Yun Song facial expression, a little unwilling to stare at him, then looked at Yunyan with a partial head and whispered, "I can’t believe that I finally met someone."
Yunyan smiled bitterly and sighed, "Maybe this is doomed. Otherwise, why did it take more than 200 years to solve the mystery of Huan Yun Hall until the two of them came and solved everything?"
Hearing this, everything has already happened. Bai Yunlei and other four people don’t look complicated. It is very contradictory for four people to watch the two people hate each other for hundreds of years.
Liu Yunyang took a look at the six people and asked them to laugh at the sea. "How do you know that the two of them came to steal art and where they came from? It’s really shocking that they have been hidden for hundreds of years."
Laughing at the sea with a heavy look, he whispered, "How do you know about this? It’s my personal secret. I’m afraid it will affect some people in the fairyland."
Liu Yunyang’s face changed slightly and he laughed. The sea has been hiding whether Yunsong Yunyan really has such great influence.
Thinking in the cloud, Lei Yun asked at the same time, "At this moment, laugh at the heroes, please say it. No matter who is going to harm the interests of Liuyun Wonderland, we will never let them go."
Silently watching them laugh for a while, the sea sighed and waved to Liu Yunyang, saying, "Since Master Yunlei insisted on asking that smile, I will tell you that they are proud of the moon. It should be said that the proud moon Buddha is very close."
"what! How could this happen! No, how is that possible? "The appalled herd population is out of this moment, including seven people in Liuyunyang Field who don’t look big and look at the laughing sea with horror.
This news is amazing for four people, such as Yunlei and others, but for Yunsong Yunyan, they can’t believe that they can’t figure out why they can guess their identity so accurately just because of Yun Song’s mark.
This seems to be insufficient.
Laughing at the sea with his back to the crowd, the tone is weird. "There is no wonder that everyone will believe what I said is true or false. Yunsong Yunyan’s expression has already said that the next thing is just me, Yunlei Xia. Before you go, I wake everyone up and say,’ The seven evil spirits are unique’. Be very careful. In addition, Dou Yun, the flying treasure, should let him go in his hand. The consequences should be white."
Yun Leichen said, "Thank you for waking up today. I’m in a fairyland. Remember to repay the kindness of Master Laughter after we clean up this vicious and shameful villain."
Laughing at the sea for silence is with Liu Yunyang, who soon disappeared.
Yunlei, Yunyi, Yunzhen, and Yunying kept their consciousness firmly locked in Yunsong Yunyan.
In silence, teachers and brothers who used to have feelings for hundreds of years are now walking with each other, and they hate each other with complex feelings, which makes people unable to say how they feel.
Anger is waiting for the two of them. Yun Lei roared, "Why don’t you two wait for the mercy?"
YunYan facial expression, a low voice way "brother I-"
Shame is beyond words. Obviously, Yunyan’s heart is full of guilt.
Yunlei angrily ignored her and Yunying sighed, "Why did the teacher elder sister do this? If you don’t act all the time, we don’t know that everyone will stay here and live in harmony forever. "
Yunyan shook her head bitterly and her eyes were full of pain.
Yun Song beside her growled a gloomy way, "Shut up, it’s already caused this. Say more, if you have something, leave me in Yun Song." After that, a powerful breath filled the surroundings.
Roar a cloud and shout, "Don’t be crazy. How can you live up to the two brothers who died today?"
Yunlei said coldly, "Yunyi is right. Today, we must capture and comfort the dead soul."
As soon as Yunyi, Yunzhen and Yunying attacked at the same time, Yunying played against Yunyan and Yunlei, while the three mainly targeted Yun Song for a big battle.
Chapter 55 To intercept
Fight for life and death with the same door
Yun Song Yun Yan knows the human conditions such as Yun Lei, but do Yun Lei know the details of Yun Song?
What will happen in the end of this war?
Liu Yunyang, who left the cloud heart, asked, "Where are we going back to the cloud family or-"
Laughing at the sea, he gently shook his head and whispered, "It’s just going back to find the blue sky."
Liu Yunyang eyes micro doubt way "looking for the blue sky? What? "
Laughing at him, Bohai asked indifferently, "What do you think of the outcome of this war?"
Liu Yunyang mused, "I guess Yun Song should not be Yunlei and other four opponents who will eventually be caught."
Laugh at the sea with a heavy smile and shake your head slightly.
LiuYunYang a stare blankly questioned "you mean Yun Song will win? So if we expose his face, wouldn’t it be a fire? "
Laughing bitterly at the sea, he said, "There are some things we have to do if we know this will happen."
Liu Yunyang thought about it and said, "You’re right. There are some things that you know are dangerous but you can’t give up."
Pat him on the shoulder and laugh at the sea. "Come on, let’s go. We can’t come if it’s late."
Liu Yunyang was confused but no longer asked as he picked up speed.
Back at Yunyi’s residence, Yunhua greeted him with a smile and asked, "Yunyi, why doesn’t he come back for dinner? Doesn’t he know he’s hungry?"
Laughing at the sea, I glanced at the blue sky and Yunfeng at the door and said indifferently, "Nothing. He’ll be back soon. You can eat first. Now I’m looking for a blue sky and I need a horse to do something, so I’ll leave this lunch until we get back."
Looking at the smiling sea, I felt something was wrong and asked, "Is something wrong?"
Laughing at the sea, I hesitated slightly. "Do you want to tell you immediately, but since you want to know, you have to promise to do something for me?"
Yun Hua nods, "What do you say?"
Laughing at the sea, Shen said, "You go and get the clouded leopard here. Be sure to keep an eye on him and forbid him to go back. I’ll tell you what happened later."
Yun Hua looked puzzled and asked, "What does he have to get the clouded leopard? He is only a child."
Laughing at the sea seriously, "just remember what I said. Go."
See he don’t say yunhua hesitated a finally turned around and left with Yunfeng.
Laughing at the sea, he called the confused blue sky and asked, "Do you need to specify a location to get in and out of this fairyland?"
Blue sky road "is that every time I drift away from fairyland, Shenzhou gets the drifting cloud gate, because there is the only way out."
Nodding and smiling slightly, Canghai continued to ask, "Do you mean that there is a place where the Liuyun Shenzhou must be to have a time shuttle phantom sea cloud map? Is it possible to get in and out there? "
The blue sky’s face changed slightly, and it seemed a little surprised to laugh at the fact that the sea knew about the magic sea cloud map, but he answered calmly without asking, "No matter who can enter from there."
Meditation and a smile, the sea said, "Well, you can take us to the Cloud Gate now."