After he muttered, he patted me on the shoulder and walked over. "It seems that you are doing quite well now."
I said modestly, "It’s just so-so. The boundary of hell has to be taken care of by you."
The two of them were even happier when they kowtowed to each other.
The bull’s head continued to pat me on the shoulder and praised me. "You have a bright future. That’s what we love to hear."
Ma Mian even patted his chest and told me, "Tell us who dares to bully you if there is anything in the afterlife. I won’t agree first!"
I said, "That’s a good feeling."
They smiled at me again and said, "We have an errand to run."
I watched them catch those ghosts and wondered, "Where are you going?"
The bull’s head said, "I’ve caught a few unruly spectres and hurt people, and now I’m going to take them back to get the Yan convicted."
Fox Xiaomei suddenly came to the spirit and said, "Then can we follow?"
I said, "What is there to see?"
Fox Xiaomei snorted, "I’ve never seen this scene before. Can’t I just watch the excitement?"
The horse face turned back and said, "If you want to see something, it’s not impossible. You can’t see it after passing …"
I said, "Then I’ll go and have a look."
Ma Xiaoling said, "It’s not convenient …"
I said, "Idle is idle."
Ma Mian said, "It’s okay, don’t bother. We’re still in charge. Anyway, it’s all a public trial."
Fox Xiaomei looked at me and sneered, "Do you still want to see if you are cheap if you don’t look good?"
I said, "I’m curious, too. Since they said they could see it, I also want to see the long knowledge."
The horse said, "Come with us."
So we followed the ghost.
They took us into the gate of the city of hell, and then walked along the avenue until they came to the building in the center.
At present, this architectural style is very retro. At first glance, it looks like an ancient yamen. On both sides, there are two animal statues that don’t know what they are.
The front door of the building is covered with facades and painted with various patterns, and the Yin soldiers are waiting at the gate.
I followed the ghost and looked at the facade pattern with great surprise.
There are pictures of tongue-hooking, head-chopping and a few ghosts burning cauldrons like frying things …
In addition to the pattern on both sides of the facade, there is also a saying that good and evil are rewarded and life and death are reincarnated.
When the horse wakes up again, we "don’t talk nonsense and be quiet after going in"
We all nodded and followed them on.
After entering, we then saw a big red column on both sides of the court with a warning of "No Noise" on the left and a slogan of "No Smoking" on the right …
It seems that the court is not the place where we can go in.
Because there was a circle of ghosts outside at this time, and no one crossed the line.
Some of those ghosts have cameras, some have paper and pens, and some have number plates on their chests.
I stared at the number plate and found that all of them were media workers except "Hell Daily" or "Nine You Express"!
Damn it, the spectre came in locked, and they all quickly let the camera in their hands take pictures again.
In court, an old man with a black face and a big beard looks surprisingly serious, staring at his eyes and sitting meticulously.
The old Hu man’s glaring eyes are wide open, giving people a feeling of not being angry and arrogant.
Just looking at his appearance makes people feel a chill from the bottom of my heart …
I asked Ma Xiaoling, "Who is the old man sitting there?"
A ghost next to me glanced at me with disdain. "The newcomer doesn’t even know the king of hell?"