Vote for pk and get points. Chapter 5 Murder, Night, Life and Death, Road and Day.
Quietly listen to the night wind blowing through the pine forest outside, bringing up cold pines.
Destroying Cang Lan sat on the edge of the bed and made a soft package, but I saw that the gray moonlight outside the window spilled all over the floor, and the night was dark and all was silent. Only the layers of pines kept getting cold, and the general sound of the tide made people feel tight.
I don’t know what happened until my eyes went out. I don’t know whether I should go and see it or wait for her news here according to the month of that year. The thought of what I said in that month also made him escape. I was very uneasy that the road ahead was suddenly slim and ominous everywhere.
Cang Lan, after all, is a 17-year-old boy with a cold mind and fidgeting. At this time, Cang Lan heard the soft low call and got busy. He pushed the door but didn’t see a figure. The night was covered with the sky and the night was reversed to a black cage.
Master is a master? I was puzzled, but I heard the gentle words of the month coming straight to my heart. When people didn’t come here, they spoke through their hearts.
I’ve added a layer of Taoist skills to guard the mountain gate. The guards can’t see you. Now go quickly. When the words of the moon never go out, Cang Lan breathes and hesitates. It seems that Cang Lan was dragged by a magic force and took the parcel. It really flew through the gloomy pine forest in the summer night. Hold down your chest and feel a chill.
Master, do I really want to run away? Why do I want to run away? Where do I go? Although I was urged to stop in that month, he could not have asked and did not react. He has already learned the lesson, and his mind needs subtle qi. Not ordinary monks will destroy Cang Lan, but they will get the feeling that the body element is vigorously encouraging.
Don’t ask how you came to the end of Cang Lan after a month’s pause, but immediately ordered Violet Zong never to come back.
I left inexplicably and suddenly came to destroy Cang Lan. I felt that my heart was twisted and my heart was twisted. The young man was not gentle at first, but he was even met with a strange destiny. He flew through the pine forest and couldn’t breathe well in his throat.
Master Master wants to say a few more words to the month of that year. He is not so ridiculous. He thinks that even if he has to come back in the future when a disaster strikes, he must make it clear that the month of that year will echo and then destroy Canglan and run away alone.
In a blink of an eye, the mountain gate has been destroyed, but I always feel that the fire at the mountain gate is different. I don’t know where the moon magic was in those days. I don’t feel that Master said that if you protect yourself, you must protect it. I crossed my heart and headed for the mountain gate.
At this time, the windy night suddenly blew from the deepest part of the sky, and the quiet night suddenly sounded like a sea of hunting clothes. When the wind took the lead and choked, he hurriedly bowed his head and coughed and squinted, only to find that the surrounding flames were all serious and held high, and the flames would be destroyed.
Prevent losing contact and remember to prepare the domain name.
Changfeng roaring fire is even more raging, surging billows, hearing the wind and fire, clothes tumbling, heavy mixing, tearing pain, eardrums, feeling cold in the chest tumbling, and rolling hot air strength intertwined, as if the body sensed a disaster and surged into a tight state.
This is the destruction of Cang Lan’s eyes. The young man’s face is reflected in the fire. He is at a loss and suddenly smells behind him. Qi Qi gives way. The back of Cang Lan is frozen. Slowly, he looks at the side of his head and sees the patriarch. I don’t know if it’s like heaven and man, but he is strewn at random behind the seven mentors. Although his face is hidden in the flashing fire, he can still see their faces are heavy and murderous.
This is the first time that the patriarch appeared in front of Zongdi. Although he has never seen him, he can tell the arrogance at a glance.
Destroy the surging billows and slowly turn around to look at the sky. I don’t know if there is a clear stand beside me. At that time, the giant lang was surging in the heart of the month and didn’t come.
Destroy Cang Lan. Where are you going? I don’t know where to go. Raise my hand and twist my hair. Yamaraja destroyed Cang Lan, but his face was empty and his back was silent.
With the spread of the fire around, the hatred is clear and can be felt. The sharp knife in the night wind blows out Cang Lan’s body. He still looks at the month of that year, but the month of that year does not avoid flashing. His eyes are actually awe-inspiring, but heaven wants to get rid of evil spirits as radiant as that.
So ridiculous, Cang Lan seems to have a little clue, but it looks around with interest. The wall is impenetrable and murderous, and it surrounds itself in the center.
Do you know the crime of destroying Cang Lan? I don’t know the cold hook and lip angle, but I’m coming to destroy Cang Lan with a wave of my hand. Mo Qingfeng and others want to follow the fingers of God who don’t know the vertical block behind, so I don’t know the cold confrontation between the two ice peaks. They want to crush the cold in each other.
I don’t know how to destroy Cang Lan, but he hooked the parcel in his hand softly. Suddenly, a loose finger and a soft parcel flew away and was thrown to the ground.
In the dead of night, I want to go to the private gate. Are you trying to escape? I don’t know if it’s cool or not. I glanced at the package and sneered, "It’s not that cheap."
Destroy the surging billows and hear almost very dizzy, and the innate evil and coldness collide in the chest, but a seventeen-year-old boy is chilling and intimidating. A few words of dry laughter are incomprehensible to the patriarch.
It’s pointless to play the fool. I don’t know what to sneer at, but I don’t know what to do. Do you dare to show it to me?
I really want to see what these people are playing, and I don’t know what they are doing.
I don’t know from the fingers of Cang Lan that the frost-covered teenager doesn’t move. When he frowns, he seems to have seen some kind of illusion and suddenly recovered his sneer. I don’t know if he took the jade hairpin in his hand and twisted it. He suddenly shot a yoshimitsu and laughed. Are you already guilty or stupid? I’ll give it back. Will you justify it?
What sophistry destroyed Cang Lan and raised a reddish knife-shaped eyebrow? The difference in this thing is that Master gave me a hairpin.
Oh, I don’t know, but I still look at it with a smile. I twisted my hairpin and raised my hand behind me. Was this something you gave to your disciple? Did you give him the secret treasure of Zongzhong generously?
In those days, the language of Yue Ying Yan was still gentle and soft, but it fell into the ears of the ruined Cang Lan like a thunderbolt in nine days. Don’t be ridiculous. That sapphire is an important part of the feng shui lifeline of the Jibao Sect in the Temple of Heaven. I can’t be generous enough to give this treasure to others.