He is not short of money in Chu Dai ‘an! It is necessary to injustice yourself into a chess game in Zhu Yinzhen’s hand.
"Do you need a reason?" Zhu Yinzhen laughed and said, "I think you will need an aboveboard identity to appear in front of the world!"
Chikage Palace in the Chu Dynasty is a local organization. Naturally, the identity of the Lord of Chikage Palace can’t be exposed in front of people, otherwise it will bring you fatal disaster.
Both black and white know that Chikage Palace has mastered the secrets of several people, which one doesn’t want to deal with him quickly! However, with his superb skill, he can change his vest casually, so he can walk away from the crowd and bathe in the sunshine. He has to listen to Zhu Yinzhen!
See chu generation Ann don’t reply Zhu Yinzhen also don’t annoyed him in a leg overlapping order mouth leisurely manner "or you need a justified opportunity to stay with my dream! You should know that no matter how ever-changing you are, the king will not allow you to approach your dreams again! "
Chu Daian’s face changed and he glared at Zhu Yinzhen with gnashing teeth. "Don’t you think it’s despicable to threaten me with Shen Menglu, Master Mu?"
Zhu Yinzhen cold hum a mean? He really wants to be mean once! "You don’t accept the king’s condition! Chu Daian, you won’t. White King hopes that you will not accept the threat and disappear from the eyes of Wang and Meng Er with backbone! "
Zhu Yinzhen didn’t want to talk about terms with Chu Daian unless he knew that the disappearance of Chu Daian would make Shen Menglu sad! Just click and get it over with!
"You …" Chu Daian whimpered Zhu Yinzhen was right. He didn’t need to tell him so much. Now he is in Zhu Yinzhen’s hands, and he can let him go unnoticed.
"Think about it yourself! Wang gives you a late hour! " Zhu Yinzhen patted his robe and got up. "I am willing to submit to you, and you will go to Anhu Houfu with the king every day! If you don’t want to, you will disappear automatically or the king will help you disappear. You choose! "
Zhu Yinzhen gave Chu Daian a cold look. What is a threat? That last sentence is the real threat!
"The wind shadow hits the prison door!" Zhu Yinzhen threw this sentence lightly before leaving the dungeon.
"It’s the Lord!" The wind shadow hits the prison door according to the words.
Chu Daian looked at Zhu Yinzhen’s far back and opened the prison door with a complicated look.
Zhu Yinzhen’s intention is very obvious. This time, he will take the initiative to hand over Chu Daian instead of taking Chu Daian as a prisoner.
But I’m afraid it’s hard to say once!
The next day, Shen Menglu was called by Mo Yu before the chicken was called sleepy.
Mammy Hua came to Anhu Houfu early in the morning, and Shen Menglu was brought to Mammy Hua without breakfast.
After seeing Shen Menglu’s noodles, Mammy Hua blew a bomb to break the jade muscle, smelled her faint scent, and knew that she had listened to the snow muscle rain cream and smiled with satisfaction. She exchanged a few words of good luck with Shen Menglu, and Mammy Hua quickly dressed Shen Menglu.
First trim the henna, Mammy takes out the exquisite jade bowl, trim Shen Menglu’s neat nails into a beautiful radian, then apply agar to her, and then carefully coat her ten fingertips one by one, with ChloDanShen Menglu’s white jade and green hands, and the brilliant red ChloDanappears more tender and beautiful.
Then there is the face makeup, hibiscus Fumihito makeup water temple, and the wind comes to the fragrant flowers. Mammy Shen Menglu, a wonderful hand, has become more and more beautiful out of the city.
Half-curved with amber lips and a little cherry flowers, Mother Shen Menglu’s makeup is not as heavy as that painted for Wei Yi, but pure and light makeup, which makes Shen Menglu’s original delicate facial features more stereoscopic.
Mrs. Xie and Chen entered the door to see Shen Menglu wearing good makeup, and all of them exclaimed.
"Beauty is more enchanting, autumn waters are more enchanting, and the craftsmanship of Mammy Flower in the snowy world is really double in the world." Mrs. Xie smiled and praised Mammy Flower.
Flower mammy humbly blessed "thank the old lady for her ridiculous praise! Is the princess empress born beautiful handmaiden just add flowers. "
"Flower Mammy is too modest, and it is also necessary to have a wonderful pen to add flowers." Mrs. Xie took Shen Menglu’s hands and her eyes were full of joy that my family had a daughter growing up. "We are going to get married in our dreams! We are so beautiful, our dream is so beautiful that Wang Ye will be happy when he sees it. "
"Grandma, don’t make fun of the dream." Shen Menglu was blushed by Mrs. Xie’s words. She shyly lowered her eyes. Last night, Mrs. Xie’s teaching made Shen Menglu’s heart full of shyness and tension. At this time, when she heard Zhu Yinzhen’s name, her heart beat out of order.
Mammy Hua cheerfully handed the comb in her hand to Mrs. Xie. "It’s time for the old lady to comb her hair!"
It’s up to Shen Menglu’s mother Xie Wanzhen to comb her hair, but Xie Wanzhen doesn’t comb her hair, so it’s naturally left to Mrs. Xie.
"Ok!" Mrs. Xie took the flower mammy’s hand with sour eyes and combed it. I didn’t expect that she would be able to comb her hair again in her lifetime.
"A comb to the end, riches and honour; Two combs to the head, sick and worried; Three combs to the end, more and longer life; Comb again to the end, and raise the case in Qi Mei; Comb to the end, fly wing to wing; Three combs to the end, and the knot will always be concentric. "Mrs. Xie said Geely’s words were deeply touched as she gently combed her hair.
Shen Menglu’s hair is as smooth as silk. After combing it for her, Mrs. Xie returned the comb in her hand to Mammy Hua. Mammy Hua quickly inserted Shen Menglu’s phoenix bun into her hairpin and then urged Shen Menglu to change her crest and gown.
After a while, Shen Menglu changed his wedding clothes and appeared in front of everyone again.
Embroidered phoenix wedding dress all over the floor is red and hot. Long hair is rolled up to look solemn and exquisite. The crested phoenix looks beautiful and extraordinary. The drooping hair makes the majesty a little more clever and bright. The apricot eyes are clear and the nose stands upright. The lips are red and the country is beautiful! Although wearing light makeup, it is still beautiful.
The enchanting red wedding dress not only didn’t erase her innocence, but added maturity and charm.
"Delicate world double fine steps! Princess empress Tianzi national color shame Yun Zheyue! It’s really the color of if she but turned her head and smiled, there were cast a hundred spells Sixth Palace powder! The handmaiden wishes the Empress Wang Ye love and happiness to the hoary head! " Mother Hua was very satisfied with her smile and bent her eyes towards Shen Menglu.
"Thank you, Mammy!" Shen Menglu leaned slightly sideways to see Shen Menglu, a peerless beauty wearing a crested jade in the bronze mirror, feel familiar and strange.
The red wedding dress is embroidered with golden phoenix and the crown of the royal family, which makes Shen Menglu know that from today, she is no longer the original business woman Shen Menglu, but a distinguished princess Mu! From today, she is no longer a flower girl but Zhu Yinzhen’s wife! Wife is more exciting to Shen Menglu than the title of Princess Mu.