If it is not handled properly, maybe wu-tang clan will unite with Qingyun Gate and then target Tianyin Temple, Shaolin and Emei.
Su Wei smiled and said, "Is the dispute between Buddhism and Taoism even involved in the game?"
"Su Zhangmen be serious!"
Butterfly was a little dissatisfied and said, "This is a serious matter. Now it’s fair and just. If we can’t give a final conclusion on this matter, these clansmen will really become sworn enemies … You should know that although the proportion of players in Qingyun Gate and Tianyin Temple is still very small at present, the influence of players is terrible. They can really affect the senses of those aborigines."
"But the other party is prepared. What do you think we should do?"
Butterfly said uncertainly, "In my opinion, do you play 20 boards each?"
"How do you say?"
Butterfly said, "That Bei Jinyi is the head of Su. You should not lie. She said that these people had molested her, so it must be true. But this happened in reality. Secondly, she didn’t break out on the spot, but afterwards … This is very controversial. So I think Wei Shijie should apologize to those two people in the game."
Su Wei said, "Is he willing to be molested by his wife?"
"The game is the game, and the reality is the reality … the two can’t be confused. In the game, the defender Shijie should apologize for making mistakes, but in reality, the crime is not under our control. We can ask Mr. Shi Qing to help us investigate. If it is true, let the Central Asian Empire punish them!"
Su Wei smiled and said, "It seems that you are on Bei Jinyi’s side."
You know, this seems fair.
But if the fact is really punished by the Central Asian Empire, the two of them have repeatedly harassed the situation. If it is true, this crime is enough for them to be punished for two or three years.
And two or three years later,
When the time comes, it will still be delayed for so long in the "Limited" OL, but it can be said that they will never want to get any light from the "Limited" OL again.
Now everyone is paying attention to this matter. In the official forum, wu-tang clan and Shaolin are almost crazy about each other …
Wu-tang clan said that we cannot be bullied for nothing.
Shaolin said he dared to play our Shaolin girlfriend … playing lanterns in the toilet to find shit.
The storm in the game has greatly affected the reality.
Shaoshi Mountain and Wudang Mountain are not majestic.
Xuan Ci and Song Yuanqiao are desperately trying not to let their brothers move. After all, at this time, these old foxes are vaguely aware of something wrong.
If this time things really like WeiShiJie said …
He just apologized, but those two people will be completely expelled from the "limit" OL.
"I can understand Miss Bei’s feelings."
Butterfly seriously said, "We are all indebted to Sue, the head of the company. We don’t want to give you even a little trouble if we can endure it. If … if I were in Miss Bei’s position today, maybe I would choose to keep things quiet because we really don’t want to give Sue the head of the company any trouble …"
She looked deeply at Su Wei’s eyes, which contained feelings.
The tone is like whispering, but it is particularly serious.
Su Wei’s eyes are somewhat soft.
He said, "I can’t bear to talk about reality or virtuality. It’s a coincidence or a chance. If anyone dares to bully you, you can kill him. I don’t need you to care about anything."
"And this time, I actually had a note."
"What? !”
Su Wei said, "You want to ask Shi Qing for help, but you have overlooked one thing, that is, since they dare to spend money in reality, they must have made careful plans. How could they leave a flaw?"
Butterfly exclaimed, "careful planning? You mean they have a plan? "
Su Wei smiled and said, "It’s impossible to have evidence unless you pay attention in advance. It’s very good for you to think about it, but it’s a pity that you still don’t know enough about monitoring in reality. You know, even the most advanced and developed cities must have dark corners."
"That is to say, Sue owners you …"
"Play this video to the official forum, and things will be clear in an instant."
Su Wei shook his head. "It can be said that the Taoist priest is crooked. Although he didn’t dare to be disloyal to me, they went out too much later than Shaolin. But he tried to catch up with Shaolin’s potential, relaxed the standards and wanted to win by quantity … but ignored the problem of Brother De. Let’s teach him a lesson this time."
In reality, there is Zhang Sanfeng in Wudang Mountain.
Natural people dare to have other thoughts.
But in the game, it seems that the Taoist priest is righteous, but it is normal to get what he wants by unscrupulous means.
Butterfly took the file handed by Su Wei and said with surprise, "Thank you, Sue Head."
"Thank me for what?"
"Because I really think that Miss Bei’s first job was to let things go smoothly and that Mr. Wei was finished. I really understand this feeling and …"
Butterfly eyes surges somewhat acerbity meaning shame way "Sue head I know you mean if outsiders dare to gift to me, I will protect myself but … but if Sue head you bully me … that … that I’m really wronged can stand"
She focused on the word injustice.
Let Sue idealism head couldn’t help jumping a butterfly has really gone with the wind like a butterfly.
in ten minutes
Disturbance forum wu-tang clan and Shaolin players are still fighting with each other, and their anger is getting bigger and bigger.
With the appearance of an official video
The video is in a dark alley.