Soft sheep’s pen glides across the letterhead smoothly without losing its character. Yun Qing’s handwriting is not like her first impression, but delicate and soft.
Little by little, the ink in the inkstone faded away from Yun Qing, and the letter was sealed and called a glass name.
"Send it out"
"It’s the imperial concubine"
From yun-ching gently put the pen aside and rubbed his fingers between the eyebrows with a slight sigh.
This letter is their only lifeline. Yun Qing knows that Feng Yan will start work.
The person who contributed to this condition is Baili Qizhen because the royal brothers of the Manchu Dynasty, the civil and military officials and officials will get together at that time
At that time, doubt was the best time to seize Feng Yan, so she was not prepared to startle anyone in Beijing.
Business as usual
Re-writing paper was raining and writing a few big characters.
The wind and rain are misty and the world of mortals is singing all the way and getting drunk all the way’
"It’s rare that you can wield ink" suddenly sounded.
At that time, after three or two lines of writing from Yun Qing, my thoughts sank until the thick ink fell on the paper and I fainted for a circle.
Putting aside the pen and walking towards the door, humanity "only by being quiet occasionally can we see everything more thoroughly."
When she looked up, it was no accident that she saw a blue dress with black hair flying in the wind. When she saw her, her cold face could not help but smile from her brow.
From the sight of Yun Qing, I set a straight line and followed her from Xuanyi. Then she paused for a moment and smiled slightly. "The second brother came out when he changed his value again. 48 Chapter 48 Sudden Tathagata Truth (6)
Came out from the desk and greeted them to sit in the plush chair.
Recently, there have been some frequent departures from Xuanyi. It’s not that I don’t like him coming.
It’s a miracle that she can see it once a month, but she has seen it four times a month plus today.
As soon as Xuanyi sat still and opened his mouth, he was interrupted by the opposite person before he spoke.
"Don’t worry, everything is the same today, but Mo Yuxuan didn’t appear."
Li Yunqing smiled and held up the spring breeze to bring fragrant tea. "I said that my second brother was indeed wrong. I shouldn’t have broken my promise and smiled and approached them, but now I have kept my promise. You don’t have to come here every day."
Her second brother is worried too much
From sylphy was a heavy "if so, it would be good"
From Yun Qing’s eyes, he smiled curved. "Second brother shouldn’t focus on my side. There must be a place for second brother to worry about in the palace courtyard."
"the palace?" From sylphy a face of doubt.
Bailiyi immediately interface "it will be known after some time from adults that it is necessary to pay attention to what happened in the imperial city these days."
Seeing this pair of smiling couples leaving Xuanyi, I couldn’t help but feel a chill coming to my heart. Did these two people cooperate so well?
"In that case, I will pay more attention."
There seems to be endless rain this month when Yun Qing’s eyes are shining through the window lattice.
Wet to the body, just like those dangers you can’t see.
Interest rate infiltrated into every corner of the imperial city, perched in the dark, eyeing up and not showing color.
Li Yunqing thought it was time to meet.
In the dead of night, jathyapple is bright as a silver plate.
A scarlet lantern hangs in a slightly abrupt position, and the dim candlelight is swaying with the night wind through the dark red silk cloth.
As soon as the sky thundered, it rained cats and dogs along the eaves, forming chains of glass beads.
Tile tile with moss mark and bluestone brick
Staggered rain swept over the eaves and shattered two bronze bells.
The gallery pigeon was thoroughly drenched by the rain, and its grey wings were dripping with water, and it cooed all the way into the house.
A star lights out, and people in the house gradually get a warm color in white.
Helan Xun held the pigeon in his hand and read the letter, then threw it into the fire.
Listen to the slight crack and wipe the wings of the dove carefully
"You don’t mind pigeons being dirty. People like you feel that they should be spotless." Someone laughed softly behind them.
"What are you doing here?"
Helan Xun Fang pigeon wiped her hands and turned to move a little. She looked away from Yun Qing, and a pair of dark eyes flashed with unruly look.
"Why? Why don’t you sneak into my orchid garden and forbid me to enter your Mo Yuxuan at night? That’s not fair! ….. "From Yun Qing Lai Xiaoxiao turned around and sat down with him.