From the action of Situhao to the quilt of the three-person department, it was just an instant completion, and the members of Tiandao Guild didn’t grow up in amazement.
Situhao’s neck is still dull and painful, and his heart is full of anger and dark force, so that his neck blood can stop flying directly next to the famous sword Wu, and his eyes are cold and he looks at the sword Wu body and dares to carry the old. Now I’ll let you pay a little price first.
Mr. Si Situ spared me, and I will never dare again. You let me go, and I mean to be the most loyal member of Tiandao Guild.
Hum, I, the members of Tiandao Guild, are all concerned about the people. You are coming. It was your right sword that hurt me just now. I’ll abolish your right hand now.
Yin cold than sound landing Situhao raised his right foot and suddenly stepped on Jianwu’s right hand, and his palm was immediately crushed.
Jianwu sent a piercing scream, which was more painful than screaming. Situhao still trampled on Jianwu with his right foot and a right arm was slowly crushed.
After stepping on the right arm of Jianwu Article, Situhao stopped doing his own thing. He ordered the people of the Heaven Guild to fly. I want to put these three guys with ulterior motives to pieces in front of people.
Is the president of the people should be a immediate action to call wu to watch.
Stuart, don’t kill me. I know I’m wrong. Let me go.
President, I’m old. You can’t kill me.
Three men were sent by Wu’s mouth, but Situhao turned a deaf ear to them.
He has seen too much about this kind of martial arts. On weekdays, he regards the lives of the people as martial arts. At this time, after their lives are threatened, they are like such a bear. All kinds of statements beg for mercy to kill such people in one word.
Ye Tian is quietly on the side and said nothing. He is already very clear about Situhao’s way of doing things
Soon the members of the Heaven Guild have arrived on the spot, flying on the roof, and it is dark all over the sky, looking at the ground.
Situhao figure suddenly flashed across the behing figure in the sky. Three people were directly thrown into the vast land by Wu, and he flew beside three people.
Please don’t kill me.
Give us a chance, and we won’t dare again.
Situhao felt very upset about their begging for mercy. He stepped on one of the martial arts feet directly, and his foot was crushed immediately. If he dared to make noise, I would crush his body little by little and let him die.
In the face of this crazy trip of Situhao, three people immediately stopped talking, and even the famous right arm was trampled to pieces, and they were afraid to pronounce it again.
This is human nature, that is, they know that they are dead, but in the face of cruelty, they are also afraid that he will crush their bodies a little bit and have to shut up. This is called the wicked grinding.
First of all, I know that most of the martial arts that join the Daotian Guild are directed at the people of heaven. You are all my sincere admirers. For those who care about the people of heaven, I, Situ Hao, would like them to be friends and comrades-in-arms. But today, the Daotian Guild has grown up slowly, but some martial arts with ulterior motives have joined in. For such martial arts, I hope that you will not let a mouse spoil the pot of porridge repeatedly, and I will not spoil the Daotian Guild because of you. For such rubbish, I will treat these three people like pieces.
Those who sincerely join the Heaven Guild are good at martial arts, but those who really join the martial arts for a certain purpose are scared one by one.
Situ Hao’s repeated trips in the fairy land have caused a shock to Wu. Situ Hao is a bloodthirsty devil for many Wu. At this time, the shock of words will make those people afraid that Situ Hao will pull them.
At this time, both the surrounding buildings and the sky are full of dense weapons, but it is impossible to see their faces. When he falls to the ground, he will stop talking. He directly takes a sword from the ring, and his right hand sword flashes pieces of blood and flesh flying around the venue. Once again, it is filled with screams. New friends can go and have a look.
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The new profile of a man is nothing but a rib on his legs. The gorgeous beauty looks at Lu Feng’s disdainful finish and walks away. Brother Feng’s elder sister is not right. Oh, I didn’t see the rib. The girl beside Lu Feng blinked and swept around him with a puzzled face. She said that Lu Feng wiped a cold sweat on her forehead and gently knocked on the girl’s bright and clean forehead. Don’t worry about a child. At the same time, Lu Feng looked at the beautiful woman’s back and smiled with a cold smile. Sooner or later, I will let you know that men don’t have more ribs. Chapter 34 Five Kings
Situhao will publicly put three people under his arm to pieces. First, it is a shock to take photos of those who are lurking in the Heaven Guild. Second, it is also to let those who are ill-intentioned dare not join the Heaven Guild easily.
The purpose of Tiandao Guild is to count the heads of the people in Xianmo Mainland. He doesn’t want Tiandao Guild to become a mixed place.
After personally cutting the three men to pieces, Situhao dismissed people and went back to his room door to think about Wang Daoyuan’s speech.
According to Wang Daoyuan, Bao Hao and Stuart Hao are missing four fierce stars. Who are the other three fierce stars?
Wang Daoyuan once said that The Hunger may be the source of disasters-so is he one of the evil stars? The Hunger disappeared from this world during this period, and there is no other word. Has he been secretly following himself?
Let’s just count The Hunger as one of the evil stars. Who are the other two evil stars? Moreover, Wang Daoyuan said that there may be more than four evil stars, and there may be a few who are not very good people and are also the source of disaster. The fairy land has really reached a dangerous situation.
What makes Situhao think impassability most is how could he become a fierce star? Will his mind be reversed and he will become a murderous villain?
These thoughts kept flashing in my mind, and Situhao felt that things were getting more and more complicated, but these things happened to be thought clearly by other methods.
Staying in his room for more than two hours, Situ Hao thought about it, but he also figured it out. Instead, he became dizzy and he had to stop thinking about these things.
Wang Daoyuan’s astrology divination method will figure these things out, but it’s Situ Hao. He can take it one step at a time now and then take corresponding countermeasures when things really happen.
No longer thinking about these methods, what should Stuart do after thinking about himself?
Ye Tian, the Heaven Guild, is here. Although he has come to join the Heaven Guild, many people have ulterior motives. However, the Heaven Guild is still developing in a benign way. So I don’t worry about Situ Hao. Now, the ghost-faced murder group in the fairy land is murdered. Although he will send a reward notice, I believe that this will cause a certain shock to the ghost-faced murder group, and the action will not be as bold as before. I am afraid that what I should do now is to enter the abyss of the sword Sect and try to save my mother’s ghost.
Situ Hao’s force has reached the level of ninth-order martial arts today, approaching the realm of soaring martial arts and the chaos in the fairy land is just around the corner. Situ Hao may die at any time and save the ghost of his mother. Now it has become the most urgent thing. It seems that the next action should be to go to Fengyun Jianzong and enter the abyss to find a way to save the ghost of his mother.
Stuart, my brother wants to die.