Wu shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile that since A-dao Zhang insisted on giving the little monk a gift, of course I would be disrespected.
Wu retreated to the back, gloating and saying, "Good water, a monk and a Taoist friend, but the young master of China Taoism is the best. Don’t be careless."
Shan Shuigen didn’t take a look at Wu. At this time, Shan Shuigen had put all his mind on Zhang’s body, but then Shan Shuigen found out with horror how strong he was in front of him. He sneaked into Zhang’s body with a little spirit and fell into the sea without any response. Finally, he found that he was listed as an enemy by their Shiva. This young man really stood up to other forces.
But now the situation is not good. He thinks that facing the immediate battle is the best policy. Besides, he also made a move. He thought of being good here and gained some confidence.
Shanshui walked up the steps with a ferocious face and looked at monk Zhang mercilessly, saying, I don’t care what you do, you dirty life, I will settle today.
Oh, good. Monk Zhang is smiling.
To deal with the good water, monk Zhang is not prepared to use weapons to punish the immortal sword, and the good water is not worthy for monk Zhang to whip the gods. A pair of fists is enough to deal with this person.
Don’t be careless, Taoist friend. Good water is Shiva’s Christian name. His magic is quite strange and terrible. You can summon some shura monsters to fight and awaken Zhang Monk.
Thank you, Master Wu. I will handle it carefully.
Chapter one hundred and forty-three Lingshan shakotan coast
Chapter one hundred and forty-three Lingshan shakotan coast
Good water hides a wooden battle. Although he is old, his body is flexible, and to Zhang’s surprise, good water melee combat is also quite good. He kicked thousands of legs in a smooth way, and the violent spiral force was mixed with a smell of destruction, which instantly swept everything in the courtyard to the side of the sky. He realized that he had physical strength to protect himself from harm. Zhang’s body seemed to be in a roaring sea, but it was not damaged
The two forces, one red and one purple, collided with each other. Since Shanshui wanted to play cautious fighting, Zhang Monk was willing to accompany Yan Di’s seven wonders. After Zhang Monk’s palm technique came, his strength was not much worse than that of fencing. Zhang Monk’s body strength was deep, and Zhang Monk soon took over the wind.
Zhang monk’s fists were smashed on the face of good water, and many faces were wrinkled. The horse was turned into a persimmon, and the water was miserable. Zhang monk didn’t stop flying. A series of attacks followed, and the body of good water seemed to have been beaten into pieces and fell to the ground, crawling constantly.
Monk Zhang looked cold and floated in the air, and his hands folded in a half-moon red palm knife flew from his hand and roared directly into the rotten meat.
Booming and rumbling
The loud noise spread to every place in downtown New Delhi, but Zhang monk was on guard. He didn’t recognize the good water, which was not killed. Zhang monk can be sure.
Wu of course knows that there is no sound at all. Monk Zhang is awake and careful. He is not dead.
Shanshui didn’t die, and it became stronger than before. A very powerful force gradually enveloped the courtyard. This force was extremely strong, but it disappeared in a blink of an eye, and the courtyard returned to calm. Just that moment seemed to be empty, but then a roar came to a behemoth in the courtyard.
Shanshui is pale. In the corner of the courtyard, he looks decadent. His clothes are tattered and his body is covered with scars. Just now, monk Zhang’s attack was not ineffective.
After the black smoke, monk Zhang saw clearly that the monsters in the courtyard were the same.
This is a huge crawling monster with three heads, blue body covered with scales, thick and curved tail, four legs covered with red hair, a pair of horns exposed and extremely sharp teeth.
Wu shouted, it’s Ba Kunzi, a powerful monster in the shura world. Taoist Zhang should be careful that this beast can breathe fire.
Good water and gloomy sound have stirred me up for 50 years, and the souls of those who have just died have only summoned the first monk, Zhang Ba Kunzi. You are lucky to be eaten by Ba Kunzi.
Monk Zhang said in the cold, "Master Wu, please kill this hateful guy. Let me tear it up."
Shanshui was quickly killed by Wu, but Shanshui died with a smile on his face, and he was admitted to his death that he had tried his best to summon him to Ba Qin, and that he would definitely kill Zhang Sangwu. Is it possible for him to realize this?
Monk Zhang has flown to the ground and looked at the monster several feet away, feeling the Peng Pai fighting spirit in Ba Kun’s heart.
Zhang Sangdao’s friend Ba Kunzi is still awake, so we take this opportunity to wipe it out at one fell swoop. We seem to know that Ba Kunzi’s face is scary and anxious.
I’m not busy. Monk Zhang waved his hand and smiled. I want to wake it up and have fun with it. I’ve never seen a Shura monster before.
Wu wry smile, are you serious?
Monk Zhang laughed, of course, thinking of a single monster. Gee, how big can a monster be when it is summoned?
When they were talking, the Baluzi monster seemed to be waking up.
Monk Zhang has already felt that Ba Kun is strong and ready to attack, but at this moment, this monster suddenly spits human beings. You are a very powerful creature.
Monk Zhang is one leng and immediately relieved. If this is a monster with high IQ, it is of course that he can talk.
Hehe, it seems that you are a very powerful monster. Zhang said with a smile, but instead of being vigilant, you are prepared to prevent the monster from attacking suddenly
Man, you are too nervous. Ba Kunzi didn’t mean to attack monk Zhang.