For me, you are also my greatest blessing.
"Let me see you again …" From Yun Qing held out his hand and gently brushed his eyes, the affection was really profound. She bent her eyes slightly and smiled faintly. Chapter 844 Live by yourself.
Bailiyi stare blankly for a moment and looked at that smile person.
Inexplicable fear overflows bit by bit like a cocoon.
Tear him up little by little and dig him out.
He gasped and turned pale, tightly holding the cold hand from Yun Qing. "My whole heart is yours and I will be eager to see it now."
"I ….." She slowly pushed Baili Yi in a white suit and was swept by the wind against the Buddha. Her disdainful face floated back.
Li Yunqing picked her lips and smiled. "Death is nothing to me, but only you can’t die …"
Bai Liyi saw her smiling, her eyebrows were dim, and suddenly a tingle seemed to turn white. His voice trembled and his words were broken into sentences.
"You … what do you want to do? You don’t do stupid things … "
He dashed off only to find that he was moving with his feet.
When I looked down, I found that the soles of my feet were actually imprisoned by an extra character array.
"It’s very kind of you to meet someone in this world …"
From Yun Qing, I will definitely look at his eyes and see that kind of gentle emotion that Bai Liyi has never seen before. At that time, the world seemed to collapse, and he heard his heart shouting.
He looked at Yun Qing and turned to fly towards the mirror pool. He heard her trembling and said
"Let’s all live by ourselves after reincarnation, shall we?"
That’s shallow …
With the white skirts from Yun Qing sinking into the mirror pool
Soon disappeared, and the demon roared—
But it’s profound. His soul is buried in his heart, and it can’t be erased even if it lasts forever.
The enemy can’t beat fate!
I love people deeply … I only wish I could see you again after reincarnation.
You must find me then!
Bai Liyi’s eyes almost oozed blood, and he watched his beloved disappear before his eyes.
Grief, anger, roar, a spiritual explosion
He broke through the character array regardless of missing her, rolling in the deep-
"no!" Yan Long didn’t know what time it was, and his huge body stopped him from moving.
"Let!" The sword in my hand is wrapped around a suffocating coercion. Bailiyi’s eyes are red and his head is in a trance. "Otherwise, I will kill you."
Yan Long is also determined not to let "what is she sacrificing herself? Isn’t it just to let you live and let all of you live? She has given her life for you, even for everyone in heaven. Do you want to disappoint her? "
"I …" Thyme took hold of her chest, shook her body and spat out one mouthful blood. The blood flowed down the corners of her mouth and into the neckline. He fell to his knees and turned pale.
"It’s cruel of you to leave Yun Qing …"
Sorry sorry
You don’t want me to despise life, do you?
I know
I can
Must … Will be alive.