Hu Yancheng and nodded his head. "But I think these people like to decorate the clothes with fluorescent powder to look beautiful later, but Nangong girl thinks it is a force we have never seen before."
"I also think it’s some kind of power," said a goatee-haired ghost who took a look at the young man.
Hu Yancheng and his eyes stared, "Do you agree?"
"Yes," the goatee nodded and reached out to the ground man. "If it’s phosphor, he should flash at the moment or later, but now he can’t see the light."
Hu Yancheng and slightly one leng just came back in a hurry and knocked out the man. He didn’t notice the change of the other party. When he came back here, he immediately gave a speech and didn’t pay attention.
Looking down, it really looks like goat nonsense. It’s like a deep sleep. The unconscious man has lost that flashing green light.
"Ha ha ~ ~ ~ seems to be true." HuYanCheng and embarrassed smile looked at the man’s eyebrows but wrinkled up doubtfully.
He scratched his head and said, "But at that time, the city was calm and calm, and there was no difference in the past few days. How did the latent physical strength suddenly erupt?"
The goatee hesitated for a moment and thought, "It should be the sound you heard."
"Sound?" Hu Yancheng and his eyes lit up as if he remembered something. "That kind of sound like a beast trapped calling his companions?"
"Yes," the goatee nodded and sighed leisurely at the same time. "It’s a pity that although we can roughly guess that the sound is made by a ghost butterfly, we can’t simulate the potential of this small body, otherwise we might really be able to find out the way to deal with that monster from him, and it’s not necessary to sigh ~ ~ ~ Now we have to wait for that silver-haired guy to come back and make plans."
The short conversation ended soon, and then it was a long wait. Yangling disappeared for several days, fearing that there would be another change in the city. As night fell, Hu Yancheng and Nangong Yan would both go to the city and return to the forest where ghosts and gods gathered.
It seems that the residents in the city don’t realize that without a man, they generally haven’t looked for anything. Everything is as dull as a clear stream.
"It’s been a few days. What did that guy do? There’s not even a ghost. "When I blink for seven days, I go back to the Woods again, but I still can’t see the trace of Yanglingtian. I’m anxious and I can’t help complaining again."
The rough sound shocked everyone’s eardrums and woke up with a start. When the man woke up, he blurted out that he had been repeating the words for several days, "Hum, I advise you to let me go quickly, otherwise our omnipotent god will not let you go."
"Don’t leave us alone?" Anxious and impatient, he immediately became irritable. His feet suddenly stamped and shook up several fallen leaves, instantly blocking the man’s open mouth. "Hum, if you don’t let go of our old horse, it will kill you."
"Don’t you want him to find a way to deal with the ghost butterfly?" The cold sound came slowly from the distance from the young people with silver hair and white clothes.
"Yang Gong" Nangong Yan was pleasantly surprised to meet Chapter 75 Ghost Butterfly Flaw (3)
Soft sunlight droops, white clothes and silver hair shine in the sky, and the dazzling sunlight seems to sting people.
He gently touched a pair of Nangong Yanlue’s eyes, staring at the anxious Huyancheng and slowly walking towards the crowd.
"I, I,,,, we can’t arouse his hidden strength and keep him." Perhaps it is that the reflected light of Yangling Tianshen is too dazzling and Huyancheng seems to be afraid to look at each other’s eyes and quickly flee to other places for a long time before taking a breath. I feel that it is better to kill the trouble. "
Full and perfect reason! Say that finish HuYan into and head also rightfully high up.
However, Yang Lingtian smiled gently. "What if I can motivate other people?"
"What? Can you move? "
They exclaimed instantly.
Yanglingtian still calmly looked at HuYan into peace.
"Hum, if you can motivate the old, you can find a way to deal with the butterfly!" It seems that I can’t stand each other’s eyes, forcing Huyancheng and finally stamping my feet and screaming mindlessly.
Yanglingtian smiled gently, and his right hand flaunted the Vajra mandala artifact beside him. Wu Guang flashed five sallow and emaciated eyes, and his limbs were weak. His body was covered with a layer of if if if banned. Middle-aged men were rolled up when they fell to the ground in front of everyone. However, they seemed to fall lightly. They lifted their lips with their hands and gently moved their lips. Even if they didn’t move, they were too weak to die in heaven at any time.
Nangongyan was slightly stunned. "This, this is?"
"people who are bent over by unformed ghost butterflies are the gods in those populations."