All seven people were surprised and angry, and suddenly a terrible magic weapon appeared before him, and he sacrificed it directly to that figure and nullified it in the past.
Chapter one thousand five hundred and thirty The beast out
Seven scary figures offer a powerful magic weapon to instantly kill the figure in the middle. The figure laughs in rags and dances with long hair. Suddenly, it is full of long hair, like turning into a number of dumplings and snakes. The raven flashes and makes a horrible roar, and directly kills the seven figures.
Here suddenly broke out in terror and unpredictable fluctuations, and the coercion rolled across the high number of stars and was knocked down to ruin the sky.
It’s hard to imagine the power of the strong against each other. The slightest energy fluctuation is enough to destroy everything and annihilate one area.
That is, if they make moves in high school, I don’t know how many people will be killed by the wave and will turn into dust.
The monk in the wilderness laughed and was attacked and killed by seven figures. Suddenly, he gave a scream of terror, and the whole personal breath changed instantly.
His eyes shone with more terrible light, thunder and thunder, and it was more frightening than if he were a new person. Suddenly, a layer of blazing blood flame came out of his body, beating outward and fluctuating than the terrible power, and the mysterious rune beating breath smoked the sky!
The seven people couldn’t help but look slightly changed.
"the blood is awakened!"
"No, he’s going crazy!"
The seven population Li Xiao.
"Roar …"
Suddenly, the savage let out a terrible roar from his mouth, and a wave of sound rushed from his mouth and turned into a layer of horrible lotus flower and swept out instantly.
The seven people are stuffy hum a body exploded on the spot, met with a terrible blow all over the body blood gas disorder body rushed all the blood like uncontrolled crazy impact outward along the pores.
The seven people couldn’t help but let out a loud cry and suppress the restless blood gas with the rolling force of fairy light.
After a roar, the wild man’s eyes flashed darker than the terrible dark red light, and his body flashed by, and a slap swept by and roared. The whole emptiness seemed to be drained by him instantly, and it was more terrible than sweeping the seven figures in an instant.
Seven people screamed. On the spot, three people were directly blown into blood fog, and the remaining four people were seriously injured and smashed into virtual bodies. I don’t know how far it was.
The wilderness man grabbed the broken three-person Yuan God with his backhand, and suddenly he roared out of control. He grabbed the three-person Yuan God’s fear and shivered, and he panicked and begged for mercy. "Don’t kill us!"
"Wild people, you can’t do this to us!"
"We were wrong. Keep us right!"
A terrible light flashed in the dark red eyes of the wild man, and the three Yuan gods were caught in a cruel way. "You are free and unfettered, and even the masters have fought against me, but you ants still want me to fight?"
He directly stuffed the three Yuan gods into his mouth and swallowed a lotus flower instantly, which swallowed up the most pure power.
Suddenly, his eyes suddenly turned and swept away.
Seeing that the monsters have rushed all the way, they are close to the scroll. The light in their eyes is staring at the scroll and they are about to catch it.
Wilderness people face slightly changed immediately without going after the other four people, lotus flower suddenly gathered and disappeared, and they rushed past and controlled the scroll and continued to fly away in the distance.
The sudden acceleration of the scroll speed made a group of monsters also suddenly accelerate towards the scroll and chase after it.
Fang was swept away by his slap, and all four of them were bloodied, struggling to come over from the virtual reality and caring for them with horror.
"Let’s go to the ground floor and report that the plan has changed. The wilderness people have intercepted those innate creatures!"
One person difficult call way
"Let’s go!"
Their bodies were burning and torn apart, and they left here in an instant. This is a great thing for them to continue to sit here and monitor the assessment and leave here directly.
The four of them just left the deepest part of the mountain, and suddenly there was a dull noise, and then a mountain exploded and collapsed directly, revealing two scarlet spots from the inside, and they scanned the circle and a low voice rang directly.
"The seven children have left, and they gave me a bloody wash without delay. I want to let all of them come to the assessment!"
His voice just fell in all directions, and suddenly there was a burst of horror and unpredictable long roar, which made the earth-shattering roll.
Then the earth shook and I don’t know how many fierce beasts rushed out, and their eyes were red and filled with terrible breath.
The whole mountain range seems to have gone crazy directly, and there are pitfalls everywhere. Even those old vines with vegetation are showing their eyes, and the yoshimitsu is spreading towards those monks who take part in the assessment.
In a huge mountain range in the distance!
Xiao Yu was covered in golden light and leaped out from the depths of the earth again, covered in blood and scales, and the barbed wire burst into blood and fog, which was hard to imagine.
His shawl was full of breath, and he was covered in golden blood, and his dirty bones were almost shattered.
It’s hard to imagine that even a hundred Xiao Yu would have died if the man hadn’t killed him!
Xiao Yu’s eyes were splitting, and he looked up and looked up.
See a group of monsters have long been that scroll to don’t know where to go, the whole high school sun shines Wan Liyun can’t see the slightest strange.
It seems that nothing unusual has happened in that scene before!
"Roar …"
Xiao Yu suddenly yelled at the sky, and his whole body was covered with golden light and his long crimson hair was dancing at random, shaking the area with a powerful source and a mighty breath.
He recovered quickly from terrible injuries and was treated by other sources.
Suddenly, behind his magical operation, there appeared a huge causal wheel buzzing and spinning, and several causal lines and causal runes emerged, and crazy turning power deduction was made in an attempt to find out where the group of innate creatures were going to connect with them.
However, this number of causal lines shuttled back and forth and danced wildly without any waves of vicissitudes of life, and the breath came from all sides and poured into his body.
He felt an unknown, a confused and a vast border.
Xiao Yu’s mouth roared into a golden light and rushed towards Gao Chong. The causal wheel behind him turned wildly and continued to force deduction.
Chapter one thousand five hundred and thirty-nine Killing
Xiao Yu just foaming at the mouth and all directions rushed to the friar and immediately found his figure. There was a flash of cold light in his eyes, and he didn’t want to bomb his body directly.
"Xiao Mo found him there!"
"Xiao Mo was seriously injured and killed him!"
"Killing Xiao Mo will bring peace to heaven and earth!"
Everyone drinks hard.