Yang Mu sighed and said, "What do you think of this story? If you were the escort, what would you do? "
Yang Hua steep to get up and drink a way "a person can choose whether to take the Yang road or the wooden bridge by himself and can’t rely on others! If I were the escort, if he dared to nag me again and again, I would be disloyal to my family! " When it comes to a word "destroy", it is even more amazing to knock down a pine tree with a steep palm. The stone walk in Sha Fei is even more amazing than breaking the stone just now! Yang Mu unexpectedly said a lot of words, but the result was still the same. He was afraid that Yang Hua would really "destroy his relatives" and he was so scared that he hurriedly ran away like a lost dog with his tail between his legs.
Yang Mu has gone far, and Yang Hua’s mood is like the tide churning for a long time and can’t be calm.
Of course, he never dreamed that Yang Mushi was not his father.
If he hadn’t seen the ugly drama with his own eyes after hiding in the tomb and heard Yang Mu and Dafu talk with his own eyes, how happy he should be to know that his father is not dead when he meets him in another place and another occasion!
But now he is heartbroken, and he saw through his father’s true colors. He turned out to be such a willing slave.
He was sad, he resented, he was ashamed … all kinds of complicated emotions were intertwined, but he didn’t regret driving his father away.
But Yang Mu said those words, those words …
Those words bite his heart like poisonous snakes, and he doesn’t want to think about it and can’t help thinking about it!
"I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it! Mom will never be as mean as he says! " He cries in his heart, of course, his heart won’t cry out. Only in this way-he can’t speak his mind even if there is no place-his pain is even more unbearable!
He screamed at him, wailed and pitied Yang Mu, and injected poison into his heart, which made him almost crazy!
"I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it!" Suddenly, I don’t know whether it was from my heart or because I accidentally touched the knife spectrum hidden in his body. On that day, the double Meng family’s sharp knife knife spectrum had his mother’s handwriting, and his mother copied the knife spectrum for Meng Yuanchao.
"Don’t believe it or not! Don’t … believe "his heart sound gradually weak to confidence.
A cold wind blew to Yang Hua and gave him a cold shiver. Yang Muyin seemed to shout back to his ear, "It’s that vicious friend who killed their family!"
Yang Hua tried his best to calm himself down a little and thought, "It’s true that Meng Yuanchao is the leader of the rebel army, but it’s hard to guarantee that there are no black sheep in the rebel army. Maybe he is just such a good guy, a bad guy and a scum in the chivalrous way!"
He can’t desecrate his mother. He is so angry that he wants to vent Meng Yuanchao’s head.
He took out the knife spectrum and tried to tear it to pieces. Suddenly, his mind turned to the second master’s command, "You lead you to be the enemy, but he can defeat him by using his Meng family’s knife skills unexpectedly, but you mustn’t hurt him."
Yang Hua hid the knife spectrum again and thought to himself, "I’m going to throw it back to him face to face. He can beat him with his knife, but Master II, I have to ask you to forgive me. I will never let this scum in chivalry go lightly!"
Finally, he couldn’t help crying out, "Meng Yuanchao, wait! I will kill you one day!" " Brush, draw out the sword and cut off a tree as thick as a child’s arm with a sword, as if it were Meng Yuanchao’s head.
Suddenly, a crisp, silvery bell asked him coldly, "Why do you want to kill Meng Yuanchao?"
Yang Hua suddenly woke up in a dream and saw a beautiful young man with a face like a crown of jade in front of him. If it weren’t for the young man wearing men’s clothes, Yang Hua almost suspected that a fairy appeared in the forest.
Yang Hua’s martial arts attainments can be seen everywhere. It is because the young man was in a semi-crazy state that he realized that he was in front of him. But then again, it is obvious that the young man was able to walk in front of him and find him with high flying skill.
He asked Yang Hua urgently, but he didn’t know how to answer it.
The young man eyes staring at Yang Hua drink a way "quick say what you want to kill Meng Yuanchao? Otherwise, I won’t be polite to you! "
And after a pause, Yang Hua said, "I want to kill Meng Yuanchao. What is it? Who are you? "
The young man said coldly, "I am Meng Yuanchao, but he is the leader of the rebel army. Don’t say that you want to kill him. Even if you are a little disrespectful to him, I can’t spare you unless you can tell me the reason why you have to kill him. Let me hear it."
How can Yang Huake talk to him, a complete stranger?
"Meng Yuan surpasses him, he is a scum of the Wulin!" Yang Hua can speak hesitatingly.
"Hu said!" With a straight face, the beautiful boy scolded, "Meng Daxia is a great hero and hero. What makes you say that he is a scum of the Wulin?"
Yang Hua was a blue a red "with what? Why? " He can’t answer this question even if he is killed!
The young man sneered and said, "I dare you not to say it! Let me answer for you! Because you are an officer of the Tatar Royal Guard! "
Yang Hua shouted, "I’m not! I’m not!" Pulled out the waist tag of the body-guard officer and threw it away. This move of his made the beautiful boy feel dazed.
The beautiful boy said in a softer voice, "You are not an officer of the body guard. I believe you. Then who are you?"
Another question that Yang Hua can’t answer.
The beautiful boy asked again, "Do you still want to kill Meng Daxia?"
Yang Hua thought to himself, "I’ll beat him up if I don’t kill him!" But he said, "I still want to kill him!" "
The beautiful boy was furious. "If you want to kill him, you are the scum of the Wulin!" The more you say it, the more angry you are. "Draw your sword!"
Yang Hua stayed for a while and said, "What do you want me to do with my sword?"
The beautiful boy said, "You Wulin scum must not defile Meng Daxia’s sword. I will kill you for Meng Daxia!"
Yang Hua said, "Then kill me!"
The beautiful boy said that he said it was ironic and sneered, "I know you are very high, but you have to fight me. I don’t want to take advantage of you. If I can’t kill you, I’ll fight for you!" Draw your sword! "
Yang Hua said, "I kill the bad guys with my sword! I don’t think you’re a bad person when you’re resentful. Why should I fight you hard? "
The beautiful boy sneered, "That’s beautiful. Is Meng Daxia a bad person?"
Yang Hua kept silent, but seemed to say, "I have already said that you must ask again?"
The beautiful boy couldn’t help saying, "If you don’t fight hard with me, I will fight hard with you! Are you really willing to give up? "
Yang Hua sighed and said, "You asked Meng Yuanchao to be Meng Daxia. You must be a rebel. If you want to kill me, go ahead. I can’t fight you!"
Beautiful young for a stay "Yang Hua is what person? I’m really puzzled. "I said for a long time." Are you serious? "
Yang Hua said, "I regret it even if I die!"
The beautiful boy suddenly jumped with his eyes wide open and "pa" hit Yang Hua with a crisp and exquisite slap in the face. Yang Hua did not resist at all
The beautiful boy snorted and said, "If you hadn’t saved He Tiezhu’s husband and wife’s life, I wouldn’t kill you! But who told you to dare to insult Meng Daxia? I slapped you in the face and barely gave me a bad breath! "