couldn’t help but take a step back. Blood oozed from the corners of his mouth, bright red blood was as pale as a dead face. It was like a sudden death. He refused to reborn as a spectre. He stared at the blue S eyes and looked at the little grace that was controlled by him, but the network was less nv, which was out of his control. jing Shen Lian suddenly cut off Tower talos and made him unprepared. He was arrested by jing Shen himself and suffered a little injury.
The first three feet on one side of the river network with little nv hard to hu are impressively two bright little balls of light hn combined with gold and green S balls, which are streaming with ngng light. In the flowing light, the tower talos is the most familiar with and hates the breath of life.
"Thank you for waiting so long, talos. Now it’s my turn to bully you."
Feather laughed and lifted the two stars in his hands from the small dear head, and slowly set them into the two middle finger starlight along his hands.
"Star Soul!"
Tower talos exclaimed that the previous elegance was swept away in disbelief and gnashed her teeth.
The shape of the feathered finger Manglietia ring has changed. Originally, it was inlaid with a mung bean, and now it has become a jing to a small lotus hua, while the thick earth ring has become a topaz. The center of this topaz is impressively a word "earth"
"So you can really see the white stars in the horcrux!"
Feather smiled and nodded. "Yes, yes, of course, I can see that Genbai has the blessing power. It is really convenient for the stars to release your control of jing God. Stop talking nonsense. I haven’t bullied anyone for a long time, so you will become my little wish."
"Why didn’t you save me earlier, peach?"
When feathering was proud, the anger next to it exploded, and Xiaoxuan jumped over and jumped on his back, pinching his neck with both hands, screaming and crying, and finally there was a place to vent.
"Ah? Don’t call it’ brother’ now? You little heartless "feather was shaken by her dizzy backhand to catch her hard nnglun her hair" don’t cry, don’t cry, we’ll bully him "
"Uh-huh, bully him to death!" Turn the son Xiaoxuan wiped her tears and shook her right hand with a silver hammer.
Tower talos tried to calm B’s mood and silently looked at the two teenagers opposite. He held out his right hand. "It is a very painful thing to fight for my health, so I always bring my own guard!"
"Come out my pet corpse tiger!"
With his words, the dust in the feathering zone exploded again, and Xiao Xuan quickly pulled aside and looked carefully. A green thing appeared in front of them.
It’s better to say that it’s a tiger skeleton without a muscle. ru green S skeleton is impressively divided into huge tiger heads, sharp teeth, like swords, and four claws are flashing with metallic luster. After Zhang Xu’s body, the tiger’s tail is like a whip. Even if it’s resting, it’s more turbulent than growling.
I have seen tigers in the mountains of my hometown, but I have never seen such a giant tiger.
"We in Xilu Yunzhou are rich in a tiger’s name" bite ",which not only eats ru but also loves to eat the soul. It is the offspring of the ancient beast" rest soul ".If you want to catch it, I will make it into a corpse tiger after five years of hua, and even after ten years of hua, if you want to catch me, you must win it first."
Tower talos back with a smile that resin tiger has launched an offensive.
Feathering can’t be imagined that a skeleton can jump so high. A vertical flapping of a corpse tiger can be as high as half a foot. The sharp teeth and claws drive the strong airflow to overturn the mountain potential. The feathering agent grabs the ground and nods his toe. He immediately pulls back and pulls Xiaoxuan out of the zhangs. Then he throws the network nv aside.
A wall of earth cracked up.
In the "Hua", the defense of the earth wall was easily scattered by the corpse tiger, raising more thick smoke and dust.
Turn around Xiaoxuan scared the face person S. At this time, a small stereo ear said, "Hide and I will contain this big bone. You look for a chance to get rid of that psychic. Remember to breathe!"
Turn a little dear to want to also don’t want to a few turn to a big tree to quietly observe.
Strong smoke once again obscured the view of talos Tower. He couldn’t see the battle of jia in the smoke, but he wasn’t worried that he had great confidence in his pet made from jing’s heart. But he didn’t know that the center of the smoke was dry and feathered, and deliberately tilting the smoke was to attract his attention.
However, the emergence of the corpse tiger is not easy. The strength of the earth is far beyond his expectation. It’s like a fist or a fist or ui. He hits the corpse tiger many times, and it bounces back by the corpse tiger every time. It has no effect. This is an opponent with no weakness. He is a little anxious. Even in the face of Qingshuiyan, he feels that he can let go and fight, but it seems that the skeleton from his hand is as hard as Wu Jin. It hurts to hit his hand for a long time.
Tower talos can’t see clearly whether Xiaoxuan can see clearly the future demon king’s adult is being chased by this bone frame.
The most annoying thing about feathering is that this big bone is also extremely agile like a leopard. He didn’t even start a horcrux, and he regrets that he is a horcrux messenger. If he is a horcrux messenger, he can help the horcrux to strengthen his own attack power at worst. It will never be this miserable appearance.
"Ah? Strengthen? " Feather suddenly remembered hu vomitted an one mouthful saliva scold a way "stupid dead stupid dead I have a baby?"
Tower talos and ZhuErXiaoXuan suddenly heard a smile.