At the same time, her body was pushed backward and staggered, and her red calyx and neck sword moved a few inches.
The feeling of urgency is like a fragrant sword, changing swords and slashing the red calyx head.
Lin Hong’s calyx ducked the sword, but her left face was cut into a seven-inch long mouth by a flower-like sword, which was so deep that her bones were exposed.
Lin Hong calyx is also full of blood dripping wet.
Although the face was destroyed, Lin Hong Calyx also escaped this deadly sword.
Then the flowers will have another chance.
Han Feng jumped up.
A white cloud flew out of her sleeve and shot at Hua Rufang.
Chapter one hundred and sixty A great shame (1)
In the face of Han Feng’s quick shot, hidden weapons Hua Rufang’s sword suddenly changed into a sword and struck that white man.
Han Feng’s move was a diversion. When she took advantage of the flowers to deal with hidden weapons, her figure also reached the crowd. She hit the flowers with a palm.
Hua Rufang was beaten with qi and blood and spit out one mouthful blood. She also took advantage of this palm force to jump towards the road valley.
Han Feng Fang Long and three masters of the North House also swept after him.
Others left the mountain path to protect the red calyx
One person took out the golden gun medicine and wanted to apply it to Lin Hong calyx.
Linhong calyx thrust the man’s hand at her face with blood and wound, and turned up the horrible female ghost on both sides.
Lin Hong calyx cried crazily, "Grab this bitch and grab her! I’m going to skin my face! I want me to … "
I can’t speak anymore because of the pain of the wound and the red calyx.
Hua Rufang is not as good at martial arts as Han Feng, and she was injured again.
She didn’t run far after landing and was chased by Han Feng and others.
Han Feng screamed with fierce eyes, "Little bitch, you saved Qin Gumei. I’ll see who can save you!"
Hua Rufang complained bitterly in her heart.
She’s really trapped now.
Hua Rufang knows how much Lin Hongcaly hates herself. If she falls into the enemy, I really don’t know what kind of inhuman torture she will suffer. Hua Rufang decides to try to break through. If she can’t get out, she will slash her throat with her sword.
Hua Rufang knew that Han Feng was powerful, so she waved her sword and rushed at the right dragon.
I hope to break through the square dragon
But Han Feng can’t let Hua Rufang fight Fang Long as she wishes. She also swept to the near front and attacked Hua Rufang with another North House master.
Although Hua Rufang fought hard, how could she resist their joint attack? Soon she was completely out of the wind and the situation was in jeopardy.
Desperate and flowery, she didn’t have a chance to kill herself. Her knife was also smashed by Fang Long, and then she was slapped by Han Feng and fell to the ground.
Two masters of the northern government rushed to catch flowers like flowers.
However, a dull "bang" sound suddenly sounded in front of them, as if two air streams collided, and then both of them fell out after that.
This surprised Han Feng and Fang Long.
The two men didn’t die when they fell out. They got up and looked at Hua Rufang with an incredible expression.
Fang Long came to catch flowers like Fang again.
He didn’t fly out this time, but when he was a few inches away from Hua Rufang, it was difficult to take a step forward.
Because he feels that there is a wall of air blocking him and flowers, it is difficult for him to enter an inch if he is strong.
Fang Long was horrified because his knowledge suddenly became white. He and Hua Rufang are a wall of gas! It is conceivable that people who can build such a gas wall can do it, and such experts are far from being able to compete with them.
Fang Long, as soon as I read this, I couldn’t help but be scared back two steps.