How can anyone in this world be so ashamed? Wait until two people discuss Joanna quickly hid in his office.
"Mr. Zhuang Gaotian took his own patent and several lawyers to find Uncle Lao Zhuang!" She quickly sent a message to Zhuang not far away. "He said that Uncle Lao Zhuang infringed his patent and wanted to force Uncle Lao Zhuang to hand over the prescription of the disease-relieving wine!"
"I see. Thank you, Dr. Joe." Zhuang’s reaction was not far from Jonah’s expectation.
"Mr. Zhuang, this matter is urgent. You don’t understand …"
"Does Dr. Joe want to see a good show?" Zhuang asked, "Come to the farmhouse if you want."
What good show?
Takada applied for a patent, and there are so many lawyers from big companies behind him. He is still an academic prestige!
Uncle Zhuang zi will be wiped clean by him!
So good, uncle Zhuang!
This Mr. Zhuang has no idea of the seriousness of the matter!
No, I can’t just sit back and watch!
Joanna couldn’t stay any longer and rushed out.
Chapter 159 Sorry for cheating. You are welcome to come again.
Dad Zhuang knew someone was coming when three silly goods were barking outside the door.
"Who are you?" Dad Zhuang knocked on the door and saw more than ten people outside.
Three or four of them are out-of-state people with dark skin color.
"Mr. Zhuangye?" The lawyer looked warily at the three big dogs beside him, and then handed a lawyer’s letter to Zhuang’s father. "I’m the legal adviser of Rambo Pharmaceutical Company. Now I’m sending you a lawyer’s letter. Please stop the infringement immediately and compensate for the loss, or Rambo Pharmaceutical Company will claim less than 200 million yuan from you."
200 million yuan … Claim?
Dad Zhuang froze when he heard this number.
"Dad, let me come." Zhuang came out from behind Zhuang’s dad, stretched out his hand and took the lawyer’s letter, read it again and gave it to An Danyue behind him.
An Danyue carefully watched it again and nodded not far from Zhuang.
"As said in the lawyer’s letter, you are suspected of stealing our guest’s patent by brewing medicinal liquor. Our reservation is not limited to stating the laws about you …"
That’s what Joanna heard when she pulled over and rushed to the car with a tail flick.
This stupid Mr. Zhuang, don’t pretend not to be at home and delay for a while!
How can you just walk out the door?
Then she saw the foolish Mr. Zhuang’s face changed dramatically and he looked angry. "The disease-relieving wine was brewed by my father. Why do you apply for a patent?"
Dad Zhuang next to him looks like Nell. Do you know that your acting skills are very grandiose?
"With this," the lawyer produced another patent document.
Seeing the stupid patent document, Mr. Zhuang became even more angry. "What’s the matter?" he said. This is just a piece of paper! "
"Mr. Zhuang, this is a patent certified by the Virtual City Patent Office," said the lawyer. "There are so many parts of this patent that I can explain to you."
"First of all, my guest has made a special strain in three mouthfuls of liquid. This strain has been handed in for biological preservation. Do you want me to explain to you what biological preservation is?"
With the development of biotechnology and more and more patents on biological strains and biomaterials.
This kind of legal document and language description patent needs to be submitted to "biological preservation", that is, the strain or biological material sample is submitted to the patent application agency for safekeeping. If there is a dispute, the strain or biological material can be compared.
"Secondly, we made a special way to induce the strain to divide and process it …"