Bai Liyi and Mu Yue are both surprised. Is this articulate and cold-eyed woman really stupid?
See from yun Qing has got up and sat on a stool. Feel free to touch the sample.
Bai Liyi smiled somberly and said, "You have a lot of guts. Although I don’t know what’s wrong with you, do you know that I can punish you for this stupid injury? I haven’t settled accounts with you yet. You are playing tricks with me."
"On the wedding night, the groom left the bride alone and ran to hold the side room …"
From say that finish lift eyes deep eyes "if let the emperor know the temple, I’m afraid it’s not good! Why am I so unlucky? Is this how the Third Lady Hall of the Taifu Family treats the daughter of a court official? "
Thyme was said to be dumb and inky. "Do you dare to threaten me? Do you think you’ve lived too long and want to see the dead as soon as possible? I can kill you now. "
Li Yunqing suddenly said, "It was the moon that made me hurt people, and now I have been punished. If you don’t like me and I don’t love you, you will kill each other again. If you have a life-and-death temple, you will really be the first person to go down in history because of women’s names."
The four emperors want to give her a Mawei, so she can’t help but be embarrassed not to pick up the 8 th chapter. The banquet of officials is amazing (1)
Mu Yue immediately wronged when he heard this. "Temple … I didn’t hurt her."
Bailiyi immediately comforted the person in her arms and looked away from Yun Qing’s eyes for a few minutes. Finally, she pursed her lips.
A kiss xiu hugged his arms and the American disappeared from the door.
Looking at the departure of people from Yun Qing, she was callous and relieved, and she was able to keep calm.
Otherwise, seeing those eyes of Bailiyi, she could not imagine that this was the four emperors heard by the people.
The next morning, after a night away from Yun Qing, I slept soundly and stayed for a moment when I opened my eyes.
Alas! How do you wake up? She can’t go back after all. I don’t know what happened to Cece and Wen Ang now.
Thought of here and call yourself a bitch, but she was killed by Wen Ang. Why do you want that man?
"Miss, it’s time to get up and wash." The spring breeze came early in the morning, and I didn’t dare to wake the bed person until I woke up from Yun Qing.
Think about it, miss. It’s a pity that the four emperors should have sex with each other on their wedding night.
I sat up from the bed as soon as I was away from Yun Qing, stretched myself and gave me a faint smile. "The spring breeze always bothers you to leave the house. You have been hiring people to wait on me, but you have not been able to make you live a good life."
Chunfeng is grateful and busy. "Miss, don’t say that. Chunfeng has never complained about serving her since she was a child."
If not, it’s not, but she has been treating her like a sister since she regained her sanity, and she has vowed to be twice as kind to her.
Hot water washed away a tired body and replaced it with something elegant and beautiful from Yun Qing’s personal selection of the White House.
A head of black hair and only a white jade hairpin took satisfaction and looked at Byakki Smoker with a smile from Yun Qing.
Seeing the spring breeze is straightforward, boasting that "the young lady is really beautifully dressed. Although she is a little plain, she has her own elegant and luxurious temperament."
"You are really good at talking" away from Yun Qing, her hair turned around and led the spring breeze out of the door.
According to the etiquette, you must go to the palace to inquire after the wedding day.
"The temple has already entered the palace, and the imperial concubine has been charged with the novel, so you don’t have to enter the palace to inquire." The housekeeper who has been waiting at the door is very disdainful to say that she didn’t lift her eyelids.
The spring breeze is furious and goes into the palace to pay her respects. This is not to let the young lady listen to the charges of a targeted person before she speaks.
"Prepare a sedan chair to enter the palace" is weak but cold from Yun Qing.
The housekeeper looked up at the speaker with a surprised face. "But … the temple ordered …"
Smell this eyebrow spring water from Yun Qing coldly stared at the housekeeper, "Why don’t I, a four imperial concubine, listen to you guys? It seems that the temple didn’t teach you well. Is it because you want me to retrain you? "
The housekeeper panicked and immediately prepared a sedan chair.
The soft sedan chair is swinging left and right, and finally it is outside the palace gate.
The first light in the morning hit the golden glazed tiles of the high wall palace, and several gold-plated characters were inlaid in the heavy door.
Fuyun palace