During the cloud Haitang nods
"I have just left Jia Tang for a year and a month. He held a farewell banquet. Zhou Xiong should have something to do."
"Oh …" Zhou Jia’s eyes were vacant.
"I don’t know"
No idea?
It seems that Jia an-gen didn’t send an invitation, even knowing that even if he sent an invitation, the other party wouldn’t go. It’s interesting.
Cloud begonia heart did Sarah laugh.
After all, she is young and has been practicing for most of her life, even if the family has a senior who specializes in teaching the world.
Still curious about the world
She has never seen such people as Zhou Jia.
When testing the mouth
"I heard that Zhou Xiong has a deep understanding of thunder?"
"a little income"
Zhou Jia’s eyes are slightly bright.
"I think Ambassador Guanyun has a hidden thunder in his body. Practice should be a relative method. Sometimes we communicate more."
"… is" cloud Haitang strong smile.
"My practice is Dayuan Danfa, which pays attention to the exchange of Yin and Yang. In the early years, the coincidence really incorporated a little thunder."
This thunder force is hidden in knowing the sea, which is what she did not expect to be seen through at a glance.
"The weapon of Ambassador Jin Lei’s sharp cloud is a sword. I heard that the Dong Xuanpai thought that ten swords were extremely capable of controlling all the forces of heaven and earth. The thunder was imperceptible, and the idea that Ambassador Yun should go this way?"
"It is" cloud Haitang sit up straight and show dignified face.
"Brother Zhou has a bad eye"
"I think ten swords is a high martial art, and I only learned the sixth sword plus young people’s fear of the enemy."
"How?" Zhou Jia laughed
"If you set your mind on wisdom, if you want to achieve great success, you will get the virtue and the truth. This is the practice involving the golden life level."
"Zhou has always wanted to see it."
Said the eyes.
At the golden level, he never realized that Zhao Fujia’s Yuanji reactor belongs to the core, except for this.
It would be good for him if he could watch the Golden State Martial Arts with his own eyes.
"Uh …"
Persecuted by its eyes, Yun Haitang couldn’t help but look stiff and quick.
"My daughter’s shallow practice is far from understanding the meaning of swordsmanship, which disappoints Zhou Xiong. Sometimes I am practicing one or two in the future."
"So" Zhou Jia showed regret.
"What a pity."
"Hey hey …"
Cloud begonia a dry smile quickly changed the subject.
"When Ambassador Komodo left, he specifically asked me to be careful in recent years, saying that there was a man named Shi Ding who had not found his way."
"This person may have left Bianhuang after two years of searching, but it is not clear that he is in contact with the dark mother emperor."
"One thousand there are dark people in the city …"
Zhou Jia nodded
"Ambassador Yun is right."
"Right" cloud begonia freely asked.
"Is there anyone suspicious in Zhou Xiong’s heart?"
Chapter 1 Solicit orphans at the end of life