With an evil spirit general, the evil spirit legion in the mountain opposite the wall of be beheaded was silent again.
Probably saw the strength of the Coalition forces here, restless evil spirits, and the generals didn’t make any aggressive moves again.
The wall battlefield is so quiet.
The iron gate on the wall was pushed by the soldiers, and Delia returned triumphantly like a hero.
Several aboriginal soldiers crowded behind the wall and burst into deafening cheers. Delia endured the whole body pain and jumped into a pile of wooden barrels.
She lifted the head of the evil general in her hand above her head and shouted
"Egrod … wins!"
The whole scene was boiling completely, and all the aborigines of Egrod clan screamed and expressed their excitement in their hearts.
There are even people who plan to climb to the bucket pile to lift Delia.
"Well, Delia is still injured and tired. You can let her go back and have a good rest …"
Logan’s voice came to the crowd, and suddenly the crowd stopped. The aboriginal soldiers took the initiative to give Delia a passage. Although everyone’s eyes were still hotter, no one would bother her rashly.
There is a big square on the wall of the city, and now the square is crowded with aboriginal soldiers.
Delia jumped from the wooden bucket to the mountain, and the crowd set up a passage near the place. Only then did the aboriginal warrior clearly see that she was covered in blood and covered in leather armor of Warcraft. Many mouths were stained with blood, and her graceful figure was looming in the broken leather armor.
She took a spear in her hand, and the broken big round shield failed to get it back.
Delia’s eyesight was sharp, and she passed through the layers of human walls, and soon she saw the aboriginal warrior who offered to lend her the big round shield.
So at this time, she didn’t want to take the straight passage built by everyone, but walked towards the position of the aboriginal warrior, and the aboriginal soldiers retreated in front of her.
When Delia walked up to the young aboriginal soldier, the aboriginal soldier, who was distracted, stood in a daze and didn’t know how to say hello to Delia.
"I’m sorry to replace you with a brand-new shield, but you shouldn’t lose too much by making it up to you!"
Delia smiled and said that it was probably the wound that was involved in the laughter. She grinned and took a breath of air conditioning.
The aboriginal warrior stammered, but said in a trembling voice, "I don’t know why Princess Delia’s shield was replaced by a stone. I still have a few stones that I can change at any time if I want …"
As he spoke, he pointed to the end of his braid, where there were several green stones and straw ropes wrapped around it.
"Anyway, I should compensate you for the damage. I don’t have a stone like you now!"
Delia shoved the head of the evil general in the past, and then she seemed to have finished a worry and said to the crowd around her, "Okay, now I’m going to have a rest, so don’t bother me."
With that, he walked with heavy steps towards her stone house to rest.
Maybe I smelled Delia’s breath and was tied up in the yard, and the black-horned elk made a sharp call.
The medical team of the marked army came to Beishankou camp with the army. Nika and the members of the medical team have not been too busy recently.
This time, when I heard that someone was injured in the Egrod tribe, I immediately followed the news and came to the door. Nika had a lot of experience in wound treatment, especially with light magic, which made it more handy.
Delia was lying on the bed, and the leather armor was picked up by the female nurse in the medical team. Nika sat on the bed herself, and she cleaned the wound and treated it with light magic.
Delia’s two most serious injuries were a penetrating thigh injury and a knife wound on her left shoulder. Almost all the bones could be seen in these two wounds, but the wounds healed quickly. When Nika cleaned the wounds, she found that the outside of the wounds had scabbed and healed well.
In order to avoid the scar, there will be a lump. Nika cleaned the wound again, but it was not stitched.
Because she just cleaned the wound here and turned around, the wound healed again.
Her powerful self-healing power made Nika sigh …
Nika also saw Delia’s body, and his scar, especially the one that was scratched from the shoulder to the rib, has now fallen off, leaving a pale pink scar.
Delia was a little worried and asked, "Will these wounds … leave scars?"
Nika smiled and said, "Don’t worry, there will be no scars!"
Delia got out of bed and looked at the bandages on her shoulders and thighs. She gently exhaled and smiled at Nika. "Then I’m relieved. Thank you!"
She can speak a little imperial, but her accent is a little stiff.
Nika’s imperial language was learned from Signa, and her tone was full of the unique flavor of Bena province. However, most of the imperial people that Nika usually came into contact with were Bena people, and she didn’t feel that her imperial language was so nonstandard.
The female warrior outside came in and clothed Delia with a soft fur.
Her leather armor was almost torn by the evil general in the battle, and now it will take some effort to repair it.
Her blood has been washed clean, and her symmetrical body makes Nika feel envious.
Nika looked down at her bean sprouts and sighed silently.
Maybe I felt very congenial and talked with Nika. When she packed the medical bag, she told her, "Although your wound is healing very quickly, according to my calculation, don’t do strenuous exercise for three days or it will be easy to tear the healed wound again."
"It’s amazing to hear that you killed an evil general outside!" Nika praised Delia
Delia smiled and didn’t say anything polite
"I almost died when I met the evil general. Later, I was sent back to the tribe. Every day, I just wanted to deal with these evil generals. The most important thing to do when I came to the battlefield this time was to kill an evil general to regain my confidence. This is very important for my practice."
Delia explained to nica
"I see those people outside admire you very much …" Nika covered the medical box and stood up to say goodbye to Delia.
"They really want to join our Temple Guard, which is a dream for young people in every tribe," Delia explained again.
Someone shouted outside the stone house, "Captain, there’s a wounded man coming from the treatment tent!"
"Well, is my horse badly hurt in the past? Have you informed Lord Surdak? " Nika quickly walked outside carrying a medical kit and asked casually
"It’s a little awkward, the injury is not heavy …" The National People’s Congress answered.