"Could it be a real person?"
"What nonsense? There are so many real people playing … it must be NPC. According to my guess, I’m afraid there are real people in the whole Huashan Sect. Others are NPC’s, even the deputy head is no exception. I suddenly asked the deputy head what the terminal number was, and he was confused directly."
"You are so bad that you test the deputy head."
"Me, too … Didn’t you say that this game NPC has hidden goodwill? If it is confirmed that the deputy head is NPC, I can rest assured to brush his goodwill. If he is a real person, wouldn’t I brush my goodwill and throw it at him?"
"That’s right. Do these NPCs need to brush?"
"It’s too ugly … it doesn’t feel very decent and this Songshan Sect is a game to start a new career? Good conscience … has just been updated and has been warmed up in a new career. "
"I wonder if this game supports double?"
Some players have fantasized about it.
Behind Liu Bai and others look a little ugly. Although they don’t understand what these brothers are talking about, they jump out of their way and look back at them from time to time. There is no fear at all.
Even though he has just reported that he is the leader of the Wuyue Sword Sect, the left leader of the Wuyue Sword Sect and the pro-Wuyue Messenger, these people are also shocked, but they always feel that their shock point is not the same as his expected midpoint.
"It’s weird"
Feng Buping suddenly said softly.
"What? !”
Liu Bai gave him a strange look back.
"There is something wrong with Huashan School."
Feng Buping grew up in Huashan since he was a child, and now he has returned to Huashan’s old road. The feeling of disobedience has finally haunted him more and more, and he always feels that there is something extremely important that he has neglected.
But what’s wrong with it is that he can’t even say it himself
"Of course, something is wrong. These brothers are too unruly to lead the way. Even the Huashan Sect has fallen. It seems that it is time to change people."
Liu Bai displeasure low drink a way
"Brother Lu also helped. This time, if Yue Buqun gave Huashan Sect to me in Guaishan, we can still see that in the past, the same family saved their lives. If they dare to be stubborn, hey hey, he was lucky when he didn’t die. Now I don’t believe he has such good luck!"
Don’t worry about low sneer at.
After dozens of younger brothers led Lu Bai and others all the way up the mountain.
Then look at these brothers who follow the rules and rush into the main hall, hiding in the side one by one, and the younger brother looks at them like a pecking order.
Just wait for the plot
Wushu skills are all true. They are all looking forward to it. Will there be a play during the plot?
Liu Lei promised that …
It’s definitely a real person capture
What concept?
What’s the difference between this and watching two Gu Wu masters compete?
All that’s missing is popcorn.
At this time, the hall
Unexpectedly, where is the expected Yue Buqun?
Instead, it is a strange handsome man.
But at this time, Liu Bai and others’ eyes are not in Su Wei’s body. They stare big eyes and look at the first Ning Zhongze in shock.
Cong don’t abandon even more shocked, pointing to Ningzhong exclaimed, "You … you, you, you … how could you …"
Liu Bai was dumbfounded and didn’t know how to talk about it.
Ningzhong sighed faintly, but she looked complicated when she saw Feng Buping and others.
After a long time, he gently spat out a sigh and said with a complicated expression, "The three senior brothers have been wandering away from home for years … but it’s really hard for you."
Isn’t it?
In front of her, she is similar in age, and she once practiced swordsmanship together. Now she is still in her prime, but the three brothers in front of her seem to be ten years older than her.
It’s hard to be on the move.
"So that’s it!"
Feng Buping suddenly exclaimed.