Chen Ying’s beautiful eyes flicked with one hand and gently pressed the hilt of the sword, and a fighting spirit quietly emerged.
Zhou Jia squints dully.
"Looking for death!"
Speaking, he stretched out his big hand and leaned into the knife light, and suddenly grabbed the blade and pulled it hard.
The triangle eye slammed into the floor with a knife.
Before he recovered, he felt severe pain in his chest and abdomen, and a series of broken ribs emerged, and the five internal organs were blown out by Juli.
You can’t die again if you die instantly
General principles of one law are universal
Zhou Jia has already perfected the innate Wushu purple thunder axe method. Ordinary moves are naturally flawed in his eyes.
Others marvel at the fact that the knife method can be easily broken with the help of an axe shield.
Kicking his eye to death, he jumped to the second floor.
In the field, everyone except Chen Ying’s expression is normal. Others are not pale, and their eyes are frightened and uneasy.
The new supervisor is ruthless.
Is human life!
Kill without mercy!
first floor
People are buzzing, and many gamblers are clamoring around the gambling tables. More than one of them is on drugs, and their hearts are full of excitement.
Just then, a black shadow fell from the building and slammed on a gambling table.
The shadow smashed the gambling table and rolled on the ground.
"Deacon Zou?"